Friday, September 8, 2017

Grandparents the biggest blessing of childhood.

"Lucky are those who are blessed with the love and care of grandparents".

We all love our childhood and never the less if given a chance we would do anything to live it again. The carelessness attitude, no worries of bitter tomorrow, no competition and nothing to worry you. You don’t even have to love anyone to be loved back, all you have to do is to be yourself. Anyways childhood is not what I am here to talk , instead I am here to talk about the facts that makes the childhood special. There are so many things that make our childhood special but today we are going to talk about the most unique one, “Grandparents”.

Everyone of you out their who have been lucky to have grandparents must know what I am talking about. Well for me my grandparents were the best gift of the God. They are someone in whose eyes you could be never wrong or naughty. Everything that you do is forgivable and forgettable to them (your mischievs and naughtiness). They are the one along with your parents who teaches you the most valuable lessons of life and guide you to the right path.

My grandfather was a police officers and a damn good one. I still hear his stories from others. My grandmother was a homemaker and this duo was my life. I don’t remember a day in my childhood that I was loved less by them. I was so found of my grandmother (maa) that I used to sleep with her. Sleeping without her was the worst punishment that I could have been given. She was the one closest to me.

My grandfather was the second most important person in my life well I am blessed he still is. He is like my own little jinni with never-ending wish granting power. I don’t have even a glimpse of the past when my wishes has not been fulfilled. His love toward me was and is unconditional. The best part of the parents or grandparents love is that it is not selfish and it’s pure. I never understood this unconditional love to be honest although I have been lucky like I told you.

I still have my grandfather like I told although I lost maa when I was in standard 6 and that feeling was painful. I can’t give anything to my grandfather I know that very well but this grandparent's day I want to make him feel special like he has always done for me. I want to thank him for everything that he and maa has given me. They have taken me places and have traveled with me and now it’s my turn. I want to take my grandfather to Srilanka. He likes the sea and likes to explore, share and wander. He has been to many places in India so I think Srilanka is going to be good for us. I keep him taking places which I know he would love to visit. Like we went for paragliding last month which was an entire new experience for him and the smile on his face said that he enjoyed it. I just want to recreate a few good memories that he has given me and I know reliving few of them makes him happy.

Like I said before I have not cracked this grandparent’s love thing yet I might have a clue. I have been a father lately and I see some very unexpected and drastic changes in my parents both my mom and dad. My mom has been a while different lady that I knew since last 27 years. Grandparents are the best thing that a child has to make his childhood worth living every single bit and I am really blessed to be one among such child. #Lovejatao is what they have taught me and I wish I could be a great grandfather like one I have for myself.
That was my idea of my #lovejatao for my grandfather. I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

Here is a lovely video by parachute and it's a must watch. 

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