Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Awaken Your Force with the new HP Star War Edition Notebook.

Doesn't everyone dream of having some special power in their hands? Well everyone does. I always wanted to be the Superman when I was a kid and in fact my that desire has not died yet but it has transformed its shape. It would be completely ridiculous if I run with a red underwear on my blue trousers and a cape hanging to my back eventually I would have loved it but duniya wale kya bolenge. Well I have restricted myself to Superman tees and boxers now and I feel his powers when I wear them, just kidding. The basic obvious thing is that if we have powers we will show them and won't hide them at any cost. We wouldn't be like Spiderman when needed and Peter when not or Peter just for a disguise.

The next thing that fascinates me is the alien stuffs, the UFO'S and each and everything related to them. I am a big fan of the Star War series and always wanted to be a part of it although it was impossible. Traveling to one galaxy to the other and fighting evil space alien demons and using the cool gadgets would have become my daily job.  That's super cool but ain't happening anyways.
I think God was listening my wishes and instead of granting me the super powers he compelled these guys from HP industry to compile the super powers and technology to create the all new super cool HP Star War Edition Notebooks. It was the internet who updated me the information that the ultimate gadget of the galaxy has been built and are available at the HP stores and other electronics stores worldwide.

If I ever get my hands on this gadget there is a slight possibility of me going mad. A gadget like this can turn anyone insane so do I stand a chance? Like I said I have a very close interest with alien stuffs I will use the HP Star War Special Edition Notebook to do something cool. I would transform my room into an audio visual Star War gallery. The Fully HD screen would be great to play the awesome videos of the Star War Series and the NVIDIA Graphics would add an edge to the visual. The device can perform quick with the Intel 6th Generation i5 Processor and the 12 GB RAM. The audio by B&O provides the notebook with a magnificent sound that has the capacity to move you. I always wanted to do something cool and this Notebook is all equipped with what I need. That’s all about me when are you going to have the #AwakenYourForce moment? To know more visit the site

Friday, December 4, 2015

Mumbai city of my Dream!

We live in a country of approximate population of 1.5 Billion and yet we are all united by something or others. Our Mother land id well known for its diversity and rich culture. The language may differ, the ways may differ the faces may differ but the love for our land remains same in each and every beating heart in this nation. Each Zone, each state, each city and each town in this country has a flavour of its own and is well known for its uniqueness. One won’t be able to evaluate these zones on any given basic. Yet if asked that which is the best zone or city that I like the most and have everything very well coordinated I would always go for the West zone and especially for Mumbai.  

Mumbai or Amchi Mumbai is the city of dream. The city has been so well planned and organized that it can be ranked number one city for each and every criterion. The city has been designed so very well. The buildings and the other constructions have been planned well and then have been built following each and every architectural rule in the book. The city is fully developed and one can find huge skyscrapers lining the city. No doubt that this city has mesmerized me every second that I have spent in it. you may be surprised to know that it is not my home town and neither I have been residing in this city for long yet it is my favourite city and I am so in love with it. You can find all the starts from Bollywood to cricket in this city. The city gain much more value due to the presence of these celebrities. The city has well designed bungalows, apartments, shopping centers and other accommodations and industrial areas. One can find unique paintings on the walls and the houses. The city accommodates more than 22 million lives and each has its unique role to play. The city is well oriented and it’s too easy to find thing here. People don’t usually get lost in this city or people get completely lost here in the city and that is what makes Mumbai the most famous and the best city and also my favourite city in India.

Mumbai is the best place if you have a nice car and obviously if you like to drive. The roads are well built and are well maintained. People face traffics now and then but is too normal for a city as huge as Mumbai. The roads are wide and have many lanes in it. it is a perfect city for a long romantic drive and the best thing is that the roads are safe and are always running because Mumbai never sleeps.

The city is well connected to the rest part of the nation. There are endless means of transportation in and out the city. The city is connected to few of the famous places and cities like Pune which lies in the same zone, Goa which is the best holiday spot in India. There are other means of transportation too like Mumbai has a big and famous international airport and has few harbours too. Mumbai is a complete package in its own. Whole nation is connected to the city via networking and other electronics media too as Mumbai happens to be the hub of these things. The city has big national highways and is a perfect spot for long drive lovers and these highways too connect the city well with the other cities of the country. Mumbai is not only the number one city in India but it is also considered as one among the top cities in the world and I an over whelmed to say that it is my favorite city.

Mumbai is a great city and is made of everything great like Tata motors which is a leading brand in the field of auto mobiles and is one among the oldest and the best auto mobile company in world. The brand has always been known for its perfection, sincerity, originality and trust. The company has been too busy in perfecting its works and have always landed high on the expiations of the consumers. Like my favourite city Mumbai Tata Motors’ are everything made of great. To know more visit the website       

Sunday, November 15, 2015

How to get rid of an Error occurred while checking for update on apple devices.

Apple is one among the leading brands if we talk about technology. This brand is smart, efficient and has emerged with a big bang. today it is common trend to have an apple device in your hand and I think apple takes good care of its users. they keep coming up with updates every now and then and these updates are available for every devise the update has been released for.

But I came up with a bug recently and when I tried to find out a solution for it I came across many thing and thus here are few things that might be helpful to you guys when you are not able to update to a new released Ios and you get a message saying that "an Error occurred while checking for update." It all started for me when I was updated to Ios 9 and later the 9.01 update was a mess for me I tried what so ever 100 times but wasn't able to get the update on and running.

So here is what I did and what worked for me although I would be talking about more than one way to solve the problem and it is not fixed that which one will work for you.

Solution -1

Go to settings > generals > Reset and reset the network settings.

Turn your device off and turn it on again and try to search for update. May a times this small trick works for many people. it did not work for me though.

Solution -2 

Connect your phone to the itune your phone is synced with and you can easily update it from there. the only problem you may face is taht you may have to download the complete file to your iTunes and then you can update. also you can download the latest firmware and install it manually using iTunes. but these methods are big and will eat up a lot of data. 

Solution -3

Don't panic to update your phone. use it and wait so that the load on the server decreases and this a very big reason that many of us are not able to update too. 

Solotion -4

Try to search for the update using a different internet source. maybe 3G or a high speed internet. Some times the speed of the internet that you have been using is not just sufficient to look for an update and download it. 

P.S    Although once you get passed this step you can switch back to your normal internet or the regular internet to download the whole content and install it. 

This was the step that worked for me. 

Solution -5  

Do nothing and relax today or tomorrow the server will send you the update notification automatically and then you can update.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Made of Great.

“I saw this man on a stage and he was addressing a big crowd on spirituality and I thought he was just another guy who was nothing more than a bluff and was here to make fool out of people. But I never knew that he was the one who was going to change my life completely. He was definitely the #madeofgreat material which I was unaware of till now. ”

We have often heard of the Sorcerer’s stone, a stone which has the power to turn metals like Mercury into Gold and can produce elixir. These are just myth and we know it but we sometimes come across such legends in our life who just seem to be normal men/women at first but when we come in their contact they turn us out into gold.

It all started ten years ago when I was on a vacation with my family and we were visiting my Nani maa that summer. We reached the place in the afternoon and my uncle asked me to accompany him to a spiritual seminar which I was not a in a mood of attending. I agreed and tagged along because I did not have much choice. I saw this man on a stage and he was addressing a big crowd on spirituality and I thought he was just another guy who was nothing more than a bluff and was here to make fool out of people. But I never knew that he was the one who was going to change my life completely. He was definitely the #madeofgreat material which I was unaware of till now.  

I was not so concerned at first about what was being said or told there but I started listing just to make sure what he was telling. It all went above my head and it was supposed to I was just 17 then. I just grasped that Lord Shiva the Almighty the supreme leader the creator himself is a Guru and we can be his disciple and that also without any restrictions and conditions.I got to meet him that evening and all my doubts were clarified and actually I was all wrong about that person. He was Joint Secretary in PWD posted in Bihar. He was not just a spiritual person but also a good government officer. He talked to me personally and he made sure that I understand the things that went above my head earlier. I thought he was some baba and all who was here to bluff people. All my doubts were cleared and I came to know that he was a man of his words, he had powers in his hands but he never miss utilized them and above all he dedicated all his leaves and off's travelling places and making people aware that Lord Shiva is Guru.

He was a sorcerer’s stone looked like a simple guy buy who ever came near him was enlightened and so was I. It is not the money or the power that makes a person great but it is the personality and the capacity to influence others for good and betterment is what makes a person good. I know Mr. Harinder Anand since I was a teen and today I do understand that I am what he helped me to be, a nice person.

I got this opportunity to write about the #madeofgreat by the Tata motors which is one of the leading motor brands in India. They believe that greatness is not something that comes from the name but to be great one need to believe in them and perform accordingly. Tata motor has combines hand with one other big name who is very famous for his capabilities, trustworthy, perfection, self believe and simplicity. Tata moter's on the other hand believe in the same qualities and are know for these qualities thus they have associated together and Lionel Messi has become the brand ambassador for Tata Motor's. it is like perfection meeting the perfection and just imagine what would they together deliver to the world. they together are #madeofgreat and can influence any thing and anyone coming their way.   

To know more visit the website

So guys what is your opinion about Tata motet's Association with Lionel Messi?  Answer the question below in comment and the best comment will be given an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 750. So start commenting.

Friday, October 23, 2015

How to merge tabs on New Google Chrome.

Wondering where did the tabs option go on your Google chrome??  Don't worry I will help you fix it.

Cell Phones have become a part of our lives now and we try and keep ourselves up to date with our gadgets. Well this habit of ours causes problems sometimes and it did for my friend when he switched to Android 5.0 i.e. Lollipop from Android 4 the Kit kat version. 

things have changed a bit and one can get used to it too but their are few things like Google Chrome which changes when we go to Lollipop from Kit kat. Chrome looses its tab option and believe you me it becomes a big headache.

On the left we have an image of the older Chrome where as the right one is the new look of the Chrome and we can clearly see that there are no tabs option on the right one. The new Chrome opens new tab on new window and it looks like :-

So here is what we need to do to get the old look back. 

  1. Open the browser and open click on the three dots on the extreme up right of the screen. Scroll down to settings and click on settings. 

   2. In settings you will find Merge tabs and apps on.


    3. It will take you to a different page where you can turn it off. This will open a dialogue box where you have to press on OK as it says Tabs will be moved to a tab switcher inside Chrome. Click on OK.


And that is it you are done you will get the old look of Chrome back.

So enjoy the new chrome but with old look on Your device. 

Any Queries feel free to leave me a mail at 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Togetherness the ultimate fun.

“Together we share all love and joy, together we fall and cry, loneliness is a curse and hard to live, Togetherness is the only aid that can heal.”

I am a family person and since my childhood I have been raised in a big family and thus I understand the real meaning of togetherness. It is really lucky to have people around you, people who love you and care for you the most. These are people with whom you can share your happiness and sadness too. I can never imagine a world without my family because together we have spent the most memorable days of our life. They have been the one who stood by me during my goods and bad and have shared a part of my success and failure.

Things have changed now and we have become more civilized and modernized now. We connect to people all around the word with just few clicks. We have mobile phones, television sets, internet and many such things that connect to the outer world. We are so technically developed and advanced that we have landed on the moon and have built space station in the outer space. The technology has been a great boon for us no doubt but have we ever stopped and thought that even if we have developed a lot we have been losing something continuously? We never had time for that, of course where would we find time from because we have to compete and move along with the rapidly evolving world and if we even pause for a moment to think and decide we would fall behind.

I personally feel that we have been relying on technology so much lately that we have forgotten the real meaning of togetherness. We are so busy in our life that we have lost the real meaning of socializing. Our social life has been restricted to Facebook, twitter and whatsapp only and we know nothing beyond that. I am not against the tech at all but yes I am against getting lost in the tech world completely that we forget everything and that 6 inch becomes the only and only way of our lives. We should use tech when and where needed but within the limits. People could be often seen walking on the streets with their mobiles on their eras or in their hand. We have messed up completely and now is the time to put things to their right places.

Kissan a well known trusted brand from India has taken an initiative and have pledged to make a difference. These guys have used the nature as their weapon to fight the problem. Watch this beautiful video.

Nature has the binding capacity and can help us learn again that what the original meaning of togetherness is. We should take time out of our busy lives and make it a habit to connect to each other. We should turn off our phones and tabs and meet somewhere in a park. All the members of the family can decide a day to have get together or to go for a picnic by the river or to go tracking.
Families can also plant trees or go to their farm house and plant vegetables or fruits. It is our family and we should be the one to take an initiative for it. Kissan has lead the path and have started a campaign where one can order seeds from the that is tomato seeds and can plant it together with family, friends and neighbours. To know more visit the link

Let’s grab this opportunity and prove it again that we humans are social animals and we know well to socialize and understand the value of togetherness.       

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ios 9? A definite yes.

Ios 9 is now available and is the latest sensation. I always thought why do we call them a smart phone and today we have more than a ton reason to say so. These machines are getting smarter day by day.

For example apple when launched Ios 8 it was felt that these OS are not going to perform better becaus of their size and other changes. Few problems were witnessed too but it wasn't too long that apple released new update to rectify their Ios 8 problems and frankly speaking they did it pretty well.

The updates released by them started being less bulky and occupying less space gave the phones a new life. There was a time when people on 8GB were not able to update because they had less space but apple smartly tackled the problem too.

Last night I received a notifications saying that Ios 9 was available. I Was so confused whether or not to update to 9. The reason of the confusion was my space. I had my space filled up to the neck and had only 328 mb left. The update itself was of 890 mb or so. And to my surprise after updating now I have 2.5 gb space.

Special features of Ios 9 for:

  • The Ios turns your phone into a more intelligent machine like it can learn your using habits and helps you to use it with a lots of tips to maximize the productivity. 
  • Proactive suggestion has been added too and thus the phone suggests you apps that you must need or use at that point of time.
  • Siri is smarter then before and can do better then ever. 
  • The inbuilt apps has been enhanced and will now work for efficiently. 
  • The Ios has been designed to increase the battery efficiency.  
  • iPads can now be used with a split screen facility. In other words you can use it for multitasking with two windows open and running simultaneously. 
  • Device performs faster and the security has been enhanced too. 

These are the some of the features that I have found out and I am dead sure that there are going to be more. If you are using an apple device don't waste your time thinking just download and update the device to Ios 9 and feel the change for yourself. 

Xender a faster file sharing app.

Hey There.
       Sharing is Loving and we all know it. We love to share with our loved once and we strengthen the bond between us. Don't worry I am not here to teach a lesson on sharing instead I am here to tell you guys about an application Xender which can help you share almost everything between your phones, pc and iPhone of course which is the latest trend of young India after Android.

Now there must be few question in your mind like why to use an software when you can share using Whatsapp, hike or other applications like them? The answers ate simple.

  • Sharing a picture or video using this applications reduces the pixel and quality of the file.
  • You can not send a large file using these apps.
  • You need an internet connection to send and receive files.
On the other hand if you use Xender you will not face the above problems. 

Xender uses your Mobile's hot spot to transfer files and thus provides a high speed transfer. The speed always lies in mbps using this app. Also you can transfer files between your phone and pc or phone and iPhone. 

It is too easy to use the app. Install the app after downloading and then open it.

Click on the connect phone

Click on CREATE GROUP if you want other phone to be connected to you or Click on JOIN GROUP if the other phone has already created the group and Click on CONNECT I PHONE if you want to connect to an I phone. 

Once the phones are connected select anything you want to send to the other phone or receive whatever you want from the other phone. 

You can see the progress of the apps being received or sent by just clicking the watch icon on the top right corner of the app. 

Just click on the app and install it directly from here of you can go to the file manager and install them later too. Just be sure that you have enabled the installation of apps from the unknown sources in your app settings. 

Try this app it works fantastic and you can save time and you don't need to carry a flash disk with you all the time.

Download Xender for ANDROID here

Download Xender for I phone here.

Any queries Drop a mail at

Saturday, September 19, 2015

How to change file extension in Windows.

Hi friends,

Last week I was with few of my friends and we were talking about directories and path. Suddenly one among us asked that what does it takes to change the file extension? The answers I heard were hilarious. One said we need to have a software to do so the other said we need to go to command prompt to do so. I was listening to them and as laughing and after a long wait of 10 minutes finally I had to break the ice and I told them that it just takes a few steps and you are done. I switched on my lappy and I gave them a demonstration too and they were amazed.

Here I am today to show you guys how simple it is and I am pretty sure many of you must be knowing it.

Step 1

Go to my computer and click on Organize and you will get a drop down menu. See the pic below

Step 2

Go to the Folder and Search option and it will open a dialogue box. Click on the View option the middle one. There are thee options below the hidden file and folder option, we need to see the second one.the one which says "Hide extension for known file types" Check the pic below

Step 3

Click on the box in front of the Hide extension for known file types. Click Apply and then Ok. The box will close now. see the pic below

 Step 4

Now you can change the extension of any file to anything you want but it should be meaningful and if you change it to a wrong extension it may lead to not opening of that file. Check the pic below.

Wasn't that easy?

For quires mail me at

Friday, September 18, 2015

Deals Cahiye 27 Coupons hai na!!!

"A little reading is all the Therapy a person needs sometimes."
Reading is an art that is conveyed to the reader by the author. I love reading and novels are the best thing that God has gifted the humanity with. It does not really matters what is the genre one is interested in but all it matters is the art he or she comes across. It takes a lots of determination to write a novel and it takes even more effort to read one but once you are used to it, it can take you to a new world of imagination and fantasy. I have been to that world or should I say that it has been my daily routine to be there. My genres are thriller, romantic maybe a bit and mostly fiction or adventures you may say. I usually don't judge a book by its name or by the author instead I judge the author or the name by the story that has been put forward. I have read so many novels and frankly speaking my favourite keeps changing time to time or on my mood of genre. I have a few all time favourite author though like Chetan Bhagat who has a tremendous word power and can write awesomely fantastic and the other is Amish Tripathi. Tripathi saheb has a very unique and peculiar imagination which help him create great fictions and nevertheless one can enjoy reading his writing.
My all time best and favourite books comes from these authors too. These books are The Immortal of Miluah, The Secret of Nagas, The Oath of Vayu Putras, Three Mistakes of my Life and The Half girlfriend.

Chetan Bhagat's books has been my favourite because I have been reading his books since I was in college and his writings seems to be very much close to the heart. I have related a lot to his stories. I have read all his books and these two are my favourite among them. The half girlfriend is a sweet and fantastic love story by him and those who have not read it yet please read it once.

Flipkart has always been my reading partner and has help me to get these books as soon as they launch. In fact I have pre booked books like Shiva Trilogy from them. They have been fantastic and they are always there to save your time and save you from extra hustle. I never had time or opportunity to go to a book stall and buy a book for me. If it wasn't this cyber portal I would have never read these books. Flipkart is the best they notify you and help you book a novel even before it is released. The book reaches your door step the very next day it is released and even if you miss booking it they have plenty in stock and one can order it at any time.

I bought "The Immortal of Meluha" from and read the novel in just two days and was eager to lay my hands on the next book that was The Secret of Nagas and I pre ordered that book from Flipkart and the book was delivered to me the very next day of release. I also bought the third and the final book The Oath of Vayuputra from the Flipkart store.

Well that's not all let me introduce you one more internet portal which can help you save on these sites like flipkart, eBay, Amazon and etc. I am talking about

This site has been developed to help the online shoppers to save extra money and time while they are shopping online. have picked and categories the coupons according to stores or segment that you are shopping for. As for me while I wanted to books online I straight forward went to 27coupons and searched the flipkart coupons for book and lucky I was they had a 55% off coupons on books and novels. That helped me get the book for less and in short time without looking here and there for products and coupons. They have deals and coupons for each category and sites all you need to do is look. I usually prefer using because of its prompt and satisfactory service.

I read these novels and enjoyed them a lot and the enjoyment was doubled because I didn't pay the full amount to the flipkart because of the coupon that I got at You can be lucky too, so when next you are in mood of buying something visit 27coupons. com first and save some money and time as well. It worked for me and I bet it will work for you too.

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Era of 4G starts here by Airtel.

“3 Weeks 4 Days more”. 

No. No I am not telling you guys since how long I have not eaten a rosogulla instead that is my torrent download standard estimated time for a movie I am dyeing to watch. I crave for all the Hollywood movies and my tight schedule does not allow me to indulge the lavishness of a multiplex or even a movie theatre. I don’t even remember when and which was the last movie that I saw in a multiplex so to fulfil my cravings for Hollywood movies I download them from the torrent sites and watch them at night before I sleep. They are short of my bed time movies some me time that I spare for myself but there comes the trouble, I think I maybe the biggest victim of slow internet connection in this universe. I like HD quality 1080p movies as they are loud, vibrant and clear and 1080p HD means large file and large file means I need a damn good and strong internet connection with a lightning speed downloading capacity but unfortunately it never happened and I had to spend days or even weeks behind a movie.

I was finally more than happy when I saw the very first Airtel 4G advertisement on the internet. I felt that God heard me and heard me good this time. Talking about 4G, oh I am quite aware of the rattling speed that the internet connection possesses and delivers. I have witnessed 4G in USA and Malaysia while I used to work there and they were just awesome. I have downloaded a movie of 1.9 GB in just 10 to 15 minutes so just imagine the speed I am talking about. These guys at Airtel have been working hard and day and night to provide us with the best possible service and here they serve. 4G is being launched by Airtel in our country.
If I get my hands on Airtel 4G services I would be more than happy that ever a king could have. Internet speed means freedom, freedom to download, freedom to upload and freedom to surf. I would download all the best movies available in HD or super HD quality and stack them up for my further needs. Along with movies I happen to be a graphic game freak too. I love playing game with good virtual graphics and to be honest these games are hard to find and impossible to download as they have huge files ranging between 8 to 40 GB. These games are impossible if you don’t have a fast internet connection and thus Airtel 4G will serve my purpose very well. Also making long distance video calls would be on my priority list. It has been so long that I have talked to my friend around the world with their video not hanging and voice not stammering. This 4G internet will definitely indulge me with a delight of clear voice and video calls. There are so many such thing that I would do if I get my hands on the Airtel 4G services which I certainly will. I am eagerly waiting to have my very own Airtel 4G connection in my hands.

Airtel has been generous always and so they have been again. They are offering the 4G services at the price of 3G. If someone needs a 4G Airtel sim all they need to do is just tweet #GetAirtel4G and the sim will be delivered to your address with no delivery fee charged. So finally the wait and the problems of a bad internet connection are over tweet today and get your very own Airtel 4G sim. You can also visit the site for more and detailed information

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Del Monte with my White Sauce recipe.

I have always been fascinated by food and culture of different places. I love eating and cooking as well and have tried my hands on different cuisines from different parts of the world like continental, Chinese, Italian and etc. This passion of mine compelled me to join the hospitality industry and took me to different places where i learned to cook and tasted different types of food and if asked for a favorite I would say that I can go for an Italian dish any time. The lightness of the food and its richness can make anyone drool and so am I.

Pizza, Pasta and Spaghetti are few of the worldly known dishes that are in demand. We have lots of Pizza joints in India where one can find and witness the creamy, cheesy and exotic delight which ate quite capable of please all human sense. It is the latest favorite of the people although people also like pasta and spaghetti and these foods are often served at well established food outlets and as a street food as well.

I personally love eating Pizza but I love cooking pasta and I have a recipe of my own for it. This recipe of mine was an accident. I was working in USA and though I have my specialization in food and beverage I always had a chance to be near the kitchen. I used to cook my own food at my apartment and one evening we few of Indian friends planned a get together at my place. I was supposed to cook and I had white sauce pasta on my mind. I was out of cream so asked one of my friend to bring cream from the city mart but instead he brought sour cream and I had to use it. That mistake of my friend helped me actually preparing a yummy recipe. So here is my recipe.


1. Del Monte Pasta

For Sauce

1. Finally chopped onion 3-4 piece.
2. Spring onions 1/2 bowl.
3. Button Mushrooms.
4. Green Olives.
5. Chicken Shredded or finally chopped.
6. Sour Cream.
7. Cumin powder.
8. Pepper powder.
9. Cumin.
10. Salt.
11. Basil.
12. Parsley.

Heat olive oil in a non stick pan and let it heat up. When the oil is heated add the cumin seeds and let it crackle. The crackling sound is the indication that its time to add up the chopped onions and the spring onions. Saute it for few minutes and than add the cumin and pepper powder and saute it again for few more minutes on a low flame. Add the mushrooms and the chicken in it and let it cook for few minutes. Add the sour cream to it after 5-10 minutes and cook it on a low flame.  Season it with salt and pepper.

Boil the pasta and drain it and add it to the above mixture garnish it with olives, basils and chopped parsley serve it hot with a glass of moscato.

Do try this recipe and let me know how did it go.

For mote such recipes visit

Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to create apple id widthout credit card.

It hae been few years since Iphone got into the Indian Market. Apple started establishing a firm segment in the Indian market. It was 2011 probably when I was in the USA and I denied to buy an Iphone for myself sucha fool I was. Later while my brother and me were working in Malaysia we got our first Iphone and today I am so addicted to my Iphone that when I lost a 32gb Iphone 5c this February I bpught other one in the same month.

Leaving this story apart, it has be so often that people approach me asking about how to create an apple id without a credit card and I have created so many apple id's for my friend and for my friend's friend and I really don't remember for how many other known and unknown people. It was a bit tricky fo me too in the begning but after a whole night of research I found many things about the Iphone. Things like jailbreaking and all were updated to my system ina single night and so was the apple id's treak. It is very simple and I qm going to demonstrate it step by step with screen shot from my friends phone.

Step 1- You should have a charged phone so that the battery doesn't dies in between the process.

Step 2- A working data connection or wifi is needed.

Step 3- Go to the App store from your mobile it is lying there in the front.

Step 4- Now select an app which is free. LIke I selected whatsapp you can slect anything which is free. Click on the get button.

Step 5- It will ask you to enter an existing apple is or create a new apple id. Click on the create new id and follow. Agree to the terms and conditions and slect agree.

Step 6- Select your country and click next.

Step 7- Fill in the form like email password, security question and your number and click next.

Step 8- Fill in Name, address and other fields.

Step 9- Pay attention here. You will be redirected to a payment option page and here is the trick. Don't select anything but tick the NONE option and select next.

Step 10- You are on the last step of having an apple id for yourself click next and enjoy.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Dabur "Honey Diet" A better way of life.

Humans are getting conscious about their health a lot these days. We suffer from a hell lot of health issues and many of these are related to obesity. According to the scientific researches obesity is the mother of more than 60% of the diseases that we face today. This obesity is the result of unhealthy eating habit, untimely eating habit and eating oily and fatty stuffs. We suffer from obesity and most of the time we feel helpless about it.

There are few ways of getting over with this obesity and the main and the best of the lot is dieting. Dieting is the process where the body is provided with the only required amount of energy providing elements or in general term foods and beverages which in return regulates the usage of excess fats and release of energy. There are so many dieting processes and pole follow different types of diet plans but Balanced healthy diet and Crash diet are the two common of them and are uses so very often.
Balanced healthy diet plan includes a balanced food which has been chosen to provide exactly the amount of calories our body need and thus there are no deposition of fats. The body does not get extra amount of calories and thus the formation of the fats is less and controlled. On the other hand a crash diet plan has been planned to get a quick result for the body. The body is not provided with any calorie or it is supplied with very less amount of calorie thus it results in the uses of the stored fats from the body to provide energy to the body. These processes are undertaken according to the requirement of the person. If the person wants to reduce the body weight and wants it to remain in the same way for a longtime he or she goes for the Balanced healthy diet because the end results lasts for long where as the crash diet is used to reduce the fats quickly but this processes is dangerous and the result does not lasts so very long. This process is only taken in emergencies.

Honey is said to be a natural remedy for many diseases and also helps in the regulation of fats but people are not aware of this. Honey if used daily in a peculiar way can help us reduce and regulate fats from our body and can give our body a healthier way of living.

Dabur a well known brand has introduced “Honey Diet” which includes so many things. Honey Diet basically introduces and make people aware of the uses of Dabur honey in different ways for example the Dabur honey along with a lemon and a glass of soft boiled water can work wonder for your obesity. Honey Diet also makes the people aware of different uses of the Dabur Honey. This honey can be used as a sweetener and can be used with or without sugar. It reduces weight, helps in digestion and imparts smoothness and softness to our skin. In short honey diet has been introduced to help the hundreds of hundreds people.

This initiative by Dabur honey will help the people to be in finer and fitter shape. It will help us with many things like we can still have sweet stuffs where honey has been used in place of sugar. There are no limitation to the use of the honey. India is getting in shape with the help of the Dabur Honey Diet and now it is our turn to respond and get ourselves fit, fine and strong.

To know more about the Dabur "Honey Diet" visit the official web site They have lots off recipes and ideas to turn us healthy.   

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Waiting for cricket live score? UC Browser hai na.

"That was a beautiful cover drive, an effortless shot by Sachin Tendulker and the ball hits the boundary rope for four runs".

When I was a kid I have witnessed my dad going crazy for cricket. Television sets were not so popular those days and people had a transistor set stuck next to their ears and were so deeply into the cricket commentary, that was some era! Time changed we developed and evolved in our ways. We improved our sources and used our resources well and today we find it lot more convenient and realistic while we witness a cricket match from any corner of the world. 

Cricket has not only been a source of entertainment but it is much more then that in India, It is a religion and we treat our players as a God and this is only due to the bonding we deeply share with the game. It is quite a scenario that we can see a group of people stuck by the road side if they find a television set and if it is streaming a live cricket match. People go mad to catch a simple glimpse of the match or to find the score of the game. It is an addiction, a habit and above all a game of spirit and people enjoy it to the core of their heart from the core of their heart but there comes some obstacles every now and then where we are not able to access the live tournament or we are stuck with some important work and can't watch a live telecast of the match. We are stuck in situations where it is either one cricket match or a date and we are confused and we have to give up on either one of them.

We tried out different ways to tackle this problem and came up with many solutions too. Some of the solutions are like getting live score via short messaging service but it is costly and can't be afforded by everyone. The other options are internet services or apps which are dedicated to cricket although only internet is the best and convenient service among them. One can get the updates of the match using the internet but it does not seems to work properly every where due to its low speed and less connectivity. Internet is easily available in our countries everywhere and can be accessed using a smart phone and a data connectivity enabled sim card. Some of these services provided are good but some lags behind and thus our browsers does not performs well and we are unable to access the internet or get the updates of the cricket tournament. The internet connection are slow and thus it does not works well.

Somewhere someone was listening to this problem and brought to us the wonderful UC CricketUC Cricket  ( is the latest feature of UC Browser which helps us with the latest update of the game, live score and other news and information about the game. It works well and is the fastest score providing portal.  UC Browser has been designed to browse the internet at a very high speed even if the net speed is low. It is capable of browsing and downloading at a very high speed and is one of the best browser. For more information check the link UC Cricket is too easy to use and once turned on keeps you updated with the live score so no more worries about work being left out or no need to cancel an appointment because UC Cricket is there to keep you updated with the live score. Watch this video by Yuvraj Singh and "Surf it All! Surf it Fast!".

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tips ans Tricks for beautiful skin.

It is not a girls thing to look beautiful or charming anymore but in this modern era guys have also grown sensible about their looks. The developing IT industry and the Hotel industry has changed the perspective completely that only girls should be presentable and good looking. They have brought a revolution and this revolution has compelled the guys and girls to change and look attractive and now it has become a kind of mandatory thing for the people out there. This revolution has brought a huge number of practices into action and people try and do many things to look good and attractive.
Today we are here to talk about few of the natural and simple things which can help people in caring out for their skins and to look attractive. There are so many naturally occurring things which can work as a charm for us. They are easily available, cost efficient, easy to use and the best part they can have remarkable results on the skin.

Multani mitti is one among natural agent which is commonly used in our day to day life for skin brightening and skin softening. This mitti is easily available and could be purchased anywhere. A concentrated paste is made of it and is applied to the neck, face and hands to make it feel wonderful. The paste is left to dry up on the skin and finally it is washed with water and finally you get soft and glowing skin.

Coconut is the other natural element which can be used for the caring of our skin. Fresh coconut is grated and this grated mixture contains the coconut milk which can be separated by pressing the grated coconut. The milk of the coconut is so nourishing and rehydrates the skin leaving a soft and glowing look on the skin.

Fruits like Peach, Strawberry and papaya are also natural skin care product. These fruits either together or alone can be applied on the skin after making a paste out of the. The natural elements present in the fruits gives the skin a very smooth and fresh feel. It gives best result when washed or removed with cold water.

Lemon and yogurt   has a very good whitening power and can be used or applied to the skin after mixing it well. The mixture lightens the color tone of the body making it lock awesome. These products are cost efficient and are easily available anywhere in the market and it also easy to prepare the paste and apply it on the skin.

Clay and Egg are the next on the list. Clay and the egg is mixed well and then it is applied to the skin. This mixture is usually used for the deep cleansing of the skin. It uplifts the skin well and is good for the skin. It is also put on like the rest and later is being washed by the water to remove it finally leaving the skin clear and smooth.

Almond oil is used for the skin too but it is a bit costly yet it is one among the naturally occurring element that helps us in taking care of the skin nourishing it inside out. It makes you feel energetic and fresh.    

Green tea would be the final item on my list. Green tea is considered as one of the best anti oxidant which naturally occurs. The anti oxidant present in the tea helps the skin to look younger and smooth. It d oxidizes the skin and make it appear fresh and vibrant. This green tea is not to be applied instead it is to be consumed like a normal tea.   

“VICCO Turmeric Cream” is also one of the cream which is completely natural and is made up of things like Sandal wood, Turmeric and etc. Visit to know more about it and also  you can watch it here VICCO Turmeric Cream Video 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Recipes that can make you drool.

"People who love to eat are always the best people."
                                Julia Child.

We often wonder weather we live to eat or we eat to live. Now that is a confusing question but not for me because I very well know that I live to EAT. It is not a habit I would remind you it is my passion to taste and eat foods from different cultures and regions.

Being from a hotelier background I have been blessed to cook and taste different types of food. I have loved almost all of them yet I have few favorite recipes which blows my mind every time it is served on my table. I can't help myself but drool waiting for my food.

       Image source :- google

I still remember the day when chef announced that we were going to cook dum pakki handi mutton biryani  in the kitchen that day. My eyes and ears were on full sensation and my tongue was all set to taste the  world best delicacy. The recipe was simple yet elegant and I recorded everything in my brains drive. The biryani was damn delicious and just the thought of that delicacy makes me drool every time I think of it.

There are few more such recipes nonveg recipes to be precise which makes me drool every time I think of them. These recipes mainly consists of sea foods. Sea foods are something which do not belong to this planet according to me and they have the power of hypnosis and can control your mind.

Image Source :- google

Also the recipes that has been gifted to us by the Mughal's like keema matar, mutton darbari, biryani badshahi , sheek kabab, sahi chicken korma and etc are fabulous and are worth trying. They were so good at cooking and specially at cooking nonveg food that they have created a separate category in the terms of non vegetarian food specially.

Image Source :- google

These recipes make my brains go haywire and I just can't help myself but eat all I can. Guys you got to taste these recipes at least once and you will understand what I actually mean. As it has be so rightly said,
"There is no Love sincere than the Love of FOOD."
          George Bernard Shaw.

I am going to mention a simple recipe that you guys can try out though it is not possible to mention recipes for each of them.

Dish:- Keema Matar
Serves:- 4
Preparation time:- 30-45 minutes.


  • Goat or Lamb meat 1/2 kg nicely minced into tiny pieces. 
  • Grean pea 1 cup.
  • Clarified butter or Ghee 1/2 cup
  • Cumin seeds 2 tbl spoon
  • Clove 3-4 pieces
  • GGP paste 2-3 spoon (Ginger Garlic Paste)
  • Chopped onion 1 cup or you can grate it 
  • Cinnamon 1 stick
  • Small cardamom 1 only seeds
  • Bay leaf 2-3 pieces
  • Pepper 4-5 pieces
  • Coriander powder 1/2 tbl spoon
  • Turmeric powder 1/2 tbl spoon
  • Salt to taste
  • Red chilli powder 1/2 tbl spoon
  • Red tomatoes finely chopped 2 cups
  • Coriander leaves for garnishing 


Heat the clarified butter in a non stick pan add the cumin seeds, pepper, cardamom seeds, cinnamon stick, bay leaves and clove wait for the crackling sound And than add the GGP, chopped or grated onion and wait for the oil to seperate and than add the chopped tomato, coriender powder, chilli powder and turmeric to it. Stir till the oil seperates and finally add the minced meat and the green peas and stir it continuously till it is fried completely and you can see the oil seperate.

It is ready to be served just chopp the coriander leaves and garnish it before serving.

Guys you will love it for sure and it is easy to cook. Thank you blogmint for this fabulous opportunity remembered my old days back.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mesmerizing Features of Airtel App.

God created the human beings in his own image and gave the a full functioning brain to think and discover things that they need. We humans have used this gift both wisely and unwisely. We invented thing according to out needs and kept on improving and modifying it time to time according to our needs. We landed on the moon and travelled to the Mars and all due to our will power and technology. This technology has been the greatest gift to the man kind and we have kept on adding extra edges to these technologies. An Invention of a telephone lead us to a wireless mobile phone today and we have mastered every bit of it. We do not uses birds and men on horses for delivering our messages and news no more because humans have developed some awesome invisible wings which are far better and faster then any bird, horde and a man. That is what technology has gifted us with.

The mobile phones were the only reason that the different cellular networking company came into existence. A mobile phone was almost useless without a sim card in it. Bsnl was the first to launch sim cards in India and it was followed by many other privet sectors like Airtel, Tata Docomo, Idea, Smart and so on and so forth. These cellular networking companies kept on improving and evolving according to the customers needs and demands and today we have so many facilities that are being provided to us by several cellular networking companies. Services like calling, messaging, 3G, 4G, video calling and etc.. are examples of the facilities that came into existence with the competition among the cellular networking companies.

Among these companies Airtel was the one which understood the needs and requirements of the customers in the very best possible manner. It kept on evolving and implementing things to keep itself on the very top and it succeed too. Airtel has the best cellular networking do far and have spread its roots deep all over India. Airtel has come up with something new again like always and this time it is an application that has been launched by Airtel namely Airtel App which has become the latest sensation.

This app is easily available in the Google play store and free for download. The app has been designed keeping the customers in mind. Airtel has always been the best and has the capability to understand the needs of its customers. The app has everything that is required and is the latest trend in the market.

I have used and liked the app too. It has many good facilities and here I would point out few of its best facilities three of them to be precise. The first one on my list is the recharging facility that the app provides. One can pay their post paid bills, recharge dth, recharge prepaid cellular phones, pay for Airtel money and etc. No more hustle of going to a retailer for a data pack recharge all can be done here and thus this lies at the top of the list.

The second on the list is the recharge any Airtel number facility. Now one can gift recharges to their friends and family through this app and it takes less than a minute to send and receive the money.

The last on my list is the Airtel one touch internet. This facility by Airtel is one of its kind. Today in the era of internet it has become so essential for everyone of us to know how to use it and keeping this in mind Airtel has come up with a convenient way to learn using internet for everyone especially our elders. This one touch internet has taught so many people how to use internet and this facility is one among the best facilities in the Airtel App.

I completely recommend using this app and try it for once. To know more visit  and check it out for yourself .