Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to create apple id widthout credit card.

It hae been few years since Iphone got into the Indian Market. Apple started establishing a firm segment in the Indian market. It was 2011 probably when I was in the USA and I denied to buy an Iphone for myself sucha fool I was. Later while my brother and me were working in Malaysia we got our first Iphone and today I am so addicted to my Iphone that when I lost a 32gb Iphone 5c this February I bpught other one in the same month.

Leaving this story apart, it has be so often that people approach me asking about how to create an apple id without a credit card and I have created so many apple id's for my friend and for my friend's friend and I really don't remember for how many other known and unknown people. It was a bit tricky fo me too in the begning but after a whole night of research I found many things about the Iphone. Things like jailbreaking and all were updated to my system ina single night and so was the apple id's treak. It is very simple and I qm going to demonstrate it step by step with screen shot from my friends phone.

Step 1- You should have a charged phone so that the battery doesn't dies in between the process.

Step 2- A working data connection or wifi is needed.

Step 3- Go to the App store from your mobile it is lying there in the front.

Step 4- Now select an app which is free. LIke I selected whatsapp you can slect anything which is free. Click on the get button.

Step 5- It will ask you to enter an existing apple is or create a new apple id. Click on the create new id and follow. Agree to the terms and conditions and slect agree.

Step 6- Select your country and click next.

Step 7- Fill in the form like email password, security question and your number and click next.

Step 8- Fill in Name, address and other fields.

Step 9- Pay attention here. You will be redirected to a payment option page and here is the trick. Don't select anything but tick the NONE option and select next.

Step 10- You are on the last step of having an apple id for yourself click next and enjoy.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Dabur "Honey Diet" A better way of life.

Humans are getting conscious about their health a lot these days. We suffer from a hell lot of health issues and many of these are related to obesity. According to the scientific researches obesity is the mother of more than 60% of the diseases that we face today. This obesity is the result of unhealthy eating habit, untimely eating habit and eating oily and fatty stuffs. We suffer from obesity and most of the time we feel helpless about it.

There are few ways of getting over with this obesity and the main and the best of the lot is dieting. Dieting is the process where the body is provided with the only required amount of energy providing elements or in general term foods and beverages which in return regulates the usage of excess fats and release of energy. There are so many dieting processes and pole follow different types of diet plans but Balanced healthy diet and Crash diet are the two common of them and are uses so very often.
Balanced healthy diet plan includes a balanced food which has been chosen to provide exactly the amount of calories our body need and thus there are no deposition of fats. The body does not get extra amount of calories and thus the formation of the fats is less and controlled. On the other hand a crash diet plan has been planned to get a quick result for the body. The body is not provided with any calorie or it is supplied with very less amount of calorie thus it results in the uses of the stored fats from the body to provide energy to the body. These processes are undertaken according to the requirement of the person. If the person wants to reduce the body weight and wants it to remain in the same way for a longtime he or she goes for the Balanced healthy diet because the end results lasts for long where as the crash diet is used to reduce the fats quickly but this processes is dangerous and the result does not lasts so very long. This process is only taken in emergencies.

Honey is said to be a natural remedy for many diseases and also helps in the regulation of fats but people are not aware of this. Honey if used daily in a peculiar way can help us reduce and regulate fats from our body and can give our body a healthier way of living.

Dabur a well known brand has introduced “Honey Diet” which includes so many things. Honey Diet basically introduces and make people aware of the uses of Dabur honey in different ways for example the Dabur honey along with a lemon and a glass of soft boiled water can work wonder for your obesity. Honey Diet also makes the people aware of different uses of the Dabur Honey. This honey can be used as a sweetener and can be used with or without sugar. It reduces weight, helps in digestion and imparts smoothness and softness to our skin. In short honey diet has been introduced to help the hundreds of hundreds people.

This initiative by Dabur honey will help the people to be in finer and fitter shape. It will help us with many things like we can still have sweet stuffs where honey has been used in place of sugar. There are no limitation to the use of the honey. India is getting in shape with the help of the Dabur Honey Diet and now it is our turn to respond and get ourselves fit, fine and strong.

To know more about the Dabur "Honey Diet" visit the official web site They have lots off recipes and ideas to turn us healthy.   

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Waiting for cricket live score? UC Browser hai na.

"That was a beautiful cover drive, an effortless shot by Sachin Tendulker and the ball hits the boundary rope for four runs".

When I was a kid I have witnessed my dad going crazy for cricket. Television sets were not so popular those days and people had a transistor set stuck next to their ears and were so deeply into the cricket commentary, that was some era! Time changed we developed and evolved in our ways. We improved our sources and used our resources well and today we find it lot more convenient and realistic while we witness a cricket match from any corner of the world. 

Cricket has not only been a source of entertainment but it is much more then that in India, It is a religion and we treat our players as a God and this is only due to the bonding we deeply share with the game. It is quite a scenario that we can see a group of people stuck by the road side if they find a television set and if it is streaming a live cricket match. People go mad to catch a simple glimpse of the match or to find the score of the game. It is an addiction, a habit and above all a game of spirit and people enjoy it to the core of their heart from the core of their heart but there comes some obstacles every now and then where we are not able to access the live tournament or we are stuck with some important work and can't watch a live telecast of the match. We are stuck in situations where it is either one cricket match or a date and we are confused and we have to give up on either one of them.

We tried out different ways to tackle this problem and came up with many solutions too. Some of the solutions are like getting live score via short messaging service but it is costly and can't be afforded by everyone. The other options are internet services or apps which are dedicated to cricket although only internet is the best and convenient service among them. One can get the updates of the match using the internet but it does not seems to work properly every where due to its low speed and less connectivity. Internet is easily available in our countries everywhere and can be accessed using a smart phone and a data connectivity enabled sim card. Some of these services provided are good but some lags behind and thus our browsers does not performs well and we are unable to access the internet or get the updates of the cricket tournament. The internet connection are slow and thus it does not works well.

Somewhere someone was listening to this problem and brought to us the wonderful UC CricketUC Cricket  ( is the latest feature of UC Browser which helps us with the latest update of the game, live score and other news and information about the game. It works well and is the fastest score providing portal.  UC Browser has been designed to browse the internet at a very high speed even if the net speed is low. It is capable of browsing and downloading at a very high speed and is one of the best browser. For more information check the link UC Cricket is too easy to use and once turned on keeps you updated with the live score so no more worries about work being left out or no need to cancel an appointment because UC Cricket is there to keep you updated with the live score. Watch this video by Yuvraj Singh and "Surf it All! Surf it Fast!".