Saturday, February 28, 2015

Upgraded to I 10 car with Quikr

Cars, bikes and electronic gadgets have always fascinated me. Well I can always buy a new phone when I am tired of using the older one. But when it comes to bike or a car it is nearly impossible for me to get a new one when I am tired of using the same Car again and again. 
I still remember the day, although decades have passed but that car I bought was straight from the saving of my salary. So there is no point that I could forget that day. But as for now I really wished that I could get a new one or upgrade to a nice car. Few times I was so close to buy a car but unfortunately things did not turn the way I wanted and I still was ridding my old car. Going from a Maruti 800 to I 10 was not a piece of cake after all. 

I almost gave up on buying a i10 again. But then a thought came across my mind. I had seen the Quikr Nxt advertisement several times on television and on the internet and I thought to give it a try. You never know when your lucky day is or when the happy hour of your life does begins so one should always keep trying and one day or the other you may succeed like I did. To know more go to

I went to app store on my phone and downloaded the Quikr Nxt application and installed it. It was not a very huge installation file so took just fee minutes to get installed. I clicked few pictures of my car 9 to be very precise and posted an advertisement filling up everything required and wallah there I was just a few clicks away from selling my car and upgrading to an I 10.

Within an hour or two I had overwhelming response from the people around the town. Finally I came across a guy who lives just beside my society and we fixed a meeting for that evening. We met he checked the car saw all the papers and handed me the amount for the car and left with my car. It was a moment of mixed emotions. I was happy because finally I was on the verge of buying an I 10 and sad because I had to let go my car.

So now that I got rid of my old car suddenly an Idea strike my mind that why not to look for an I 10 car on Quikr and I was so amazed that there were more than five I 10 cars for sell on Quikr. Different colours, models, years of manufacture and rates. So I decided to go for a mediocre one because I understood that I can always buy and sell cars here at Quikr so why to buy the latest model when I can get an older one at a cheap rate and also I can sell it later on whenever I thought of upgrading again. 

I sold and upgraded to a different car and all the credits goes to Quikr. It would have been impossible if it wasn't for Quikr. It was only Quikr which helped me to get what I wished for since a long time and all the deals were Hassle free. No involvement of a middle man and one can buy or sell anything after checking the product he or she is buying. Quikr made my day and I am quite sure it is helping billions of people and is successful in bringing a smile on the faces of people who are associated with it. I recommend Quiker, You need to buy or sell do not forget to drop by Quikr once before yo do so just go to

Sunday, February 1, 2015

No Fikar now chat on Quikr.

Are you tired of your old phone sell it on Quikr and buy a new one. We all are accustomed of selling our unwanted goods and products at Quikr. The website has a firm grip on the market and has been a great gift to us. Mr. Chulet helped a lot of Indian homes by helping them sell their unwanted things and others by helping them find a product of their need at a lesser price. This website has not been less than a miracle to us. Now we certainly know what to with our old phones when we are planning to buy a new one and we also know where to look if we are willing to buy used and undamaged goods. You can almost sell and buy everything and anything on Quikr. All you need to do is post an advertisement of your requirements and you will you will have it executed as early as possible. But these advertisement cause a lot of trouble for us too. Well the trouble doesn't directly comes from the advertisements but by the phone calls we have to receive ones we have posted an advertisement on the site. These calls are really pissing sometimes and takes us by our nerves. So in order to cut short the chase of these boring tring trings the brand Quikr has come up with a new feature which is introduced with the website and the feature is known as the Quikr NXT. So this feature gives you a way where you can now chat with your buyers or the sellers on the website. And they have launched this feature for both the desktop and the mobile version of the website.

To be very honest this new feature launched by Quikr is way better than getting a call for your advertisement. Maybe this would be my personal opinion but yes I have my own reasons to prove them. The first and very genuine reason that I would like to put forward is that many a times you post an advertisement and you get a hell lot of calls for it. Well you may be thinking that have I gone insane that I am pointing out huge number of calls for an advertisement a problem? But I have not the reason these calls feels like a problem is that these huge number of buyers make my brain go hay wire an I lose track of them. But if we are using a the Quikr NXT feature it smartly solves this problem by keeping a track record of the chats you have done with each buyers separately and thus no more fuss over who did call and whom did you said an yes to sell or meet.

My second reason to prefer the chat feature over the phone calls is that the buyer calking you may not be knowing what are you doing and where you might be at the time of call. Maybe you are busy attending you boss's anniversary party and you are in middle of proposing a toast to the couple and you get a call from the buyer. Is not it annoying? It certainly is and to avoid these situations it's better to use the chat feature. Reply the buyer whenever you want.

My third reason to prefer the chat feature is directly or indirectly related to my second reason. We are not always free to attend calls and this leads to big disasters sometimes. And by disasters I mean that we easily miss our selling opportunity. A call missed is a buyer gone. The buyer may have the feeling of being unattended or left out because he/she may not know why didn't you picked up the call. So this chat feature can always help you trace your buyers back and you can contact them later when you are free. Also you can chat to them whenever you get a break from your work and can pause and resume the talk easily where you have left it. So it's time saving too.

Aren't these reasons enough for us to love the Quikr NXT feature. It is for me and I am loving this nee feature a lot and would recommend this to all my friends. No fikar ab chat on Quikr.

Try out this latest feature by Quikr just click here and you are good to go. 

Free airtime with mCent.

How about some free Recharge today? Ok now that I have your attention lets go for a ride to a world where recharges are being given for free. No kidding you heard me right. A little bit of your hardwork, a little bit of patience and a bit of luck. That is all it takes. Well that was all i needed and I grabed a recharge if 1K or more I don't exactly kept a count of. I am talking about an App which is none other than mCent. 

So this app is available at the play store you can download it from there ir just click HERE. So this will take you directly to play store where you can download the app from.
So when you are done with downloading just sign in with your cellular phone number. It's always the best to sign in and register the app with the number which is present in the handset. 
Now that you are ready and have registered your app just let it open.

The app will redirect you to a window like the image above. On the top left is the balance that you have earned from the app. And below them are the tasks that you have to perform. For example if you want to earn free talktime just follow the instructions on the screen. Like if you want to try the Olx offer just click on it.

Once you click it will land you to this page. Where you will find the instructions. Click on the install now tab.

So now install the app from the play store and open it and use it for 30 seconds to a minute. You should follow the given instructions very carefully and you can succed.

So after following the instructions return back to the mCent app and just check your progress if it says done you will receive your airtime soon and you certainly will but only if you have not installed that app before.

You can go to the app back and install rest of the apps and get the designated airtime.

But that is not it. There is a referral program which is associated with the app. You reffer and get good airtime.
The referral could be done by any of the above medium and guys believe me it works and I will prove it to you guys by my own account data base.
I have reffered six people an I got ₹600 for that. The referral amount may vary. Also look at the total airtime I have received through the app in the image below.

So guys just install, reffer, share and get airtime.
Any questions buzz me.