Monday, October 20, 2014

A Healthy Child makes a Happy House.

"It is health which is real Wealth."
                                     M. Gandhi.
Health is considered as the biggest asset in the world. We all dream of a healthy living. We do everything to stay healthy and keep our loved ones happy too. But there is someone whose health matters the most and they are none other than our children. Yes i am talking about children's health. It’s very commonly said that Happy Children make Happy Homes and i too believe in the same.It’s our children who fill the hose with positive energy and when they fall it the whole house seems to be sick and tired. You may not agree with my point so let me share a story with you.

We are two brothers and we don't have much difference between our ages, I am just one and a half year elder then my younger bro Rajesh Ranjan. And I just can’t explain the pain to have a younger brother who is not too younger then you, you need to share your toys, your love and everything and believe me it may sound funny now but when we are child love, toys and candies are all we care about. Anyway moving ahead with my story, it was the beginning of the winter season and also the starting of our winter vacation. Dad announced that he was going to take us to Puri for this vacation.

Things were going well and Mom and dad were too busy with the packing and making other required arrangements. We both had nothing to do but to roam around and run here and there, after all it was our vacation. Suddenly my bro slipped from the stairs and banged his head on the edge of the stair. I was so shocked he didn't say anything and he won’t move even, I knew something was wrong and ran straight to mumma and said her that babu fell from the stairs.

That was it, suddenly all the positiveness of the atmosphere faded away and only silence and morn of my mother could be heard. Dad ran to the nearest hospital with mom and admitted him there. It took 5 hours, 2 bottle blood and big injections to bring him back to consciousness. With my brother ill I could sense the pain and the anguish that was spread in the atmosphere. It felt like it wasn't just him who fell from the stairs but it was all of us. Well we got well very soon and Dad brought him a big Teady bear to play with, I was happy to see him smile although I didn't get the teady bear. I was to young to understand that situation that time but today I do and I understand it well that it’s the healthy child who makes a home Happy.

We should take care of our young one’s well as they are not so very capable of doing it themselves and try to keep them healthy. Dabur has launched a wide range of Products to keep the children’s immune system strong and one among these products is Chawanpras. For more information visit the link   .

Stay Healthy, Be Safe.     

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Diwali is a festival of light. But for me the special light is the love and care that we share when we celebrate any festival in a family together as we say that there no diwali like #GharwaliDiwali visit the link .  We all try to be with our family and loved ones on Diwali although sometimes we never know what the fate has decided for us.
Here today I am sharing my story of Diwali where the Love of the family was something which even tended the fate. It was year 2011 and I was too busy with my Visa paper work as I was supposed to fly to USA for my new job.
I was so busy with my interview preparation and paper work that I almost forgot that diwali was on the edge of the moth.  Ahh yeah I forgot to mention that I am a big diwali freak. I like everything about this Hindu festival although I don’t have anything to do with Rama returning home after 14 years to banwas.
So I went for the interview and luckily got over with it and was to leave India within 10 days for my job.  But when I had a glance over my room calendar I was so devastated to find that diwali was 12th day from that day and I was supposed to leave couple of days before Diwali. Man I was so sad and disappointed that I forgot that I just cracked USA visa interview and was going to the Sates very soon.
That night I went to bed early without having my dinner, I was so confused what to do and was a bit mad at myself too. I was mad because I was the one to book plane tickets two day before the Diwali day. My family was stressed up to and I could see that from my parents face, although they kept on saying that beta career is the main thing and bla and bla and more bla. I don’t know what they said because I didn’t listened.
And days passed by with a heavy heart and a weak flickering soul I packed my bags, I loved to celebrate this festival with my family a lot and this time I wasn’t going to be there on Diwali and all because of my stupid fault.  And within six to seven days I was all prepared to leave India.
But something miraculous happened the night before I was supposed to leave. As it was going to be hack of a journey the next night I retired early to the bed. But I was waken up with a sudden bang on my door I was startled, I woke up looked my watch and found that it was just 10 pm. I opened the door and too my surprise I found my whole family standing by the door and cheering up in a huge tone HAPPY DIWALI.  And before I could have understood anything Mom and Dad came forward and gave me a hug and said, “Beta tum ho yoh hamere parw aur taohaar hain tum nahi to akele akele inka maja kya hai, tum kal jaa rahe ho toh humne socha aaj hin diwali kyo na mana le, aakhir jan ghar wale saath honge tabhi toh diwali hogi.”   (Son all our festivals are enjoyable when you are there with us, and celebrating a festival alone is of no fun so we decided to celebrate diwali today because its inly diwali when all of us are together). And all could say them was thatnx just give me one moment and believe me I straight went to the washroom and turned the tap on and cried, I still don’t know why did I do that but I felt good.

We celebrated diwali well very well indeed with all our family members and it was one among the best Diwali of my life. And when I saw this videoPepsiCo #GharWaliDiwali film the memory of my that Diwali came back.
Wish you all a very happy and safe Diwali.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

To be or not to be on Ios 8. Review, features, pros and cons.

Hi friends,
      With the latest launch of the Apple's Iphone 6 in the market came a new firmware release for the apple users the most awaited Ios8.
Well we all like to update our phone's os to the latest to avail the latest features and interface provided by the company. But if you are thinking of updating your old iPhones, iPods or ipads to the ios 8, think twice before you do so.
Things you should know before updating:-
  • People with an old iPhone should not even think of the update and by old iphone i mean lower than iPhone 5.
  • Again people with old iphone or even a new iPhone 5 with capacity of 8 or 16 Gb just forget that ios8 has been released.
  • Same goes for people with old ipad and ipod.
  • Some 4s seems to work with ios8 but not very well also these are phones which are either 32 or 64 Gb. But you just can't rely on luck and update your 4s.
  • Phones below 4s, this updated is not for you.
Pros of Ios8 :-
  • New features like Health kit and home kit are included.
  • New keyboard and word suggestions as per words you have used previously.
  • If things goes your ways extended battery life.
  • New imessage interface where you can record audio messages directly like we do on whatsapp.
  • Icloud driver which is apple's answer to dropbox features of other phones.

Cons of Ios8:-
  • Lagre space requirement the os expands upto 5-7 Gb.
  • Slow running devices.
  • Phone hangs on call answered.
  • Poor wi-fi connectivity.
  • Battery drainage on few devices.
  • Notes lost while updating.
  • Apps like fb, map, weather and etc goes unresponsive and the only solution is a restart of the phone.
Although apple has been working days and nights to resolve the issue and have almost fixed a lot of the bugs in the latest Ios 8.0.2 firmware release. Yet it has a huge area to improve. And there has be rumours to release 8.1 & 8.1.1 very soon which will and should fix all the bugs. 

So if you are planning to updated just stop and thing To or not to be on Ios8. And especially if you have an old phone just listen to my advice and don't update.

Any quires juat drop a comment or mail me 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Micromax Nitro A310, Features, Specifications and Review.

Hello Friends,
                     Hmmm I am back yet again with a new phone and its review. Yes it's a Micromax phone and no Micromax doesn't pay me for these reviews.

Well with festival on the edge and electronics being the only gift in my eyes i gifted my wife a brand new MICROMAX NITRO A310. She had a micromax phone before but unfortunately it had a very less RAM thus it was so annoying for her to work on it simultaneously so finally i took her to the nearest Micromax dealers and what she choose was not less then a wonder, Mircomax Nitro. She chose the phone due to its look and weight and off course the camera.


  • The phone has a very beautiful leather back thus scratch proof and a sexy look.
  • It has 1.7GHz Octacore Processor which keeps the phone fast and running.
  • 2GB RAM and 8Gb ROM thus your phone won't hang too much and games and apps would run normally.
  • 12.7cm display.
  • Runs on Android KitKat.
  • Good Battery backup.
  • look away video pause system.

  • Front camera is 5 megapixel and believe me it is best for selfies also it has a beauty mode system which gives your pic an extra touch.
  • The back camera is 13 megapixel which is again a very compact and powerful tool to shoot good pictures.
  • Leather back. 

The phone has a special feature where you can access your app directly from the screen which you have received notification for.

Pros Of the phone:-
  • Good look
  • with all the features the phone comes at a very short price range
  • fast and quick
  • Good Specifications and Features. 
Well all android have a bit of battery problems thus this phone has the same problem yet if you customize your apps and games well you can manage your battery well.

If you are looking for a fast running phone and in a range of 10 to 12 K Micromax Nitro is definitely what you have been looking for.

Any Questions or Queries leave a mail also I would be privileged for your valuable feedback.
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