Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Awaken Your Force with the new HP Star War Edition Notebook.

Doesn't everyone dream of having some special power in their hands? Well everyone does. I always wanted to be the Superman when I was a kid and in fact my that desire has not died yet but it has transformed its shape. It would be completely ridiculous if I run with a red underwear on my blue trousers and a cape hanging to my back eventually I would have loved it but duniya wale kya bolenge. Well I have restricted myself to Superman tees and boxers now and I feel his powers when I wear them, just kidding. The basic obvious thing is that if we have powers we will show them and won't hide them at any cost. We wouldn't be like Spiderman when needed and Peter when not or Peter just for a disguise.

The next thing that fascinates me is the alien stuffs, the UFO'S and each and everything related to them. I am a big fan of the Star War series and always wanted to be a part of it although it was impossible. Traveling to one galaxy to the other and fighting evil space alien demons and using the cool gadgets would have become my daily job.  That's super cool but ain't happening anyways.
I think God was listening my wishes and instead of granting me the super powers he compelled these guys from HP industry to compile the super powers and technology to create the all new super cool HP Star War Edition Notebooks. It was the internet who updated me the information that the ultimate gadget of the galaxy has been built and are available at the HP stores and other electronics stores worldwide.

If I ever get my hands on this gadget there is a slight possibility of me going mad. A gadget like this can turn anyone insane so do I stand a chance? Like I said I have a very close interest with alien stuffs I will use the HP Star War Special Edition Notebook to do something cool. I would transform my room into an audio visual Star War gallery. The Fully HD screen would be great to play the awesome videos of the Star War Series and the NVIDIA Graphics would add an edge to the visual. The device can perform quick with the Intel 6th Generation i5 Processor and the 12 GB RAM. The audio by B&O provides the notebook with a magnificent sound that has the capacity to move you. I always wanted to do something cool and this Notebook is all equipped with what I need. That’s all about me when are you going to have the #AwakenYourForce moment? To know more visit the site

Friday, December 4, 2015

Mumbai city of my Dream!

We live in a country of approximate population of 1.5 Billion and yet we are all united by something or others. Our Mother land id well known for its diversity and rich culture. The language may differ, the ways may differ the faces may differ but the love for our land remains same in each and every beating heart in this nation. Each Zone, each state, each city and each town in this country has a flavour of its own and is well known for its uniqueness. One won’t be able to evaluate these zones on any given basic. Yet if asked that which is the best zone or city that I like the most and have everything very well coordinated I would always go for the West zone and especially for Mumbai.  

Mumbai or Amchi Mumbai is the city of dream. The city has been so well planned and organized that it can be ranked number one city for each and every criterion. The city has been designed so very well. The buildings and the other constructions have been planned well and then have been built following each and every architectural rule in the book. The city is fully developed and one can find huge skyscrapers lining the city. No doubt that this city has mesmerized me every second that I have spent in it. you may be surprised to know that it is not my home town and neither I have been residing in this city for long yet it is my favourite city and I am so in love with it. You can find all the starts from Bollywood to cricket in this city. The city gain much more value due to the presence of these celebrities. The city has well designed bungalows, apartments, shopping centers and other accommodations and industrial areas. One can find unique paintings on the walls and the houses. The city accommodates more than 22 million lives and each has its unique role to play. The city is well oriented and it’s too easy to find thing here. People don’t usually get lost in this city or people get completely lost here in the city and that is what makes Mumbai the most famous and the best city and also my favourite city in India.

Mumbai is the best place if you have a nice car and obviously if you like to drive. The roads are well built and are well maintained. People face traffics now and then but is too normal for a city as huge as Mumbai. The roads are wide and have many lanes in it. it is a perfect city for a long romantic drive and the best thing is that the roads are safe and are always running because Mumbai never sleeps.

The city is well connected to the rest part of the nation. There are endless means of transportation in and out the city. The city is connected to few of the famous places and cities like Pune which lies in the same zone, Goa which is the best holiday spot in India. There are other means of transportation too like Mumbai has a big and famous international airport and has few harbours too. Mumbai is a complete package in its own. Whole nation is connected to the city via networking and other electronics media too as Mumbai happens to be the hub of these things. The city has big national highways and is a perfect spot for long drive lovers and these highways too connect the city well with the other cities of the country. Mumbai is not only the number one city in India but it is also considered as one among the top cities in the world and I an over whelmed to say that it is my favorite city.

Mumbai is a great city and is made of everything great like Tata motors which is a leading brand in the field of auto mobiles and is one among the oldest and the best auto mobile company in world. The brand has always been known for its perfection, sincerity, originality and trust. The company has been too busy in perfecting its works and have always landed high on the expiations of the consumers. Like my favourite city Mumbai Tata Motors’ are everything made of great. To know more visit the website