Thursday, February 2, 2017

iCloud DNS Server Bypass @ !!!Electrica!!!

Hey friends,

   How have you been?? Hope the New Year is treating you well, for me it has been ok so far. Well I am here today with my first Video blog. Although I have embedded videos in my blog before but this one is special because it is a self tutorial video by me. 

Few days ago my younger brother got cheated when he bought an used iPad. The iPad was in a mind condition but he didn't check that the iPad was locked on iCloud and now it's completely useless. 

 Apple has the best security in the world no doubt and thus an Ios gadget locked on Ios can't be unlocked. But it can be used (partially) by a simple DNS server Bypass and this video tutorial will help you to use your iCloud locked devices partially.  Please check the Video below and do it yourself in few easy steps.

Youtube Link

DNS IP address
Language English
Region United States

If someone anyone has a better working solution please do let me know. My brother still believes that someday I will break the iCloud lock and he may be able to use this iPad again. So it a request if anyone has any idea please share.

Suggestions, questions and Ideas are welcome. Ping me @