Friday, August 22, 2014

Recovery Loop fixer for Apple I phone, I Pod, I pad. Kick device out of recovery loop at just few clicks.

Hi friends,

               Yesterday i witnessed a quite strange problem on my iPad. Though i haven't used time it was kept well in my lappy bag, and i just pulled it out to upload "The Dawn of the Planets of Apes" and i was shocked that my I pad was in recovery mode. with a screen connect to iTunes. See image below
Source:- google

So i was mad and tried to turn it off snd on several times and the result was same every time. This problem is a common problem in Apple gadgets and believe me it may sound crazy but its too easy to address this problem. All you need is a small software ireb-r6.
Download it and double click it and you will get a screen like this  
\Click on Recovery Mode loop Fixer located at the top left of the application and the press set Auto-Boot True as shown in the picture below.
You need to do this while your device connected to your laptop or desktop and you are done.

So it was really simple isn't it?

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