Thursday, December 22, 2016

iTunes cannot connect to the iPhone because an invalid response received from the device. help tips.

Holla Amigos,
                     It has been so long that I have blogged here something. Life has got busy, hell lot of busy after having a baby. My little angel is just 2 now and working on a lappy or cell phone is near to impossible when she is around. I am sure the new Parents would understand what I mean to say. Well leaving these things behind.

A few days ago i came across a new problem with my iPhone and iTunes. The problem was that my phone which I had updated to Ios 10.2 was not recognised by the iTunes. I tried restarting my phone, my laptop even resetting networking but nothing seemed to work. Every time I tried connecting it it used to send me a error message,"iTunes cannot connect to the iPhone because an invalid response received from the device."

After going deep into the issue I found out few reasons that could have been responsible for it. if one is stuck here they can try these too.

  1. Try restarting your system and phone as well and re try. Sometimes its just a simple glitch in the software that doesn't allow you to connect your phone to the iTunes. So restating the System (PC\Laptop) solves the problem. But one can't count on it because it doesn't seems to work always and for all. Well it didn't work for me at least.
  2. Try changing your USB wire because sometimes it seems not to work too and also try cleaning the port where the USB is inserted in the phone but be gentle 
  3. Try updating your iTunes. This is the life saver step if anything doesn't work out check your iTunes version and if you are running on an old version of iTunes just update it and wallah you are good to go. 
Moral of the story, Keep your iTunes updated and you may not face this problem on the very first place. 

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