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BookASmile partners with Ketto to organize biggest ever online fund raising event for NGOs in India.

As part of ‘Book 6 million smiles’ campaign, NGOs to get upto INR 60 Lakhs in funding from BookASmile
August 2017: BookASmile, the charity initiative of BookMyShow has joined hands with Ketto, an online crowd funding platform to organize the biggest ever online fund raising event for NGOs in India. As part of the campaign called ‘Book 6 Million Smiles’, BookASmile will give upto INR 60 Lakhs(6 million) in funding to NGOs.
The 6 month campaign (August 2017-January 2018) is intended at empowering the NGOs. As part of this, NGOs will raise funds on Kettofor causes and problems that BookASmile has been passionately working toward. These include: Digital literacy and skill building (gainful employment causes), animal welfare, senior citizens, creative arts (can include music, arts, sports, theatre, etc.), rural development and environment. NGOs all across the country can register to participate on until September 30, 2017.
At the end of the campaign period, top six NGOs that raise the maximum amount of money will get a total funding of INR 45 lakhs. Each month, NGOs will also be judged on different parameters and cumulatively, they will get INR 15 lakhs in funding from BookASmile.
Sharing her thoughts on the campaign, Farzana Cama Balpande, Head- BookASmile said, “NGOs all across the country relentlessly work towards solving some of India’s most pertinent issues. However, very often their efforts stumble upon challenges, most common of which is lack of funding and resources. This is why BookASmile and Ketto have come together. We want to give all NGOs the platform to raise funds on their own, so that their efforts are able to become more sustainable. At BookASmile, we are delighted to be doing our bit by encouraging them and rewarding their efforts with funding upto INR 60 lakhs. We really hope that NGOs from all over India come forward to take part in our initiative.”
KunalKapoor, Co-founder, Ketto said, “We are excited to work with BookASmile to ‘Book 6 Million Smiles’ to create India’s biggest online fund raising event for NGOs. By way of this, we want to empower them and raise public awareness along the way. We hope that many NGOs make use of this opportunity and use our platform in our quest to solve some of India’s biggest problems.”
Here is the video message from Farzana CamaBalpande and KunalKapoor-
About BookASmile
BookASmile (BAS) is an initiative run by India's leading online entertainment ticketing brand BookMyShow. Created with a vision to support special causes and enrich the lives of the less fortunate across India through the entertainment led experiences, the initiative invests a lot of energies to create an inviting community to ensure that they can be privy to opportunities, by incorporating into their lives, activities and experiences from across genres like Sport, Cinema, Arts, Theatre & Music.The BookASmile initiative has been operational since 2014 and has been integrated within the BookMyShow App and website. With BookMyShow’s vast customer base, the initiative has been raising funds for special causes whereby every consumer can choose to contribute from Re.1/- per ticket - to a maximum of Rs. 5/- per transaction towards charity. For more information, please visit

About BookMyShow:
BookMyShow, (Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.), is India’s largest online entertainment ticketing platform that allows users to book tickets for movies, plays, sports and live events through its website, mobile app and mobile site. Founded in Mumbai (India) in 1999 and launched in 2007, BookMyShow is now present in over 400 towns and cities across India, currently meeting the entertainment demands of millions of customers. For more information, please visit

About Ketto:
Ketto, founded by VarunSheth, ZaheerAdenwala and Kunal Kapoor in 2012, is Asia's Biggest Crowdfunding Platform, having raised more than 100 crores from 2 lakh plus people for various social, medical and entrepreneurial causes. It empowers NGOs, Corporates and Individuals alike to maximize their social footprint by the concept of peer-to-peer fundraising. For more information, please visit

Rahul (Anu Mallik), Anjali (Kajol) and Tina (Geeta Kapoor) from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai reunite on Comedy Dangal.

Geeta Kapoor, the queen of dance and one of the best female choreographers in Bollywood recently, joined Comedy Dangal team as celebrity guest for a special episode that pays tribute to women. Since the episode is a special dedication to all the ladies of the country, it will full of entertainment, drama and lots of spice.

The show will will see Anu Mallik and Bharti Singh team up to present a parody on Geeta Maa's debut movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! While you will get to see Anu Mallik as the 'cool dude' that SRK portrayed - Rahul, Bharti as 'jhalli' Anjali will rock the stage. But the icing on the cake is Geeta Maa joining the duo as the 'sexy' Tina and showing them the moves on the song Koi Mil Gaya! And that's not all!

Impressed by Surbhi Jyoti’s ichhadhari naagin and Rajesh Kumar’s sapera skit, Geeta Kapoor and Bharti Singh were compelled to join them on the stage to dance on the tunes of naagin song along with other ladies of the show. The ladies Bharti and Geeta also give the men a crash course in bargaining!

The masaledar episode turned into an emotional ride for comedian Mubeen Saudagar who was surprised by the cast and crew of Comedy Dangal with his wife who is soon expecting a baby. Like a loving husband, Mubeen thanked his wife for all her support during his struggling days.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Café Bhadaas. We have your “Office Space” .

Indore: you are having passion to do a lot. You also know what to do and also having ideas for the same. Not only this, you are having sufficient time and a good team to execute your job. But, you are not having required space, where you and your companions perform your work. Even not having such space where you can give time of your appointment to someone who wants to meet you. If you are facing this problem, then no need to worry, we are having a reliable and most convenient option to resolve your space problem as we offer you a “Co-working space“. You can use this unique space for your office as per your needs on daily and hourly basis. Here you will get all facilities and infrastructure which you need to execute your entire job without any disturbance. This facility is available at Bhadas Café, 27-A, Chandra Nagar, near Syndicate Bank, MR-9, Indore.

We are having an air-conditioning and peaceful space in the heart of the city, where you will get a computer system equipped with Wi-Fi system. We will provide you clean water and can provide light refreshment on your demand. You can also avail audio-visual facility on Television set made available especially for people like you. You need not to leave your seat to get printouts for your job. If you desire to display your work, you will get white board at very convenient place. If you feel uncomfortable to work on table-chair than you can choose lavish sofa or beanbag provided by us especially for you. Not only this if you want to sit with more comfort for your work, than we will provide you such comfortable facility, Intention is that, we are making available every possible facility under one roof.  You will get all these facility at unbelievable rate a (Rs, 999 Per Month) which can be affordable for everyone including you. For more information please dial us at 9755020247.
For more information please contact:
Atul Malikram

27-A, Nirmal Sadan, Chandra Nagar, Near Syndicate Bank, MR 9, Indore-452010
M.: 9755020247 E.: W.:

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Thailand Throwback.

"If only I could live by the sea, I could die by the sea".

There is a wanderer soul in each of us, hidden somewhere it lies in a corner of our heart and we keep suppressing it every day or we keep fooling it making excuses and promises for future. I am a wanderer too, my body and mind have a great coordinator when it comes to exploring the unknown. I wasn't a guy who was much into traveling, to be honest until I met my better half. The wanderer soul that was suppressed within me was waiting for help and it got free when I met her.

"The fifth anniversary in Thailand".
It was the time we went international, we had been traveling in India but never had a chance to visit some other country and then we decided why not Thailand for our fifth anniversary?

I personally love the sea and no one can keep me away from it. I have always heard people saying that Thailand has the most crystal clear sea water and there were so many places like Pattaya, Phuket, and Phi Phi Island to witness that. I was our 5th anniversary and we wanted it to be special. So we decided to visit Pattaya.

We got a travel package from a tours and travels company and within days we were ready to fly to Thailand. We boarded our plane at the Kolkata international airport and the journey to “The Land of Smiles” began. We were tired of the orthodox “to do” list on an anniversary and thus we had planned this trip to do something new, to witness something different. We had a very vivid idea of what this trip was going to be but we knew one thing for sure we were going to have fun. We landed at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok at noon where we were picked up by a lovely lady who was supposed to drop us at Pattaya. We got a warm welcome at the hotel and were escorted to our room. We rested for few hours and then met the guy who was supposed to design our anniversary itinerary. He informed us about all the sightseeing places and other things that we can do for our anniversary and after a head storm of half an hour we concluded that we would design our itinerary our self and pass it to the guy that evening so that he could verify it and make the needed arrangements too and that is what we did.

The 5th Anniversary Day.
We started our day with the morning breakfast buffet at the Novotel Pattaya Modus Beachfront Resort which was not very far from the Four Season Place. The Breakfast was delicious and was essential too because we needed that energy to keep us kicking the whole day. We were picked up from the hotel and we were up for our anniversary celebration. We were dropped to the Pattaya beach and there we were supposed to go for water sports. We did parasailing first and that was really amazing which was followed by deep sea walk. The deep sea walk was mesmerizing, it was a completely different experience to see the see from within. Things were going well according to what we had planned and we were having the time of our life. Soon after the deep sea walk we got back to the beach and went for lunch to our hotel. We had our lunch and rested for some good 30 minutes.

We were all set to continue our day and so we had Pattaya Park Tower the next thing on the list.
Pattaya Park Tower is a 240-meter tall tower just by the sea and the view from the tower and its lounge are just breath taking. We went to the lounge had coffee sitting facing the sea. The coffee and the view were just the starts of something g amazing that was to be followed, “The Pattaya tower jump”. Yes, you heard me right. Pattaya tower jump is an activity that attracts a lot of tourists and believe you me it is as thrilling as it sounds.  Jumping from the tower top with the help of a cable was just awesome. We did the tower jump clicked few picks and were on the way to the next amusement on our itinerary.

The next amusement on our itinerary was “The Alcazar Show”. I was not very sure of this show at first but my wife was in huge favor of going to this show so we did and it turned out the show was just fantastic. It was beautiful, elegant, well coordinated, funny and colorful. They never let you shut your eyes down they are awesome. We loved the show and I personally was happy that I came to the show. I also got a beautiful picture clicked with one of the artists performing that evening. We clicked few more pictures and were back from the shoe to the hotel. We had a candle light dinner at the restaurant and were all free of our itinerary.

My wife said that she didn’t want to spend the evening in the hotel room and so we took a Toto to the most happening place in Pattaya “The walking street”. We walked all the way to the walking street and had few delicacies and drink. We went to an open club where there was loud yet soothing live music. We had a great time at the walking street too. We walked back to our hotel shopping from the street market and that was fun too.

We were back to the hotel after midnight and to our surprise everything was open. We were all tired and fatigue and so the lady at the front desk suggested us to have a full body Thai Massage and so we did. That was the best massage of my life or should I say our lives. We were fresh, up and running after the message. I was so confused that where all the pain and fatigue vanished from our body. We were done with the message in a couple of hours, we took steam bath and shower and then went to the bed.

That definitely was the best anniversary celebrations ever and I would love to celebrate each and every moment of my life at Thailand.   

Quit smoking with ivape has helped over 1 million smokers quit smoking

August 2017: Mumbai based start-up is a leading vaping brand in India. It was incorporated in 2014 with a vision to help people quit smoking and to ensure that vaping products are affordable and accessible to the Indian population.

Vaping is a term used to describe the inhaling and exhaling of vapour produced by an electronic battery-powered device which is a healthier alternative to smoking the hazardous cigarettes.

There are approximately 108 million smokers in India; tobacco is the second highest cause of disability, WHO also calls tobacco a gradual killer. Many addicts are looking for a healthier option and has helped over 1 million smokers switch to vaping.

Speaking on the occasion Nilesh Jain, Founder, said, “There is very little awareness about vaping as a cleaner alternative. At it is our endeavor to help smokers quit tobacco out of will and not compulsion. We use only FDA approved flavors in our e-liquids which are meticulously handcrafted at our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing unit.”

Since inception, witnessed a month-on-month sales revenue growth of 10-15 percent. And being a pioneer in India’s vaping industry, aims to create a widespread awareness about vaping to help the millions of tobacco addicts in India.
Smoking versus Vaping:

In India, the government is skeptical about legalizing vaping. However studies in the west show that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking tobacco based cigarette. Recently in the US
The Food and Drug Administration announced a roadmap to reduce deaths from tobacco, and tobacco-related disease. According to the body, more than 480,000 deaths in the US are caused by tobacco every year. The FDA in the United States wants people to switch to a healthier alternative like vaping.  The greatest health hazard of cigarettes is the smoke that it produces, it also contains harmful chemicals like cyanide, carbon monoxide and methanol. These primarily affect the heart and arteries.  Vaping doesn’t not contain any of the harmful chemicals, experts also believe that through vaping the physiological need of nicotine reduces as body undergoes a, weaning-off effect. Vaping also doesn’t leave the foul smell and taste of burnt tobacco.


Indore, September2, 2017 – Radisson Blu, the iconic hotel brand driven by innovation and design, launches ‘The Art of Weddings’, a campaigncreated exclusively for the India market. Building on the brand’s global ‘Something Blu, A Wedding of a Kind’ concept, the initiative will run across all of India’s 34 Radisson Blu hotels. Aimed at establishing the upper-upscale brand as the venue of choice for weddings and bridal related events, ‘The Art of Weddings’ is targeted at new age Indian couples and brings together the finest names in wedding servicesfor a truly elegant, stylish and sophisticated wedding experience. Special privileges such as food and beverage discounts and a bonus of 25,000 Club CarlsonSM Gold Points, will be extended to all wedding bookings made at Radisson Blu hotels across India during the campaign period.

‘The Art of Weddings’ will roll out in the form of a two-day lavish experiential ‘Wedding Fair’ at Radisson Blu Hotel New Delhi Paschim Vihar on August 25 and 26 andRadisson Blu Hotel Indore on September 2 and 3. Partnering with the campaign are – India’sfinestcouturedesigner, Payal Singhal who will present ‘The Azure Collection’, an exclusive line designed for Radisson Blu; renowned celebrity chef from Radisson Blu, Rakesh Sethi and his specially curated signature dishes; Ramit Batra, acclaimed destination wedding photographer and storyteller, who ties together vibrant and colourful memories of weddings through his photography; Puneet Gupta andhis fashionable, bespoke wedding invitation designs; Jewels D’Allure that will bring together personalised, high-end jewellery and Eclairs Cakes; a specialist in designer wedding cakes. Leading make-up artist Kangana Kochhar will also participate in the New Delhi Fair to help would-be brides look their best ontheir special day.

Bespoke weddingpackagesinclude Silver and Gold Tier options with highlights such as signature dishes by Rakesh Sethi, a complimentary upgrade to Club CarlsonSMSilver/Gold status and exclusive offers with local sari houses, jewellers and florists. Couples who book a wedding at either Radisson Blu Hotel New Delhi Paschim Vihar or Radisson Blu Indore Hotel during the ‘Fairs’ alsostand a chance to winspecially crafted Payal Singhal outfits worth INR 50,000 each.

Experiential workshops are also a key feature at the ‘Wedding Fairs’.  Attendees will learn how to createan unforgettable destination wedding, select an ideal wedding invitation, trousseau and other gift packing techniques and latest trends,styles and flavours in the world of wedding cakes and much more. An exclusive session with Payal Singhal on a bride’s trousseau is also open for first 20 registrations in each city.

Sandy Russell, vice president, commercial operations, Asia Pacific, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group said, “India is a very important market for us where we are committed to strengthening our brand presence. The ‘Art of Weddings’ taps on the huge potential of the wedding market in India and is unique in its targeting, delivery and reach. The campaign is designed tocreatepersonalised wedding experiences and we are confident that the campaign will resonate strongly with consumers in the country.”

RajRana, chief executive officer, SouthAsia, CarlsonRezidorHotelGroupsaid, “We are excited to launch The Art of Weddings in India where we have Radisson Blu hotels located in primary and secondary cities. We believe that Radisson Blu with its service philosophy of ‘Yes I Can!SM is uniquely positioned to deliver a one-stopdestinationforallweddingneeds of the Indian consumer. By introducing this campaign across all Radisson Blu hotels in India at one-go, we have ensured an inclusive, consistent and seamless experience for all guests looking to book their special occasion with us and we hope to leverage our strong brand presence across the country to maximise guest service.”

Radisson Blu Hotel New Delhi Paschim Vihar offers ‘Olympus’, a spectacular, one-of-a-kind banqueting facility, spread over 12,000 square feet with a sky view deck. The hotel’s wedding specialists work with guests to create themed interiors with customised food and beverage menus to ensurethe best wedding experience. Radisson Blu Hotel Indore encompassesover 3,250 square meters of modern and elegant blowout banquet space to hold cocktail receptions, sit-down dinners and stand-up buffets. The hotel closely assists in providing solutions for every requirement from the wedding ceremony to the honeymoon through stylish venue, chic accommodation and exquisite food choices.

Entrance is free and open to the public at both ‘Wedding Fairs’. For additional information on‘The Art of Weddings’, please visit:

About Radisson Blu®
Radisson Blu® is one of the world’s leading hotel brands with 300 hotels in operation in 69 countries and territories. Radisson Blu’s vibrant, contemporary and engaging hospitality is characterized by a unique Yes I Can!SM service philosophy, and all of its first class hotels offer a range of signature features that are empathetic to the challenges of modern travel, including the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Distinguished the world over as the brand with Hotels Designed to Say YES!SM, Radisson Blu offers a vivid visual celebration of leading-edge style where the delight is in the detail. Radisson Blu hotels are located in prime locations in major cities, airport gateways and leisure destinations across the world.

Radisson Blu is a part of Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, which also includes Quorvus Collection, Radisson®, Radisson RED, Park Plaza®, Park Inn® by Radisson and Country Inns & Suites By CarlsonSM. For reservations and more information visit,
Connect with Radisson Blu on social media: @RadissonBlu on Twitter and Instagram and

Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the world’s largest and most dynamic hotel companies and includes 1,440 hotels in operation and under development with more than 230,000 rooms and a footprint spanning 115 countries and territories. The Carlson Rezidor portfolio includes a powerful set of global brands: Quorvus Collection, Radisson Blu®, Radisson®, Radisson RED, Park Plaza®, Park Inn® by Radisson and Country Inns & Suites By CarlsonSM. Guests can benefit from Club CarlsonSM, a program that redefines hotel rewards with a collection of exceptional benefits, services, and privileges at more than 1,000 hotels worldwide. Over 95,000 people are employed in Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group hotel systemsand the company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Singapore, and Brussels. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @carlsonrezidor.

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Gujarat welcomes Madhya Pradesh to experience the many hues of tourism.

Tourism Corporation Of Gujarat Limited holds special road show in Madhya Pradesh to promote tourism
August 26, Indore: On Saturday, a motley crowd watched in awe as a presentation unfolded before it portraying the rich culture and heritage of the picturesque state of Gujarat. The presentation was a part of a special Road Show organised by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL) at Indore in Madhya Pradesh to promote Gujarat as a splendid tourist destination.

The audience mainly consisted of travel agents from Madhya Pradeshwith whom TCGL is looking at forging ties to showcase the best of Gujarat to the people of Madhya Pradesh. Shri. Jenu Devan, Managing Director and Commissioner of Tourism, Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited took the travel agents through the presentation that elucidated the eclectic offerings of Gujarat in terms of its culture, traditions, music, tourist spots, its treasure trove of artefacts and handicrafts and much more. This is the first time that Gujarat is visiting Madhya Pradesh and is looking at building a bond with the latter by inviting its people over to visit and experience the state’s inimitable tourism. The idea of inviting travel agents for the Road Show was to join hands with them and leverage the relations to carry out diverse exchanges between the two states.

Talking about the unique Road Show,Shri Devan, said, “We are extremely happy to be in Madhya Pradesh and connect with the people here. This is the first time Gujarat is visiting MP but we are hoping that we will be able to build long lasting relations between the two states. I would like to invite the people from Madhya Pradesh to witness and enjoy the beauty of Gujarat, its cuisines, its art and culture, tourist spots, its many fairs and festivals and everything else that the state has to offer. This Road Show is mainly to reach out to travel agents here and work out opportunities to promote Gujarat tourism. Together we can build some excellent exchange between the two states.”
Hordes of tourists from Madhya Pradesh are known to visit Gujarat every year. This year, the number of tourists from Madhya Pradesh was a whopping 18 lakh and the figure is expected to grow exponentially. In fact, in recent years,Gujarat has become one of the most popular destinations in India.Over 400 lakh tourists visited the state from within India this year –a 17% rise from the previous year. Similarly, a record number of NRIs and foreigners –a total of 10 lakh – visited the state this year making it the highest number in the last decade.

Gujarat’s versatile fairs and festivals are already known to be huge crowd pullers. The annual Saputaramonsoon festival (13 August to 10 September,2017),Tarnetar fair (24 to 27August, 2017), Navratri Festival (21 to 29 September 2017), the Rann Utsav (1st November, 2017 to 28th February, 2018)and the International kite festival (7 to 15January, 2018)are some of the many colourful events that draw tourists from across India and abroad.

The state government gives tourists the chance to experience local culture at its best by offering the most earthyaccommodationoption – that of homestays. Homestays are known to provide the comfort of a home with all the facilities and anopportunity to eat authenticlocal food and interact with incredible locals. Besides, there are also several luxury hotels in the state that provideace hospitality services.

Resham Tippnis back with a bang on TV!

Yesteryear actress Resham Tipnis marks her comeback on television with &TV's latest offering Half Marriage. Resham Tipnis is going to essay the role of Janki who is lead Arjun Sharma’s (played by Tarun Mahilani) aunt. She will be seen as, an authoritative figure. As the head of the family, Janki is a shrewd and cunning lady. But she portrays a Colorful personality with a great sense of humor. Once crowned a local beauty queen, she flaunts her beauty and competes with her own daughter!
On talking to Resham she said “Resham said, “I have previously worked with Rajshri, it's like my second home so Half Marriage is like a family reunion for me. I was away from television for a year as I was looking for quality work over quantity. So when &TV’s Half marriage came my way I immediately took it as the role of Janki mami was really exciting. I am going to play the role of the lead’s aunt who has grey shade to her character. I always look for challenging role and Janki's role is nowhere close to what I've played earlier on television. I am sure it will be a nice change for viewers to see me in this role.”
To get more updates stay tuned only on &TV

Friday, August 25, 2017

Half Marriage new TV venture staring Tarun Mahilao and Priyanka Purohit.

Tarun Mahilani and Priyanka Purohit roped in by Kavita Barjatya as the leads for her next TV venture – Half Marriage

&TV is all set to showcase a unique take on marriage with its latest offering, Half Marriage. Along with different storyline, the show also brings together the fresh pairing of Tarun Mahilani (Arjun Sharma) and Priyanka Purohit (Chandni Kanojiya) as the lead couple. Produced by Kavita Barjatya, Half Marriage, set in Kanpur, traces the story of two individuals, Chandni and Arjun, who are married to each other under political influence. While the couple can’t stand each other, they can’t walk away from the marriage as well.
Tarun Mahilani who will essay the role of Arjun Sharma said, “The character of Arjun is very aggressive. He can’t stand anything wrong in life. He is raised with a strong value system and stands by his principles no matter what. He is di-metrically opposite from Chandni (Priyanka Purohit). Although we share very different equation on screen, off screen our chemistry is amazing. Priyanka is a person with extremely positive vibes. She makes me feel extremely comfortable with her professional attitude and dedication.”

Priyanka Purohit who essays the character of Chandni Kanojia added further, “My role is that of a rich politician’s daughter. Chandni has been raised with a lot of riches and hasn’t seen experienced anything otherwise. She is strong individual, but at the same time she is very naïve & innocent. Her beliefs and thinking is challenged by this boy Arjun. The cutest part about Arjun and Chandni  is their fights and the viewers are definitely going to enjoy it.”
The young couple will be forced in to accepting the bond of marriage for political benefits which will mark the beginning of their Half Marriage.

For more updates keep watching &TV

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Angoori Bhabhi to play possessed thakurain inspired from Vidya Balan's Bhool Bhulaiya.

Shubhangi Atre aka Angoori Bhabhi possessed!
~ Takes inspiration from Vidya Balan to play a Thakurain in BhabhiJi Ghar Par Hain~
The nation’s favourite Bhabhi, Angoori Bhabhi aka Shubhangi Atre from Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain is adored by her fans for her innocence and chirpy behavior. While viewers have always seen her being shy and docile, this week she is all set to shock everyone with her evil avatar as a Thakurain.

It so happens that Teeka and Malkan come across a ‘payal’ which Angoori Bhabhi lands up wearing. Immediately, her behavior changes as she is seen dancing and walking around alone eerily. Tiwari (Rohitash Gaud) too is perplexed on seeing her unusual actions. It is soon revealed that she has been possessed by the spirit of a Thakurain who has returned to avenge her death.

Shubhangi’s look for the sequence is similar to Vidya Balan’s from Bhoot Bhulaiya. Speaking about preparing for the role Shubhangi shared, “The role was extremely challenging for me as it was something I had never done before. My character had dialogues in Urdu which I had to learn. Also, the look is drastically different from that of Angoori’s. It is inspired from Vidya Balan’s Manjulika look from Bhool Bhulaiya. Since in the sequence it is shown that the character has a royal past, I had to act like a Thakurian which was little tough.” She further added “Another challenge for me was to make my voice sound a little hoarse. My voice is very soft but the character was very bold and strong. It sounds very different from how I do in real life. So I had to practice for hours to get into the character”
Is Angoori Bhabhi’s life in danger? To find out tune in on Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain, Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm only on

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Rajesh Kumar and Mona Lisa’s Bihari moves at Comedy Dangal.

&TV’s Comedy Dangal has proved to be no less than a battleground of laughter with every team knocking the other with a volley of jibes and puns to give viewers an entertaining evening. This week, team members of Anu Malik’s Akhada, Rajesh Kumar and Mona Lisa will leave no stone unturned to amuse the audiences and the judges alike with their Bihari act.

Both will entertain their fans by showcasing their lesser known side. Breaking the image of Roshesh Sarabhai, Rajesh Kumar will be seen donning the desi avatar. Mona Lisa who is a popular actresses in the Bhojpuri film industry will be seen playing the role of a flop Bhojpuri actresses while Rajesh Kumar will play a notorious aspiring actor trying to make an entry in the film industry.

A source from the set said, “Rajesh and Mona Lisa performed like complete pros. Since both of them are from Patna, their dialect and mannerism were perfect. Together they looked straight out a Bhojpuri movie. They were so good that, their act was not only appreciated by the judges and teammates but by also by the crew members who were present during the shoot.”

The banter between Mona and Rajesh with Bihari accent will leave audience into splits.

To watch Rajesh Kumar and Mona Lisa showcasing their Bihari moves, don’t forget to tune in to Comedy Dangal every Saturday and Sunday at 10 PM only on &TV.

Sushmita Mukherjee brings in a horror twist in TV, Biwi aur Main.

Sony SAB’s TV, Biwi aur Main will soon witness a horror twist. Veteran and talented actress Sushmita Mukherjee enters the show as a ghost in the role of ‘Bhoot Mausi’.

Sushmita will be seen as Babuji (Ashok Lokhande) Rajeev’s father’s maternal aunt, who has come from Banaras to visit Rajeev’s family. She starts behaving very strange from the time she entered the house. The family members notice Mausi’s strange and weird behavior. As the track moves forward Ammaji (Madhuri Sanjeev) Rajeev’s mother comes to know through a call from relative in Benaras that Mausi is passed away recently.  This scares everyone and they assume that it is Mausi’s ghost who is staying with them in the house. The whole confusion leads to many hilarious and spooky situations which happen co-incidentally when Mausi is around.

Commenting on her role, Sushmita Mukherjee who plays Bhoot Mausi said, “It’s just a cameo but I am really enjoying working with the team. I always wanted to be part of a comedy show on Sony SAB. I am really excited for this character. I am scaring the family so it’s more fun shooting being a ghost. I know the Madhuri and Ashok since long time so working with them made me comfortable on the set.”

Watch the haunted episode of Sushmita Mukherjee as Bhoot Mausi in TV,Biwi aur Main, Monday- Friday at 9.30pm only on Sony SAB!

“Dazzle Digital” Growing Steps In The Digital World.

Indore: Dazzle Digital is mainly digital communications company, which has been involved in creativity and practicality. The Dazzle Digital is not only limited to digital marketing but it pursues to set up a new milestone in the area of online and offline PR. Company's main motive is to promote clients business by facilitating the connectivity with the world and the company raises awareness about both traditional and digital ways of approaching the world to formulate a brand's identity in the market.

Services such as social marketing, reputation and image management, email marketing and content management come under search engine optimization (SEO)and social media marketing (SMM) and web designing where they take care of the business and customise our services according to the clients specific subjective needs.

Through data analysis, Dazzle Digital finds the opportunities for their clients as well as understand the marketing trends along with domain registration, web hosting, e-commerce and IT.
Tejaswini Gulati from Dazzle Digital says-

"Our technical and professional team is dedicated to take company to greater heights. We intend to expand our plan to different cities so that we can provide on ground services and achieve what we -are determined to do; that's to make a brand image and to increase client’s business."

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For great results, Dazzle Digital is trustworthy name.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bharat Yatraon Child Sexual Abuse by Shri Kailash Satyarthi.

Kailash Satyarthi announces Bharat Yatra on Child Sexual Abuse and Trafficking
August:  Nobel Peace Laureate, Sh. Kailash Satyarthi, is embarking on a historic Bharat Yatra to spearhead the fight against child trafficking and child sexual abuse across the country. This yatra is the manifestation of his belief in ‘SurakshitBachpan-Surakshit Bharat’. The yatra will pass through 22 states covering 15,000 Kms and union territories over 35 days. The Yatra will start from Kanyakumari in the south, stretching across western India. Guwahati will lead the yatra from the eastern part of the country, while Srinagar will flag off the northern stretch.  The culmination of the Yatra will be in the national capital of Delhi, on the 15th of October.

Kailash Satyarthi has been campaigning for the freedom, safety and security for children across the globe for the past 36 years. He has led the historic Global March Against Child Labor in 1998 that prompted the ILO to pass international conventions against the worst form of child labor, in addition to the Shiksha yatra in 2001, after which the Right to Education was included as a fundamental right in the Constitution of India.  As a prolific thought leader, he has been played a catalytic role in influencing social and political policies of our country. He won the Nobel Peace prize (2014) for his continuous efforts and struggle for the rights of children. The yatra will flag off from Kanyakumari on the 11th of September, from the Vivekanand Memorial, commemorating the anniversary of the great leader’s address at Chicago in 1893.

 Announcing the Bharat Yatra with the parents of the survivors, Sh Kailash Satyarthi said,
“Today, I declare a war on child sexual abuse and trafficking. Today I am announcing Bharat Yatra, the biggest movement in history to make India safe again for children. I refuse to accept that the innocence, smiles and freedom of our children can keep getting stripped and raped. These are not ordinary crimes. This is a moral epidemic haunting our nation.”
As the architect of some of the largest civil body movements for a cause in the last four decades, Mr. Satyarthi’s lifelong mission is to eradicate all forms of violence against children.Mr. Satyarthi and his foundation KSCF have been preparing the ground for several months to launch the Yatra in September. As part of this ground work, Mr Satyarthi has travelled the length and breadth of country meeting citizens, faith leaders, employees and corporates, Parliamentarians, social organisations among others, all of whom have pledged their whole-hearted support to the Bharat Yatra, terming it as a necessary fight for our country to embark on and a noble cause to work towards.

Recently he met parliamentarians in Delhi to apprise them of the issue of child trafficking and  child sexual abuse and seek their support in spreading the awareness against the menace. Last month he spoke with and inspired over 500 LinkedIn employees in Bangalore, about the need for corporates such as LinkedIn to take a strong stand for the future of our country and will continue to do this over the course of the next few months. He has been meeting with several faith heads in New Delhi and across the country to ensure that the fight permeates all sections of society, pan-India. The curtain raiser to this march in Delhi, saw the launch of the video for the Bharat Yatra, which highlighted the appeal of children across the country to unite and fight for their freedom, safety and security. The campaign is expected to reach 1 crore stakeholders of the country.

Bharat Yatra is the launch of the three year campaign against child rape and child sexual abuse which is aimed at increasing awareness and reporting of the cases, strengthening intuitional response including medical health and compensations, ensuring protection for victims and witnesses during trials and increasing convictions of child sexual abuse in a time bound manner.

The launch also saw families of victims of trafficking and abuse who narrated the emotional and physical trauma they had to endure because of the misdeeds of a few. The families pledged their support hoping that it would bring about the revolution, the country needs to sustain its fight against the exploitation of children.

Mahindra e2oPlus the new Electric City Smart Car launch at Raipur!

Mahindra Drives in itsNew Electric CitySmartCar, the ‘e2oPlus’ in Raipur, Chhattisgarh

The e2oPlus marks the entry of electric vehicles in one the most prominent emerging state capitals of the country.
Price starts at Rs. 7.46lacs (for the P4 variant ex-showroom Chhattisgarh, post FAME incentive)

Raipur, August , 2017:Mahindra Electric, part of the diversified USD 19 billion Mahindra Group and a pioneer in the development and production of electric vehicles in India, today announced the launch of its new electricCitySmart car, the‘e2oPlus’in Raipur. With zero emission, the ‘e2oPlus’ is set to usher in a whole new concept in urban mobility and is priced at an attractive Rs. 7.46 lacs (for the P4 variant ex-showroom Chhattisgarh, post FAME incentive).

Commenting on the launch, Mahesh Babu, CEO, Mahindra Electricsaid,“Mahindra strongly believes in Sustainable mobility.  We are one of the first to invest in electric technology and being the pioneers, we Mahindra Electric, are committed to be at the forefront of the movement to transform mobility and make it cleaner and more sustainable. We are happy to launch our electric hatchback e2oPlus in Raipur today. Mahindra e2oPlus with its zero- tail pipe emission will support the government’s vision to make New Raipur – a world class city. We are confident that the existing favourable state policies will serve as a positive support towards adopting sustainable mobility and will help Chhattisgarh create a greener future.”

On a full charge, the Mahindra e2oPlus can travel for upto140 kmsand can achieve a top speed of 85kmph.Powered by the latest electric drive train technology from Mahindra Electric, the e2oPlus can effortlessly cruise through city traffic and drives Mahindra’s vision of the Future of Mobility. The tall-boy design and spacious interiors make for a compact city car that can comfortably seat four adults.

At the core of the e2oPlus is a collection of connected features that have been developed to make the car both easier and more enjoyable to drive and maintain. Whether it is planning a route, checking the health of the car, or remotely cooling the car, the e2oPlus seamlessly integrates technologies to offer functionality and is aptly designed for easy urban commuting.

The host of innovative features include remote diagnostics through telematics, connectivity through smart phone app, new and advanced infotainment system, regenerative braking, Hill Hold control for easy driving in hilly terrains, REVive® for reserve charge and automated messages amongst others.

Charging the e2oPlus is as simple as charging a mobile phone. Customers can choose between 4 trim levels (P2, P4, P6, P8) and 4exciting colours namely Coral Blue, Sparkling Wine, Arctic Silver, Solid White.

Key features of e2oPlus

Hassle free drive

Regenerative Braking – This revolutionary technology (first in India) charges the battery of e2oPlus every time its brakes are applied, helping the car literally recover the energy it dispenses.
Instant Torque -  In the absence of a heavy engine or moving parts lagging the power output, the e2oPlus provides an instant torque to zoom with maximum momentum from the very minute its engines are cranked.
REVive® - REVive® is a first in the world feature by Mahindra Electric. On the rare occasion that the car runs low on energy, REVive® can be activated to gain an extra 5-10 kms of range, to help the user reach home or the nearest charging station.
Easy Home Charging – The e2oPlus can be easily charged through any normal 16 Amp plug point, making it highly convenient and easy.
Small Turning Radius – With a small turning radius of 4.35m and electric power steering, the e2oPlus makes maneuvering the tough city traffic highly easy.
Hill Assist – This feature assists in preventing the e2oPlus from slipping backwards or forwards on a slope, making it accelerate without any jerks.
Reverse Camera – It assists to spot blocks, gauge distances, and unravel blind spots making it easy and convenient to reverse.
Compact yet spacious – The e2oPlus has been designed smart with ample knee room, headroom and cabin space, making it versatile for families of all sizes.

Low expenses

Low running costs – At just 70p/km, the e2oPlus beats almost all other cars on running costs.
Direct Drive Transmission – The e2oPlus operates without a conventional gear box - which means no clutch.This translates to reduced mechanical losses resulting in maximum efficiency.
Depreciation benefits – Self-employed and businesses can avail tax savings of close to Rs. 1.6 lakhs on purchase of the e2oPlus in the first year itself.
Low maintenance – Fewer moving parts in the car accompanied by real time monitoring by Mahindra experts ensure glitch free driving and low maintenance.
Government incentives – Government offers tax exemptions, subsidies and incentives to ensure low purchasing cost for electric vehicles like the e2oPlus.

Environmentally friendly

Zero tail-pipe emissions
Low carbon footprint

Strong Connectivity

Remote Diagnostics – The e2oPlus has 10 on-board computers that track around 196 performance and health related parameters to ensure that any possible snag is fixed as soon as it crops up.
Regular Progress Reports – Car performance and driving patterns are analyzed to review the battery’s service requirements which help improve the vehicle’s overall performance.
Charging Ports – The e2oPlus app informs on the nearest charging station in order to ensure a peaceful drive for the car through the city.
Smart Phone app connectivity – The e2oPlus app puts the car’s information and control in one’s smart phone. It allows one to lock/unlock the car, retrieve performance metrics and health metrics and draw charging schedules.

About Mahindra Electric
Mahindra Electric, a part of the USD 17.8 million Mahindra Group is a global pioneer in the development and production electric vehicles. Mahindra Electric is India’s only EV manufacturer with indigenously developed EV technologies that have won global accolades. The Mahindra Group has one of the most diversified portfolio of electric vehicles with the e2oPlus hatch, the eVerito sedan and the eSupromini van and panel vans.

Pushing the limits of technology and innovation, Mahindra has acknowledged theneed to redefine mobility at every step. Thislead to a vision with a desire to transform; a vision which provides an imagination which is more sustainable and more dependable.Venturing into the paradigm of alternativetechnology has helped Mahindra enable a clean,green and a smarter tomorrow.

About Mahindra
The Mahindra Group is a USD 19 billion federation of companies that enables people to rise through innovative mobility solutions, driving rural prosperity, enhancing urban living, nurturing new businesses and fostering communities. It has a leadership position in utility vehicles, information technology, financial services and vacation ownership in India and is the world’s largest tractor company, by volume.  It also enjoys a strong presence in agribusiness, components, commercial vehicles, consulting services, energy, industrial equipment, logistics, real estate, steel, aerospace, defence and two wheelers. Headquartered in India, Mahindra employs over 200,000 people across 100 countries.

Learn more about Mahindra on / Twitter and Facebook: @MahindraRise

Monday, August 21, 2017

Star Bharat Bhula de Dar, Kuch Alag ker.

STAR BHARAT inspires the nation to ‘Bhula de darr’.

Mumbai, August 20, 2017: Star India, announced the launch of STAR BHARAT from the 28th of August 2017, 6 pm onwards. Star Bharat will showcase inspirational stories about journeys of strong and fearless characters that rise for the collective.

Celebrating the many facets of Fearless India, STAR BHARAT unveils a content line up with strong, rooted icons and differentiated programming that is in line with the brand's philosophy of "Bhula ke darr, kuch alag kar".

Om Shanti Om: For the first time on Indian television, a channel will celebrate the essence of devotional music with a contemporary twist. A devotional music reality show where tradition meets trendy, creating ‘trenditional’ music. The show will depict the musical journey of 14 voices that will give a contemporary touch to devotional songs and unify audiences across the country with their renditions. Produced by Colosceum, the show will mark the debut of Swami Baba Ramdev on television as the Maha Judge. While the esteemed panel of judges will include Bollywood sensation Sonakshi Sinha, singer and music director Shekhar Ravjiani, and singer Kanika Kapoor.

 Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal? –1 Saas. 1 Son. 5 Brides. Boon or bane? Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal? is a comedy of errors where a mother’s quest for the perfect bride lands her with five. See how a desperate mother’s prayer for the ‘perfect’ bride with 5 essential qualities gets answered in the form of 5 women with 5 different qualities. What follows is a series of funny events. Sometimes getting more than what you ask for can be a curse! Created in association with Optimystix, ‘Kya Haal Mr. Panchal?’ is a rib-tickling comedy starring Kanchan Gupta as the saas and Manindar Singh as the son.

Nimki Mukhiya- Set in Bihar this is a story of a village that has been ruled by men for years. Women here are confined mostly to being home makers. But a wind of change is about to set in. Call it opportunity or sheer luck, for the first time ever the state will witness something extraordinary. A naïve and bubbly young girl, Nimki, who loves to day dream and is unaware of the world outside her house, is about to take on the responsibility of her village and become the Mukhiya. The show is a journey of self realization that power to change oneself as well as the environment we live lies within. Nimki’s unexpected position as the Mukhiya gives a comical twist to situations.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed- Saam Daam Dand Bhed is the personal journey of Vijay Namdhari, played by Bhanu Uday, a high-potential but misguided youth who doesn’t know what he wants from life. This family drama, based in a fictitious town in India, is produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms. When a storm shatters his life, Vijay finally finds the courage to fight back and protect his family. The show will trace his transformation from a carefree youngster into a political leader, who becomes the inspiration to many.

Ayushman Bhav- Set against the backdrop of Mathura, Ayushman Bhav is a gripping story of Krish. The show depicts the poignant tale of an eight-year-old boy whose childhood is not as simple as others’. Like other children his age, Krish plays with toys and games but he also harbors a burning desire to seek justice for the wrong doings in his past life. Produced by White Horse International, the revenge drama stars popular child artist Ricky Patel as the lead and Avinash Sachdeva, Megha Gupta, and Manish Goel as cast members.

Star Bharat’s launch campaign 'Mat kar' is based on a simple yet powerful insight on how we unknowingly allow different kinds of fears to creep into our minds and how these fears end up in stopping us from pursuing our dreams.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Madhya Pradesh is one of the seven states where child marriage is most prevalent.

Madhya Pradesh is one of the seven states where child marriage is most prevalent
Madhya Pradesh continues to battle one of the most regressive practices in modern Indian history, Child Marriage. The state is one of the 7 states in India where child marriage is the most prevalent. According to NCPCR’s report on Child Marriage in India based on 2011 census data, Madhya Pradesh ranks among the top ten states with high percentage of child marriages among both boys and girls.
“When one thinks of child marriage, the image conjured up is that of times gone by. The image is of days when education was not accessible to women and girls were married off before they could even enjoy childhood. Sadly, child marriage has been carried into the technology driven 21st century and shows no signs of slowing down,” says Sh. Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Laureate and founder, Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation.

Let us not think that child marriage is restricted only to rural areas and it is not an urban phenomenon. It is alarming to note that it is growing in India, across both rural and urban spaces. It is a growing menace, that cuts across class, caste, religion and region.
While the access to education has become easier, and awareness about this social evil is widespread across the country, it is ironic that it is still practised at will in India.
“Child marriage is one of the biggest forms of societally sanctioned sexual, physical and mental abuse of young children. The practice of child marriage has time and again received been strongly opposed by government institutions as well as civil society. And yet, as India grows economically prosperous, its future continues to fall prey to illegal, under-age civil unions,” says Mr. Satyarthi.
Several studies indicate that one of the strongest factors that force people into marrying off their children is poverty. This is true, especially in the cases of the girl child, where they are seen as a liability to their family.
Even in urban areas, despite the improvement in the overall education of the people, the lack of economic alternatives contributes to the prevalence of this practice.
Children who are forcibly married, are often not provided access to any form of education for their livelihood. This lack of education is creating a cesspool of ignorance among girls and boys. Child marriage is a monumental hindrance to the socio-economic progress that is expected of a state, and ultimately, the country. It poses significant risks to the health, education and demography of the country. At a time when children are expected to play, study and live a carefree life, they are being pushed to abandon their childhood and take up responsibilities that are highly uncharacteristic and unbecoming of such a tender age.
Child marriage, apart from being illegal, is also associated with a multitude of risks to the children involved. These range from the physical and sexual complications that arise with pregnancy to the subtle yet equally grave psychological trauma the children must endure.
The weak implementation of the prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 (PCMA) is another contributing factor to the growth of these marriages. There is limited understanding of the law and very little understanding of the functioning of the law or consequences of the act.

Mr Satyarthi said, Mr Satyarthi said, “Children should be playing sports and studying hard. They should not be pushed to marry. We should not turn a blind eye to this growing problem. The time has come for the whole country to take a strong stand against this practice of child marriage. Madhya Pradesh has already made a good beginning to end this social evil.”
Society at large needs to be educated on the numerous problems associated with child marriage and the society must be made aware of the pitfalls that dot the lack of education in the state. Unless a strong stand against this regressive practice is taken, there will be no end in sight to the menace of child marriage in this country. Child marriage should have no place in 21st century India.

English Padhega India tabhi toh badhega India.

Wisdom is the best gift that one can give or one can get. We live in an era where wisdom is the key to every door and it takes some effort to gain it. This wisdom needs a medium to propagate and the star of this recipe is the language. Language is the most important factor in anything. It is required to understand and do things. 
We are aware that hindi is our mother tongue and we Indians are quite good at it but in this fast-moving modern world we need to have the knowledge of one more language too which is of same importance as of hindi. The language I am talking about is English. English is considered to be the international language and it is indeed internationally accepted all around the globe. It has become the main source of communication and learning. 

English being a foreign language is not easy to learn for everyone because it is not taught well at every corner of our nation and thus students who don't get a good coaching in english lose a great chance to get good jobs too. Situations were worse in the past when it was very rare that people had the knowledge of this language but today our people have made it mandatory for each and every education system to teach this language. 

Government has also come forward and is now actively participating in promoting the language and so has come public sectors. Few public se tors have come forward and have taken the initiative to help people learn english. This initiative helps children who are can't learn the language themselves and need some help doing so. 

Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla is one such private organization or shOuld a brand who have come forward to help others learn english. It helps children who want to learn english but don't have an access to do so. Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla has started an unique campaign where a person can be helped to learn english and all they have to do is give a call to its toll free number 8055667788. A missed call from the child or a caring person can help a child with nice future. 

Being a business man I have come across a lot of people who are not too good at english and they what a piece of it too either for themselves of their children. I can help them by providing the toll free number or even making a call on their behalf so that they too can have the chance to learn english. This toll free number can also be distributed to private and public schools where they can help the children reach the toll free number 80556677. "Padhe ga India tabhi toh badhe ga India".

 “I am blogging about Pathshala Funwala by Nihar Shanti Amla Oil in association with BlogAdda” . 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

How to add more fingers to the touch id on Samsung device.

Hello Friends,
         How you guys are doing?? Well again it has been too long and I have been busy as usual but here I am again with a DIY video on "How to add more fingers to your fingerprint scanner or touch id than the slots that have been provided".

Let me make it clear I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and it has touch id, but the problem is that it only accepts 3 fingers scans because it has only 3 slots for scanning provided by the company. 

So as you can see I only have 3 options here. but here in this video, I am going to teach you guys how to use more than 3 fingers to feed in your finger print scanner. Watch the video and do it yourself. 

You tube link

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