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Micromax Canvas Doodle 2, A 240 Review, Specification, features.

Salut Amis,
                 At last i am finally here to share the review of Micromax Doodle 2, A-240, Well this has been the most awaited blog post from my end. All i did was thought and thought about blogging about this superb Gadget. So cutting the chase down lets see what this phone has.

We all are aware of the brand Micromax and the Influence it has on the Indian market till now. According to my survey Micromax has been the third successful brand after Nokia and Samsung which has established its place in the Indian market. And today we will talk about the Micromax Doodle 2.
It's a beautiful phone which has been launched during the era of Samsung Note 2. Yes you heard me right. This phone has been a real choice for people who were not interested in buying Samsung brand. The first version of this phone was a huge success in itself. We will come to that phones review later.  

The Phone has a 5.6 inch wide screen, which is the first best thing about the phone. It comes with a stylus, well it has to as it is nearly a note and not a phone. The phone has been compacted with a fabulous 12 Megapixel front camera and a Led Flash where as the front camera is 5 megapixel.  

The phone has a 1.2Ghz Quad Core Processor which makes it lightning fast and i really mean it. The phone still runs on Android Jellybean 4.2.1 though it has not not received the Kit Kat update yet. The screen is 5.6 inch as i said earlier, it has 1 GB ram and 16 GB internal memory. The phone runs on a 2600mAh battery and this is the best android launched ever in the terms of battery backup and uses too.    


  • A wonderful phone at a very reasonable price.
  • Wide 5.6 inch wide screen.
  • Best battery backup compared to any android phone.
  • Good surround sound.
  • Last but not the least good value for your money.


  • No external memory card slot, fixed 16 Gb memory.
  • This phone hangs too like other android phones but that's not the issue the main issue is that the phone is so compact that the battery can't be opened until and unless you unscrew the phone. 


If the phone hands and you really don't have any clue what to do just press the power and volume down button together or the power button and the volume up button together. for some times and then you need to chose the restart option from the menu. And if you are not so much into the phone thing just go to the customer care of Micromax. Do whatever you want but just don't screw your phone and then blame me.

If you are a Gadget lover and like to have something bulky in your hand you should definitely go for Mircomax Doodle 2. The phone has everything a gadget freak would ask for.a total value for your money and a phone worth it. I personally would recomand this phone to any one as its the best among what Micromax has got. 

Any quires just drop an e-mail @  


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Vacation of my Dream with Skyscanner.

Travelling places has been my passion and going to the unknown my fantasies. Although I didn't get much of an opportunity to plan and execute a Vacation. It was a regular boring, boredom and self hanging situation at my office. With the lean season of the business all we had to do was sit and stare the monitors of our desktop every minute of every hour of everyday. In short we were bored to death. My desk phone rang suddenly. “Good morning, Rakesh here, may I help you?” I replied. “Boss wants to see you at his office in a bit.” Said the voice on the phone. “Sure I will be there in no time.” I replied and hanged up the phone.

“May I come in Sir?” “Yes you may.” So I entered the office and my boss asked me to make myself comfortable. And I sat on the chair just in front of him. “Do you know the present stats of our Company Mr. Ranjan?” asked my Boss in a firm voice. “Yes sir we are doing pretty well in spite of the lean season.” I replied with a tone of confidence in my voice. “Well I believe it if you say so”, said the boss. “Thank You sir” I replied in gratitude. “You may leave now and don’t forget to say thank you to my secretary.”

With my mind all in puzzles I left the room thinking why do I need to thank his secretary. Well I had to do if he asked for, after all boss is always right. So I straight went to Miss Dutta and said her thank you. She handed me an envelope and said that I only need to thank her after opening it. So I opened it. Men I kept looking at the piece of paper with my jaws dropped and finally it was miss Dutta’s voice which brought me back to the reality. Ohhh God I was promoted to the Vice president post and the Boss has gifted me a voucher of some Skyscanner website worth Rs. 1, 00,000 for a vocational tour any where I wanted.

The rest of the day was so tough to pass at the office, I called up the wife and asked her to pack up our bags for a vacation. Finally the long day at the office ended and I rushed back home and gave the good news to my sweetheart and said that we were leaving for a vacation to Dubai. She asked me about the tickets, visa and hotel. And I showed her the voucher that I had been given. So I took out my lappy and opened my browser and opened the website . First I thought that it was going to be a heck of a job booking everything here but I found the site very user friendly a few clicks here and there and a few details was all it took to set me up finally.

So I booked a return flight from Kolkata to Dubai for Rs.41532 it was Emirates flight I booked.

 The second item on my list was a hotel so I booked Ja Jebel Ali Beach Hotel for Rs. 24593 for the whole package of room rent, Morning breakfast and dinner. And the best thing was that the hotel was only a mile away from the central Dubai.

 Last but not the least item on my list was a car for pickup and drops and local site seeing so I booked a Mini Honda Brio for Rs. 3782.

 And I was all done I spending Rs. 69908 and was still left out with 30092 for my visa.

I never thought that Skyscanner could have been so user friendly and easy to go on with. I am familiar with so many ticket booking and travelling sites but to my surprise I had never came across such an interesting and easy to work on and find thing of your requirements so easily. I would use this website for my further vacation or business tour planning and I also would recommend this sites to my friends if they have a vacation on their mind.           
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Dream Black

When I was in class six my Physics teacher once asked me, “What do you understand by the color black?” And I replied, “Sir its Black means it’s nothing.”  And the action followed to these words was that I was thrown out of his class. And that was the day I understood the real significance of the Color Black. Although the M.I.B movies also taught me a lot more about it but the real lesson came from those 30 minutes when I was standing out of the class figuring out the real meaning of the color Black. Jokes apart Black is not just a color instead it has the whole universe in it. You may think I am crazy but no I am not, on a bright morning shut all the windows and doors of your room and turn the lights off. Black is what you will find because it is the only thing which actually exists.
Well if given a chance to make a wish list of five black things I would like to have, they would be:-

1.       A Black Tuxedo, not a general one but one which has been featured by Mr. Jacky Chan in the movie ‘The Tuxedo’. I think I am clear and don’t need to explain myself why I wish for such a tuxedo. With all the powers and functions of the tuxedo life would be fun and lot more. It can make you dance, sing, fight and anything you name it.
Image Courtesy Google !

2.       A Bat mobile. Yes the same one that Batman posses in the movies. I can just die for that piece of highly equipped and sexy car. I wish to have one of it for myself. I just can’t imagine the speed, the thrill and the venture of having that vehicle parked by my house. Travelling one place to other would not be just fun but easier too with this bat mobile in your possession.
Image Courtesy Google !

3.       A Black Chain Gun. Also known as the weapon of mass destruction. And if you ask me what would I do with this gun? I would say that this gun is the best partner one can have if there would be a zombie apocalypse. A weapon powerful enough to clean everything and anything that comes into your way without moving an inch from your place. Man I want this so desperately. It’s such a cool weapon to possess
Image Courtesy Google !

4.       A pair of black glass. And this sunglasses would not be some ordinary or easy to lay hands on thing. I am talking about the sunglasses which Tom Cruise wore in the movie series “Mission Impossible”. A rare piece of specially designed sunglasses for the spies. This sunglasses does not only protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays but it is also a cool and heavy gadget in itself. I grew up watching all the parts of the movie and all I wished was to have that pair of sunglasses for me. With all the ultra tech facilities available in the glass it’s very cool to possess one for yourself.
Image Courtesy Google !

5.         Black Money. Now it’s clear that I am completely out of my mind. But actually I am not. I am completely in my sense when I write the last item on my list to be black money. In order to possess all the items mentioned above one many need a hell lot of money and my Pappa will not give me a single penny if I show him my wish list. So in order to get all the above items I need money and black money from anyone and anywhere would be like a jackpot for me.
Image Courtesy Google !

So these were the five Black items I wish to possess for myself and I know I am not gonaa get my hands on any of them but yet it is not a crime to imagine and dream and yes I am a dreamer and for your knowledge I always dream BLACK. 
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jail Breaking I phone 3G with Red Snow.

 And sorry for not being regular to my blog. Well i am also sorry that i am not here to post a review about Micromax canvas Doodle 2. Last week i came across an I phone 3G which belongs to my friend and he had several complains about the phone, So worried he was i asked him to throw away the phone and buy a new model of I phone but late thought that it was a great opportunity to explore an I phone in and out so i took the phone from him.
So here in this post i am going to tell you how to JAIL BREAK an I phone 3G and every thing you need to know to over come any huddle if you own an old model of the I phone.  

Items required :-

  • An old broken or new but career locked I phone 3G.
  • A good working Data cable.
  • firmware for your phone
  • Red Snow
  • iREB-r6 keep this handy this is a magic wand and believe me you will understand it when you need it.
  • Hell lot of prayers and Luck.
Plz note to download the firmware IOS 4.1.2 firmware for 3G click here and download one which is shown rounded in the below figure.
So here is what you need to do
  • Charge your phone up to 90-95% before starting.
  • Download the 3G firmware, the red snow and iREB
So now its in your hand to screw or unscrew your phone
  • So open the redsnow application (Run it as an administrator if you can) 

  •  Click on Browse. Select the IOS 4.2.1 firmware for 3G you have downloaded and kept on desktop and press open.

  • Tick the install Cydia and enable battery percentage and also enable home screen wallpaper if you want, so the last one is optional and click next and then follow the steps.  

So you will find that it says rest of the process will be carried out on the phone and you will see this two screens on your phone

So all you have to do now is wait until your phone starts normally again. This process can take 15-20  minutes depending on the speed of your system. The phone will restart several times and screen may flicker too so don't panic until and unless it doesn't restarts itself. 

Now you must be wondering why did i ask you to down load iREB. So let me tell you sometimes your phone may stuck on the apple logo and may be the phone restart and stuck on apple logo again and again so all you need to do is open the iREB application

and click on Recovery Mode Loop Fixer/SHSH Blobs Grabber which is in middle of iREB and Credit and then click on Set Auto-Boot True (Fixes 1015 Errors / Recovery Loops). and your phone will restart and your problem is solved.

So finally we are done.
Any Questions or inquiries e-mail me at
Comments welcome.
Thank You.

P.S :- If you have unlocked your phone and couldn't find network on it go to Cydia and add ultrasnow to the sources of Cydia and install it. and if you still don't find the network mail me.

If you have mistakenly updated your base band to 5.14.xx dude you are screwed but don't worry inbox me for the solution.
all the above steps have been successfully checked and used by me on my iphone 3G and it still works, but be smart whatever you do.  

I phone 5c Specification, Review

Hi Friends,
                It has been so long that i reviewed a phone here on my blog, although i have a lots of them waiting and still waiting in my list. let me search my bag and see what phone do i have pending for the review. So i have Micromax Doodlle 1 A111, Micromax Doodle 2 A240, Sony Experia E, I phone 3G, I phone 3GS and the latest baby Gionee Elife S5.5. Hmm i get it that is a huge pending list.

Well today i am here to Review my I phone 5c, naam toh suna hin hoga??

Other piece of brilliancy by Apple. A phone launched by apple in September 2013 which actually comes in five different colors. So you can now own an I phone of the color you like. The phone is slightly bigger then all other apple phones and slimmer from its last model too. It has got a 4 inch screen which is again the biggest screen launched in a phone by apple although I phone six has greater plans that has been launched yet. the phone weights only 132gms and looks pretty with its new back look which is so smooth and shiny with the prominent apple logo on it.
The phone has got an extraordinary 8 mega pixel rear camera and 1.2 mega pixel front camera with a led flash. It covers both 2G and 3G spectrum. 

Although other features are not so different from the previous phones but yet 5c has made its place in the market and customers mind. the phone runs on a single sim and is available in both GSM and CDMA module. it runs on the latest ios 7.1.2 and is incredibly fast with 1.3Ghz dual core processor and 1 GB ram in it. it comes in different memory capacity like starting from 8Gb to 64GB or more. the phone has v4.00 blutooth, Wi fi, and accepts nano sim card inside. it runs on a 1507 mAh battery and has a strong backup capacity.
The Led-backlit IPS LCD, Capacitive touchscreen with 16 M colors makes it extra attractive and lovely.

Pros of the phone:-

  • Nice attractive look
  • 1 Gb ram
  • 1.3 dual core processor
  • Fast and furious
  • colorful
  • Apple a status symbol 

Cons of the phone:-

  • Not a nice value for the money
  • Hangs sometimes 
  • Os not fully accepted by the phone and sometimes loses sound.

Well these are my own opinion after using the phone and thus i don't have to do anything with the company or its promotion. All i could say is that although tis is not a perfect piece of gadget by Apple but yet i am lucky to carry one in my pocket and i simply love it. and rate this phone 8 out of 10 on every platform but price. 

Zest Up your Life.

“What Hunger is in relation to food, Zest is in relation to life.”
                                                                                         Bertrand Russell

‘Zest’ a very small and simple word from the English vocabulary but carries a very deep and heavy meaning within it. In simple words Zest means Vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment in the life. But if we see the practicality zest is the main element which shapes our life, sets our goals and makes it worth living and unforgettable. Any and everything can Zest up your life but sometime we notice it and some other we don’t. Well it’s all tough to recall and above that tougher to chose from them that which one was the best one and which was the least. So I have summed up few of them here to share with you guys. 

It wasn't a very developed era then, I was a kid studying in class six, exploring the world the way I could and watching the nation grow wiser and wealthier in terms of technology and facilities. And one day I heard of a cool gadget which was wireless and could be carried out in pocket, yes I am talking about a cell phone a very common thing nowadays but it wasn't this easy to get hold of one those days. So my grandfather gifted me a colored handset which were very rare those days and believe you me I was on cloud nine. It was a zestful moment to possess one of this equipment those days. I loved it and loved it from the core of my heart and yes it made my life zestful, and to my surprise it still does.

I hardly remember was it out of necessity or just love that my dad gave a lesson on how to ride a bike. Well it’s always a Mumma’s boy and a daddy’s daughter we hear of. And so it was with me and it is till date. Nevertheless I love my dad a lot and above all I respect him more than anyone. But there has been a boundary between us, some may call it negligence but I call it respect. Suddenly one evening my dad asked me weathers I am interested to learn how to ride a bike? I thought am I? And there was a loud answer ‘yes’ echoing from everywhere. So willingly or unwillingly I said him yes. And that evening it was just me, myself and my dad, he trying to teach me how to handle the clutch of the bike and I trying to learn it all at once. And the result, I am an expert rider now. You may think what’s very special in that but yes it was zestful for me. I still remember each and every moment of that lesson and above all I could ride a bike on my own after that.

I was done with my studies and was in search of a job, although I had a few of them in my pocket but I wasn't satisfied with them or in other words fate had decided something big very big for me. One of my faculties admired my talent a lot and he offered me to go for a job in the USA. Firstly I was confused and was all messed up what to do and what not to. Taking a step so big could have ruined my career if it wouldn't have worked in my favor. But keeping everything on stake I applied for a job in an international hotel and restaurant chain and to my surprise was selected too. But the toughest part was the visa interview. It’s too hard to convince the visa embassy officers that all you want is to gain some foreign exposer and nothing else. I was so zestful to crack the interview and keep a foot on the States and thus I did. It was one of the most proud and zestful moment of my life.

When I was a kid I used to be so religious and followed each and every step of Hinduism to worship the Gods and Goddesses. But a sudden turnoff event turned my world upside down. And as a result I lost my faith it them I still lack that. And it was that summer I heard that Mr. Harinder Anand a man like us a government employee says that Lord Shiva whom I worshiped once cold be my teacher too. In the beginning it felt all stupid to me but as the time passed I felt that this was the zest I was looking for. And by his grace I got it in my life. I still remember the situation when I accepted him as my teacher and became his disciple and this was the zestful moment which shaped my life spiritually and normally.

It has been a common tradition to meet someone over a cup of coffee at CCD or Barista, but for me it wasn't any one of them instead I met a girl at a family restaurant, I was at her birthday party an uninvited guest just joined a common friend to crash her party. I was so moved and touched by her behavior that I gave her a call back as soon as I returned back and proposed her. It was a zestful moment for my life but it didn't last long as she declined my proposal and instead proposed to be good friends. You must be aware of a phrase “beggars are not choosers” and so was the condition with me. We became friends carried out our relation as a good friend for two years and then I proposed her again. This time it was a yes. But it was too late as we were on the verge of finish our academics and I had a job in the USA. But the most zestful moment was yet to come. After a long period of stay in the states I returned back on finish of my visa tenure and there she was still unmarried or on the verge of getting married and I proposed her again and this time it had our parents involved but again this interacts system was ready to crush us down but above all our love won and today we have been married for last three years loving each other unconditionally and sharing each and every zestful  moment together.

Life could be easy and hard on us but it’s us who decide to live with it or leave it and shape it on our own way by his grace. We both did that for our lives and today we have so many zestful moments to love, live and share.

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