Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Whats app calling.

Hey Guys,
                 It is confirmed that Whats app has launched the calling facility and guess what ? It is working. The biggest question is how to get it. Well I tried to find out every possible way and all I got was update you app to thr latest version and than ask someone who already has the facility to call you up.

I really wondered that who would have called the first person who installed this facility. Unfortunately no answer. Some questions are jut questions. So I came across a blogger friend from Indiblogger and I asked for his help and after his 5 painful attempts finally I got it. Here is what I did.

Installed the latest version of the app. Check out my apps version.

So you can see it is 2.12.14. This may or maynot be available at the play store so google it. And then just send me a hi on +919931109269. I give you a call and you are good to go.
You need to pickup my call for 3 to 4 secs. And then disconnect it. You will fincthat feature on your whats app too.

Also according to the latest new this facility will be installed to every whats app user soon. Keep tuned.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to Create ringtone for I phone???

Hey wassup people,

                           Got an I phone and you have no Idea how to set your favourite song as the ringtone? I phone's are a bit tricky but once you understand it is simple. Anyway no worries here I am today to guide you step by step and by the end of the post you will be able to do so.

Requirements check:-

  • laptop/desktop
  • I tune latest version installed
  • data cable
  • your phone
  • and a bit of your brain.


  • Select a song from your hard drive or where ever you have stored the song in your Laptop or the Desktop. I store them at D drive in a folder called song. 
  • Play the song in the Vlc player or Windows media player or what ever audio soft ware you use and exactly take a mark of 30 seconds in your mind that is going to be your ringtone.      

  • Right click on the song you want to make the ringtone from and click on open with I tune.

  • In I tune search your tone and right click on it and click on GET INFO

  • It will open a tab which has a option tab on the top right side click on that.
  • set the parameter in the starting and ending timer like I have taken the 30 seconds of the somg starting from 0:48 seconds to 1:18 seconds click ok.

  • Now again right click on the song and click create AAc Version.

  • Now you can see the same song twice in your list one with time of 0:30 seconds that is what you have created

  • Right click on the newly created 30 second version of the song and click show in windows
  • The ringtone will open in a new computer window and will have an extension of .m4a change that to .m4r and click OK twice neglect the warning. Now double click on the ringtone it will open in I tune and start playing.  

  • Go to the tone section of your I tunes and you can find the ringtone there.

  • Sync it to your I phone and enjoy. 

That was it. Wasn't it too easy? Feel free to buzz me here if you have any question. 
Your suggestions and comments are welcome.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Micromax LED Tv definitely Nothing like Anything.

Hola Amigos,

It has been so long that I have posted something of my genre. No I wasn't keeping busy but was indulged in some other writings. Ok so keeping the past behind here I am here to write about A Brand new Micromax product that I have purchased recently and don't be surprised if I say that it is not a Mobile Phone. Yes you heard me right. I am talking here about the latest launch of the brand the new Led TV by Micromax.

That is the 32 inches Led that I recently bought from Flipkart.com is really a head turner. After exploring and exploiting the cellphone market they did not stop there instead they started a new revolution and this time they have sworn to change the LED and the LCD market by launching products of same facility and function at a cheaper price.

This 32 inch LED i bought was on a sale and i got lucky to gab it for less. As I told earlier I bought it from www.flipcart.com and it performs like a charm. The LED is definitely a pure beauty with around less than half an inch thickness and is also not to heavy.


Sorry for the blurry pic I will definitely be working on them from my next post.

So this TV can be kept on your table or can be hanged on the wall like other LCD's and LED's. It has dual AV ports, a HDMI port, PC connectivity port and obviously an Analogue cable port.

The TV arrived on the second day of my order and was nicely packed. I personally opened the seal that the company provides. These guys provide an year warranty and makes sure that the package is securely delivered.

After the package was delivered I got a call from the Micromax guys to get down at my place and install the TV for me. They have a free installation policy too.


  • Total Value for your Money.
  • Cheaper and attractive price.
  • comes with all required functions and ports.
  • no one can provide what MICROMAX can provide in this range.


  • Picture is not very crystal clear but that also can be done if one is ready to pay high for the higher model.
  • Not available in the Local markets easily.

I am quite happy with the product I have bought and I would recommend this TV to any one who want a large LCD or LED at the price of the smaller one.

Micromax is definitely "Nothing Like Anything".

Your views and comments are welcome.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

An evening at Kellogg's wale gupta ji's house.

People are getting so very health conscious these days and we all love eating healthy but the biggest problem with us is that we always have to compromise when it comes to healthy eating because it is either healthy food or tasty food. One cannot food a combination of healthy food and tasty food in one or talking in a simple language a healthy food cannot be tasty and a tasty dish cannot be healthy. The main reason behind the above statement is that we are in so deeply love with the junk food items and for us the definition of a tasty food is always junk food item and all of us are aware of the fact that junk foods are not at all safe and healthy for us and yet we do not care and eat them for the taste and for our likings.

The world has changed a lot today and to prove the above statement wrong let me introduce you to Mr. Gupta. Gupta ji commonly known or famous as Kelloogg’s wale Gupta ji is a famous character. I found about him through this Kelloggs advertPlease watch it yourself  to find out what I actually mean. And for more such videos visit https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia .

Everyone is waiting for his or her turn to be invited at Kellogg’s wale Gupta ji’s house for the tasty treat. Kellogg’s promises a new era in the world of food and health. Believe me or not these guys at Kellogg’s have successfully broke the rule that a tasty dish cannot be healthy and have created a large number of recipes which are tasty as well as healthy. Kellogg’s as we all know is one among the best healthy diet and is recommended by people for a healthy living and weight loss. We have a few advertisements by the leading Bollywood actresses who show us that they have taken the Kellogg’s challenge and have managed their weights. Yes we are talking about the same Kellogg’s here.

I got lucky and Gupta ji’s daughter being my friend I got an invitation for the Kellogg’s Nast. Sonali invited me an evening for a special Kellogg’s Nasta saying that I was going to love it. I did not believe her at first because I am a big junk food lover myself and I told her that something like Kellogg’s cornflake can’t be tasty at all and she bet that if I would like the dish I will have to eat Kellogg’s for a month daily.

So I visited her on a Sunday evening and to my surprise the dishes two of them to be very precise served to me did not look made out of cornflake from any angle.  The moment I saw them I understood that I have lost the bet already. The two dishes served to me were Chatpatti Cornflakes Chivda and the Cornflake Popcorn Clusters. Both these dished were the best I have ever seen. I loved them and the taste was awesome. I loved the chivda the most and could not stop myself from asking the recipe for it. I had to eat the Kellogg’s for an entire month so had to know the recipes and I got the recipe which is very simple and here I am sharing it with you guys. The ingredients are lightly chopped and roasted cornflake, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, green chilly finely chopped, turmeric powder, fried dal, peanut, leftover chapattis, salt and powdered sugar. The method for the preparation of the dish is as follow. Heat the oil in a pan and add the mustard and the cumin seeds wait till they pop then add the chilly, curry leaves, turmeric and sauté it for few minutes on light flame. Add the peanut, dal, chapatti, cornflake, salt and chivda and sauté again. Take the pan away from the flame and let it cool and then add the sugar powder and mix well. Serve it with a cold beverage.

To know more of such recipes visit https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta .        

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ramayana The Games of Life. Shattered Dreams- Book Review.

A true writer is one who has the capacity and capability to bind the readers deep in their books and also one whose writing just doesn't feels a piece of literature but a journey which starts right from the first line of his literature and ends with the literature. I was a both curious and stubborn before starting the book " Ramayana The Games of Life. Shattered Dreams" by Shubha Vilas. The first thought which crossed my mind was that yet other book on Ramayana but why? Didn't we had a long episodes of the epic historical drama on doordarshan long long ago? I still remember my house becoming a cinema theatre on Sundays just to watch Ramayana. Well keeping the past away lets just dwell in the present and concentrate on the things at hand.

About the book I would say that Shubha has carried out a marvelous piece of art. He has managed and managed it well to reproduce the whole concept of Ramayana in a very peculiar way. And this peculiar way is classy and beautiful. He has brought the past in a very simple yet classy and elegant way and everyone here can relate to it.

The author has recreated the Ramayana and has also brought about many facts in light which every Indian should know but everyone doesn't seem to. For example the author has very well explained that Ravana was not called Ravana he was Dasagriva and it was Mahadev who named him Ravana due to his devotion and knowledge of Vedas. Shubha has very well illustrated the small details and have provided foot notes which are very much useful as they explain things in details.

The author has brought every single character to life in his book and explains well about each one of them. He has thrown lights on some good points like why Cows are sacred to our religion and why does peacock has different shades or pattern on its wings. Also the "Pause to think" starting on page 112 seemed to be a nice and new concept to indulge deep in the story both for the write and readers. He has not only induced a pause to think box but many more such boxes with good Intel for the readers. The writer has induced some very good effort from his side to make the epic mythology simpler. Along with pause to think he has included The virtues, The Management Mantras, Mission Tests, The Anarathas, True Communication and foot notes for the vivid explanation of the characters and the lovely story.

As I told that the first look at the book might give an impression that it would be nothing new but the old mythological story of Rama, Sita and Laxmana. The old epic tale that we heard where Rama went to 14 years long exile accompanied by his wife Sita and younger brother Laxman. Well the story line remains the same but it has been presented with lots of tarka and masala to make it delicious and interesting. You may never find a book which has penned the romance between Rama and Sita in an extraordinary beautiful manner yet lovely and nothing vulgar. The book teaches us nice and valuable ethics for our life. It can be used and regulated in our day to day life. The language is too easy to understand and gasp.

Overall it is a great book and one of a kind Ramayana written by the writer and he has told the story in his own simplified and interesting way. It is definitely worth reading and also implementing in our life. Hats off to Shubha Vilas for the wonderful work and all the very best for his book and books still to come. 

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This is the reason of my Happiness!!!

Have you ever given it a thought that what are the things that makes you happy? Is it the money in the bank or the property that you own or the branded cloths and gadgets that you carry? It is none of the above actually. Than what is it that makes you happy? The actual happiness lies in the simple things that we witness in our day to day life. It could be right from anything to nothing to something that can make you happy. Yes you heard me right and no I am not insane. Just give it a thought and you will know that what the hell in the God's name I am talking. Well the reasons of our happiness may vary a bit but in the end it is always the most stupid and simplest thing that gives us a lot of happiness.
Well for me it is the simple things in my life that makes me happy a lot like a simple "I Love You" from her makes me happy. A wakeup kiss and a hot cup of bed coffee makes me happy and her smile is the ultimate key to my happiness. It is her smile that imparts happiness to my soul and makes my whole day wonderful too. Is not a smile too simple to make someone happy? Yes it is.

It is not just her but the smile on my daughters face is also the reason of my happiness. I feel happy just after looking her beautiful and cute face. Her  hard effort to call out dada makes me happy. Her silly mistakes make me happy. That love in her eyes when she finds that I am home makes me happy. Happiness lies in small and simple things all one needs to do is to try an feel that happiness around them.

The proud look that my dad has in his eyes when he knows about my achievements and my success makes me happy. The love and care of my mumma makes me happy. Her talking of my achievements to her friends makes me happy. I make the proud and happy and that makes me happy. A small hi from an old pal makes me happy. A good meal cooked by her makes me happy. I find happiness in her happiness, when she is happy I am happy and same goes for my daughter too her smile and effort for things makes me happy always. Small gifts makes me happy or exited. Sometimes it is very unusual to find that happiness does not comes from the money we earn or the money we possess instead it comes from small and simple thing which we could not even imagine of.

My family is the main source of my happiness. They are the main reason that I find happiness in small and simple things and it is really the small and simple things that become the main reason of your happiness. Coco cola a leading soft beverage brand is here to celebrate the international happiness all round the globe. It mainly aims to teach us that simplest of things could be the biggest reason of one’s happiness and smile it does not always needs to be big and costly visit http://cokeurl.com/96jnc . Also they have this beautiful Coca-Cola India Video Ad which is worth watching.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

An afternoon with Granddad..!!!

Humans are social beings and don’t like to be left alone. Sometimes we are all alone and disheartened and don’t know what to do and how to do.  We always need some company to keep us engaged. It could be anyone or anything like a friend, parents, loved ones or your dog or the talking parrot you have. We love to be around them and love to spend time with them. But sometimes we find a company which gives us a feeling of complete togetherness, fills us with hope and optimism and leads us to a right path giving a good guidance for our future. These kinds of moments don’t occur every day and are very rare but are very special and we are supposed to live this moment at the best of our ability.

While going though https://housing.com/ a website for complete solution of your real estate problems I came across a piece of their article which took me to the past where I share such a moment in my life. And here I am today sharing that story with you guys today.

I was the eldest child at my home the most loved one and the most cared one. I completed my schooling and +2 from my home town and was never away from my parents. I spent most of my childhood and teenage at home and was so close to it. But after my +2 came the real problem and the problem was that I got admitted in to a hospitality management college and was going to stay away from my home and family. That first thought of loneliness sends shivers my spine even today. I can still remember it very clear the day when I left from my home leaving every loved one for a new life. It was so hard for me to do that but I had to do what was supposed to be done.

I joined IIHM Kolkata and was leaving in a hostel. The first few weeks were OK. I got new friends, new place and new environment. I found it easier than I thought to adjust in the new environment. Months passed by things were going good except for the weekends when I was usually alone at the hostel had to do nothing had no source of entertainment. These two days seemed to be burden to me always but I was getting along with them to in the best possible way I could have.

It was around the end of the second month that I got restless and I felt that everything around me was just meaningless. I used to be punctual at my college and was a nice student but this something just threw me apart. I was missing home and wanted to go back. I did not feel like studying and attending classes any more. I stopped talking at home so that they don’t find out what I was going through. A few days passed out and I was going crazy. But we have often heard that after darkness comes the sunlight and that is what happened with me too.

It was the weekend and I had no plans for the day but to sleep over and listen to sad songs and that is what I was doing. I heard the hostel attendant calling my name. I thought he must be looking for someone else but I was wrong. He came to my bed and asked me to get down to the wardens office. I was worried and irritated at the same time because I didn't want to go anywhere and stay in my bed. But I had to follow the warden’s order and so I did. My eyes glittered as soon as I reached his office door. I saw my grandfather sitting there. That was the best thing that could have happened to me. I ran to him touched his feet in respect and hugged him tight. I did not want him to go although he just arrived but I was in some other world. After a long hug of a minute or so he asked me to come out with him to which I said no and then he accompanied me to my room. I sat there tears rolling down my cheeks. I had no words I wasn't even looking at him. He came closer to me and wiped out my tears and asked me that why was I crying. I had no answers. He calmly asked me that why wasn't I talking to anyone at home and why wasn't I picking up any calls. I had no answers to them too. I just kept looking at the floor and crying. His next words were like melody to me, he asked to pack my bags as were going home. I looked at him and that was all he wanted. He came closer and told me that if I was not going to concentrate on my studies and if I was not going to focus on getting along to the place what would I do at home. I was getting his points. His every single world was like a smoothie for me. He lectured me for other half an hour and I got every bit of it. That afternoon of togetherness with my daddu motivated me and filled me with lots of positive energy and optimism. I got a very big lesson in my life.

We went out for dinner and ice cream. He stayed for the Sunday and we had more fun together. This trip by my daddu gave me the strength I was lacking in. And after that day I got a new way in my life to take it ahead and I didn't only stay in Kolkata but went to USA, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia for work and today I am settled at my home place with a business of my own.

That was the best afternoon of my life and I got to learn lots of thing that day and one among them was that sometimes it just takes a few words to solve the biggest problem of your life from that special person who loves and care about you. All that matters is the moment spent #together. Housing in the same way cares for its customers dealing with all their real estate needs letting them to indulge well in their life for more information visit https://housing.com/ .     

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Bold Step to a better Life.

Life always provided me with big opportunities and I grabbed them with my arms open. Life was running on a great pace and I never had the time to look back and realize that what I had and what was missing in my life. I was so busy in moving ahead that it seemed impossible for me to turn around and look back. The things that were happening were not bad instead I was in the best phase of my life, I was living my dream but I did not realized that to live this dream I left a big dream of my life. The wealth and power overpowered my emotions and I did not care about anything but me and myself.

After finishing my BA in Hospitality I got the first break and it was a big one. I got placed in an international hotel and restaurant chain The Vail, Colorado, USA. It was more than a dream coming true. I was so busy preparing for my Visa interview that I almost forgot that I had important people in my life. I was USA blind all I could see and feel was the States and to my surprise I cracked the Visa interview in the very first go and was all set to rock the Sates. I did not care what I left and whomever I hurt I landed on the American soil and started working from the very next day. First few weeks passed by and I was still trying to get along. By the end of the third week I was more or less one among them and started living my dream. I used to get paid every second Thursday and my food and accommodation was on the company and thus I had no other place to spend but on my own. I was living the best phase of my life. But as the time passed I had a good bank balance and it kept adding up yet something made me unhappy and restless. I had a very good lifestyle and standard of living yet something was missing. At first I thought that it was my home and my parents I was missing so I got high speed internet installed for Skype but yet it did not sooth my burns. 

It was during the end of the second week I realized that this money, comfort and all lavishness was just in vain and the reason of being so was my lost love. The love of my life which I lost while I was so busy in trying to get down to USA was the reason that I found every possession meaningless. I was so dumb that I did not say a goodbye to her before coming and today I was so restless and just wanted to have few words with her. On an evening I gathered my guts and called her up. She did not pick instead her father did. I was quite did not utter a word and hanged up. I called her again and this time she did pick up and asked me that why was I calling her now when I had already left her? I had no answer I just asked for forgiveness and hanged up with tears in my eyes.

I called her up again that night it was day here in India and she asked me to call at night. I did call her that night and we talked for hours, I was happy that she still loved me but the problem was that she was going to get married very soon and I was helpless. Few nights later I proposed her again and she did not replied. She did not return my calls not even a text and I was so worried. Few hours later I got a text saying. “Urgent please call”. I called her and she said that if I loved her and wanted to marry her I needed to take a big and bold step in my life. I understood that where the conversation was going but heard her patiently and asked her to lend me few hours to think.

It was 9 in the morning I was standing outside the HR office and I was asked to come in. I went to the Hr manager and said her that I had some urgent work and I wanted to apply for a leave for at least two weeks. The proposal was not accepted and I did not know what to do. I tried again and this time with a letter from the Head of department of my office and I was granted an unpaid leave for 1 and a half week. The HR manager told me that this was a very bold step I was taking because the journey itself would cost me hundreds of thousands and a lot of time too. I thanked her and told her that I will manage it and left for the airport.

The second day I landed at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose international airport called up a cab and straight forward went to her house. I knocked at the door and her dad opened it up. He was so shocked to see me and he asked me in dilemma that wasn't I supposed to be in USA now?  I told him everything and asked him to forgive me for every wrong that I had done. He was in state of shock yet and at last I saw my princess coming out and that was the moment I realized that wealth is not what you earn it is the Love that you get in return of your love and affection. I called up my mom and told her everything although she knew everything but yet she was surprised too to see me taking such a bold step in my life.

This bold step changed my life forever I got engaged to her then and there I visited my home and stayed there for two days and returned back to the States within seven days. I did not believe it myself that I was that bold and courageous to take such a step in my life. I completed my tenure of visa and rejected an extension that was applied by my company got back to India and married her. I got an opportunity to work in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and UAE after that and today I am settled at my native place with a small business of my own with my wife and a small baby girl. My life completely changed for good because of my that bold step and I am proud and happy to take that step in my life. Hosing is a brand which helps us to take bold steps in the field of real estate and it has a Housing.com Video Ad to motivate people to take bold steps in their life. Visit https://housing.com/ for more information.   

27 coupons have the best deals for you.

India is a land of festivals some of these festivals enlighten our life's with lights some add colour to our lives where as some teaches us the win of good over evil. We celebrate all the festivals with great pomp and splendour and enjoy them to the maximum level.

These festivals are the times when we share our love and passion with our loved ones if form of sweets and gifts. We gift and receive gifts as an act of love and appreciation. So like all the other festival seasons this year again began with the season of festivals and one among them is my favorite festival, the festivals of colour Holi.

Holi being around the corner I thought of gifting my sweetheart something big this time. Not big as an elephant but big as an useful item something that she wanted to have since long ago and suddenly I remembered her saying me that she wasn’t happy with the picture that I used to shoot for her using my phone which already has a 18 mega pixel camera or my Ipad even and she wanted to have a DSLR so that she can get digital hi mega pixel images for her blog posts. And all I could say her was that we will see what we can do for that. This flashback gave a an idea of what should I gift her and my search for a camera began on-line.

I have been a regular visitor to one of the best site that has been known to men www.27coupons.com and I specifically knew where to begin my search. So I straightly went to 27coupons site and started my search from there. These guys at 27 coupons are very prompt and hard working they have arranged everything in the website in a very organized manner. One can directly browse for deals and coupons according to the category given there as everything has been well categorized or you can start your search according to the store you want to shop like e-bay, flipkart, amazon and so on. The brands have been very clearly mentioned in an arranged fashion so it is your wish how would you like to proceed. 

I thought of trying my luck at the flipkart web store so I directly clicked on the flipkart icon. I looked for the all the ongoing deals at the store and finally spotted something useful. I found a deal where it said up to 50% off on Cameras and that was all I needed.

I clicked on it and it directly landed me to the flipkart site and there I browsed and searched for the item that would match my area of requirement and my budget and I finally found one.

It was a piece of cake buying a DSLR and 27coupon worked like a charm again and helped me shave 21% on the camera.

This site has all in one deals and discount coupons available all you need to do is visit them before you buy anything and they can help you get a deal of the life time. It surely has done for me on many occasions. This was a surprise gift for her and she was pleased and shocked to find a DSLR in my hand. She completely loved it and so did I.

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Cricket World Cup and its changing standards.

The term CRICKET doesn't needs any introduction no more. It has flourished its root all over the world and our country is definitely one among those who play the best of Cricket in the world. Cricket is not a game for us it is a religion and Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the living God we worship. 

This religion has a kumbh organised every forth year and this grand organization is commonly called "The Cricket World Cup". The very first World cup tournament was played in 1975 in England and since then this event has been occurring at a fixed interval of four years. And a lot has been changed ever since.

And if we are talking about the changes I have really admired that the standard of our Indian scot has been impressively improved since last few years. We have won this cup twice, have been the runner up once and have qualified for semifinals once excluding the current going World Cup.

The performance of our team has been at the best since last few World Cup and I say this because we won the World Cup in 2011 and have been the runner up in 2003 and in the current going on tournament we have been leading the group stats with no loss and all win in the 2015 World cup.

There has been few players like Sachin, Sehwag, Ganguly, Zahir, Harbajan, Dhoni, Yuvraj and many more who pledged to give their best and they in fact did and won a world cup for us. Not only these players but the current team has also shown their nerves of steel and are ready to over run any opponent whom so ever it may be. The bars of standard has been raised and are being raised every day by the performance of players like Virat, Rohit, Rahane, Shikhar, Dhoni, Ashwin, Raina, Sami and many more.

The team has taken a pledged to perform to the best of their standard and win the cup again for us. It was during the first IPL that I met Watson at The Park Kolkata hotel where I was working and I asked him that what the best thing about cricket was and he said, "The best thing cricket gives you is the chance to play for your nation in the world biggest tournament The World cup". Other players like Yuvraj and Sreesanth had the same view about the World cup.

Time has changed and even the format of the game has taken few turns but yet every World cup brings a glimpse of the standard that the cricketers have raised. The bar has been set high and the players have been working hard to set their own playing standards high. And this standard will bring us the World Cup again.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Pamper means Dry morning.

I have been blessed with a little and world cutest baby girls recently. She is so little and cute and I want her to stay that way always and forever. My family has been blessed with this gift after a long period of more than two and a half decades. The last child we had was my younger brother who is just a year and a half younger than me. Babies are God’s gift and are image of God sent on earth. They have the power to change your most terrific mood into a jolly one. They smile and laugh and make you happy too.

I always keep a track of things that makes her happy and jolly. And it really seems funny and silly to me sometimes that how could such small and silly things can be a reason of her smile and laughter. They really share a great sense of humor or they have none. Well jokes apart the few things that makes her smile and happy that I have witnessed may not be funny or interesting to us but they are so hilarious to her.

She likes to dance to music although she has no sense about music and songs yet she moves and shakes her body to the beats of the music and I like watching her doing that sometimes join her in the act too. She also likes to crawl from one corner to the other corner of the room and I bet you cannot stop her or obstruct her because she is on the mission of crossing any hurdle in the way. You try and stop her and she gets rid of you making some funny sounds. She also likes to ride on the back of her grand dad making him a horse and my dad seems happy too in being a horse for her. Is not it wonderful that how a small child’s happiness can be a reason for others happiness too. It seems strange to me that how could the happiness of a child can transform and pass to others. She loves scribbling on newspapers although she does not know to write and read. My dad says that she is going to be a great learner one day.

She like roaming around the house freely and that makes her happy too. She has a gift to be happy and make others happy. She also makes funny faces and laughs along with us when we laugh at her. She is a wonder child and has touched our lives with her wonders and in return we try to do our best for her and this best starts with small steps like using pamper dry pants. Pamper has been the best expertise in the field of babies pants. There are so many brands who have their product in the market but pamper is the best. It does not only keeps your baby dry from outside but does the same from inside too.

Pampers come with a magic get technology which helps to keep the baby dry. It locks the wetness in between and keeps the skin moist and free of rashes. It keeps the moisture locked out for 12 hours and thus gives you baby a good night sleep. The dryer the baby is the happier it is. Well that is what I think because when she is not dry or not wearing pampers she does not seems so happy but pamper makes her real happy. Watch this  Pampers Video Ad and guess it yourself why pampers are the best for babies.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Did you have that Moment of your Life yet?

“I just knew that it was the moment that I was waiting for. It was going to be the best and the biggest moment of my life. This moment was going to decide my future and was going to create a benchmark in my family.”

Schools and colleges are the best time of human life or I should say second best because the childhood deserves the first position. We meet new friends, we learn and we grow wiser in colleges and schools. School is the beginning platform and colleges are the main foundations which shape our future and a strong foundation always leads to strong final outcome. After finishing my schooling I started with my +2 and medical preparations simultaneously. My dad wanted me to crack AIPMT on the very first go and I did not know as of yet that what I wanted but yet I studies for my +2 and medicals too. It was the end of +2 finals when I realized that Medical or being a doctor was not my cup of tea, although I sat foe the states as well as the AIPMT for my dad’s satisfaction. And like I said I knew what was going to happen. I passed out with a great percentage in my board but got very poor rank in my medical examinations. I made up my decision and left Medicals then and there not even knowing what I was going to do next. 

I was a on a tour to Kolkata with few of my friends. We were staying at a friend’s apartment where I met a guy who was working for The Taj Bengal, Kolkata. He asked me about my studies and what I was going to do after my results. I told him the whole story and he said me to try the hospitality industry which I was completely unaware of. I had no Idea what did hospitality means and what was it all about. I sat with him for the whole night gaining the knowledge of the course and the industry.  And it was 3 in the morning we decided to go to bed. That was the moment which I felt was promising and was going to help me get somewhere. I was filled with hopes of a golden ray and was so optimized that the very next morning I went to the college he passed out from bought admission forms for me filled it and submitted it then and there. I returned back home talked to my mom and got some positive response from her too. I was more certain now that I was going to graduate with a BA in Hospitality management and was going to fly high.

A week later I got a call from IIHM (International Institute of Hotel Management) that I have been short listed and I need to appear for an interview. I appeared for the interview got and selected too. I gave 3 years of my life to that course and those were the best three years of life that I had lived yet. I got a chance to visit and work and attend workshops at all the major 5 star hotel chains in Kolkata. I also went for my industrial training at the The Park Kolkata and when I was done with my college I got place at The Vail Resorts, Vail Colorado, USA. I worked there for a year and a half and got promoted and transferred to Malaysia. I also got a chance to work at Singapore and UAE.

Today I am well settled with an Event Management business of my own. And all thanks goes to that dude who enlightened my way that I have travelled. That night gave me a moment which optimized me and gave me a hope that someday I was going to be my own boss and today I am. Housing helps people in the same way. They are always there to help you with any short of real estate business letting you to concentrate on other things. For more details visit https://housing.com/lookup

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A lesson from my Dad!

We humans are very good learners. We have the capability to watch and learn many thing and we do that every day in our life. Our parents are our first teachers. They teach us the general values and ethics of our life. We learn to talk, walk, eat and many other things from them. And the best part is that they cling by us always and help us grow. When we are a bit older we are sent to the school and colleges respectively to get educational knowledge. And our parents help us in that too. But there comes a time when the parents are forced to let us learn by our own or in simple words they let us go so that we develop the capability of Self-reliant.

Being self reliant is very important for us in our life. We cannot always depend for anything and everything on our parents and this is that time when they set us free and help us without helping us. They are always there for us and are ready to help but they want us to live our life with our head high in pride. Like HDFC Life helped there customers to secure their present and future so that they can always live with their heads held high. For more information visit the website http://www.hdfclife.com/ today and get your present and future secured.

I myself have come across such situations in my life when I had to rely on myself and had no backup from anywhere. And few of these opportunities were created by my parents so that I can learn to be self dependent. Although it is too tough to choose such an incident from my life but I have done my best to put forward here the best on that I remember.

I had very disciplined childhood with limited hour of play and limited hour of television too. The study hours were fixed too. I always knew that there was no escaping from these systems so I had to absorb in. I was good at studies but I never got a good chance to learn other things in my life and one among them was cycling. I saw my friend riding bicycles but was unable to learn it. It was my birthday and guess what my grandparents gifted me a brand new bicycle. I  was happy and sad as well, happy because I had my own bicycle and sad because I did not know how to ride one. I went to my dad and asked him to teach me and he was ready too.

My cycling classes began right away with my dad and I was showing great progress too. Within three to four days I had mastered almost everything in cycling but the problem was that I always needed my dad to help me start the process of cycling. My dad tried to teach me how to push the paddle and then when the cycle was in motion I should get up on the seat and start paddling. These steps sounded like a piece of cake theoretically but practically I always needed my dad to catch my cycle while climb. He taught me hundreds of times how to do that but I was so dependent on him that I had to wait for him on the other edge of the ground to come and help me ride the cycle again.

This process went on for like a week or so and one evening my dad took me to the local stadium ground which was not too far away from our house. I was so happy that I was going to cycle in an wide open ground but I was unaware of his plans. We reached the ground at five in the evening and my dad helped me to start the cycling three to four times. He then asked me to try it by my own but every time I tried I failed because I knew dad was there to help me. It was getting dark and dad asked me to take a final round before we can leave. He helped me as usual and I speeded to the other end of the stadium. I stopped there to catch my breath and waited for my dad to come by to help me ride again but he was nowhere in sight. I thought that he may be talking to some uncle and would be here soon but I was wrong 15 minutes passed by and yet no sign of him.

I was in a great dilemma what to do. A thought came into my mind that I should leave the cycle there and go and check on him but that thought vanished when I realized that I could lose my cycle forever. I had no other option but to try and ride it myself. I tried and failed in the first two attempts and I almost cried but there was no one there to help and then I remembered and followed step by step what dad has taught me. And on the ninth attempt there I was ridding the bicycle by my own. I was so proud. I took 2 more rounds of the stadium stopped thrice and succeeded to ride the cycle in my first attempt every time.

I realized that it was getting late and also I should find my father so I hurried to the stadium gate. I saw my father watching me from the stadium gate and clapping for me as I came near. I stopped left my cycle on the gate and ran towards him and hugged him tightly and said, “Dad please never ever leave me alone like you did today”. He smiled and replied that he never left me he just let me go so that I can be self-reliant. Later he explained me that he left me there on purpose so that I myself can try and learn to ride the bicycle.

Our parents sometimes purposely leave us so that we can be self dependent and learn to live our life with pride although they always keep in touch and are ready to help if we need them.  I came across this beautiful video  #MyFamilyMyPride ad film please watch it and remember the time when your parents helped you without helping you.