Friday, October 23, 2015

How to merge tabs on New Google Chrome.

Wondering where did the tabs option go on your Google chrome??  Don't worry I will help you fix it.

Cell Phones have become a part of our lives now and we try and keep ourselves up to date with our gadgets. Well this habit of ours causes problems sometimes and it did for my friend when he switched to Android 5.0 i.e. Lollipop from Android 4 the Kit kat version. 

things have changed a bit and one can get used to it too but their are few things like Google Chrome which changes when we go to Lollipop from Kit kat. Chrome looses its tab option and believe you me it becomes a big headache.

On the left we have an image of the older Chrome where as the right one is the new look of the Chrome and we can clearly see that there are no tabs option on the right one. The new Chrome opens new tab on new window and it looks like :-

So here is what we need to do to get the old look back. 

  1. Open the browser and open click on the three dots on the extreme up right of the screen. Scroll down to settings and click on settings. 

   2. In settings you will find Merge tabs and apps on.


    3. It will take you to a different page where you can turn it off. This will open a dialogue box where you have to press on OK as it says Tabs will be moved to a tab switcher inside Chrome. Click on OK.


And that is it you are done you will get the old look of Chrome back.

So enjoy the new chrome but with old look on Your device. 

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Togetherness the ultimate fun.

“Together we share all love and joy, together we fall and cry, loneliness is a curse and hard to live, Togetherness is the only aid that can heal.”

I am a family person and since my childhood I have been raised in a big family and thus I understand the real meaning of togetherness. It is really lucky to have people around you, people who love you and care for you the most. These are people with whom you can share your happiness and sadness too. I can never imagine a world without my family because together we have spent the most memorable days of our life. They have been the one who stood by me during my goods and bad and have shared a part of my success and failure.

Things have changed now and we have become more civilized and modernized now. We connect to people all around the word with just few clicks. We have mobile phones, television sets, internet and many such things that connect to the outer world. We are so technically developed and advanced that we have landed on the moon and have built space station in the outer space. The technology has been a great boon for us no doubt but have we ever stopped and thought that even if we have developed a lot we have been losing something continuously? We never had time for that, of course where would we find time from because we have to compete and move along with the rapidly evolving world and if we even pause for a moment to think and decide we would fall behind.

I personally feel that we have been relying on technology so much lately that we have forgotten the real meaning of togetherness. We are so busy in our life that we have lost the real meaning of socializing. Our social life has been restricted to Facebook, twitter and whatsapp only and we know nothing beyond that. I am not against the tech at all but yes I am against getting lost in the tech world completely that we forget everything and that 6 inch becomes the only and only way of our lives. We should use tech when and where needed but within the limits. People could be often seen walking on the streets with their mobiles on their eras or in their hand. We have messed up completely and now is the time to put things to their right places.

Kissan a well known trusted brand from India has taken an initiative and have pledged to make a difference. These guys have used the nature as their weapon to fight the problem. Watch this beautiful video.

Nature has the binding capacity and can help us learn again that what the original meaning of togetherness is. We should take time out of our busy lives and make it a habit to connect to each other. We should turn off our phones and tabs and meet somewhere in a park. All the members of the family can decide a day to have get together or to go for a picnic by the river or to go tracking.
Families can also plant trees or go to their farm house and plant vegetables or fruits. It is our family and we should be the one to take an initiative for it. Kissan has lead the path and have started a campaign where one can order seeds from the that is tomato seeds and can plant it together with family, friends and neighbours. To know more visit the link

Let’s grab this opportunity and prove it again that we humans are social animals and we know well to socialize and understand the value of togetherness.