Monday, January 27, 2014

Micromax Canvas HD A116 specification,features and much more.


                       I am here again with a new review of my sexy phone and that is Micromax Canvas HD A116. Well i am quite sure people are aware of which phone i am talking about. Micromax started from a very small platform when it came into the cellphone market and it was a time when this market were lead by Nokia and Samsung . But who the hell knew that Micromax was here to begin a new era for the smartphones.. and it did exactly the same it started launching smartphones for the common men at an affordable price. And Micromax Canvas HD was one of the best of the lot. 

Its a beautiful phone which indeed makes color go alive. It provides you all the features of a good and costly phone or in other words if you can't buy a Samsung or Sony or if you don't want to buy them well Micromax is what you are looking for. A device with same specification and features (all most same) at a cheaper and reasonable price.

Lets have a look at the specification of the phone 

Its really a cool gadget to carry along. The 4.1.2 jellybean could be easily upgraded  to 4.2.1 and the phone runs smooth without any glitch.

The best thing about the phone is that it has a bigger HD display and can run videos up to 1080p, feature touch, has got a good camera and has a powerful led flash. Nothing more could be asked for in a cellphone of this range and i am pretty sure about it because i myself is a big techno savvy person.


  • Affordable
  • Large Display
  • Latest Android platform
  • Good camera
  • Powerful Flash
  • Being an Android phone battery is not very very strong
  • Internal memory is low 
  • The phone needs to be rooted in order to gain full control
  • All apps are downloaded to internal memory directly and can't be moves to external without rooting. 
Well i fully recommend this phone if you are so much into HD Videos and HD Games also a very good platform to run all other Google Apps.

P.S  :- To root your Micromax Canvas HD Phone follow my simple steps just click here.

Check out this post to know more on how to swap internal memory with the external. Follow the link Swap internal memory to the external . 

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will meet soon with a new post of my Bro's phone Micromax Canvas Doodle2..
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Micromax Canvas HD A116, How to swap internal memory with external memory in easy steps, Ok tested.

Wasup Friends!!
                So as i promised you people that my next post would be about swapping your Internal memory with the external memory of your phone.. but the QUESTION is why the hell on the earth anyone do that??

Well the answer is very simple Android devices like Canvas Hd doesn't come with a huge internal storage capacity and thus if you are a software freak or a game maniac the 2GB internal memory of the phone would fall short for you, thus here is the way how you can install big games and software directly to your external SD card without worrying about space....

Few points you should consider before we move further  :-   

I won't be held responsible if you do something stupid and brick your phone your lovely phone, it's at your own risk.

You are definitely not getting any warranty covered on your phone ever after.

Any process mentioned here has been personally put to practical by me hence it does work.

List of requirements :-

 1.) Your phone (Charged at least upto 70%)

2.) Data cable of your phone

3.) * The magic file root_swap and if it fails updated root_swap


So what you have to do is that 
1.) Download the root_swap and Updated root_swap to your computer or laptop.
2.) Connect your phone to the computer/Lapyy and copy these two files as it is to the main root folder of your phone. (copy it anywhere in the main folder of the Internal memory of your phone).
3.) Disconnect the phone from the cable after the copy has been done and turn it off.
4.) Put your phone into recovery mode by pressing volume down button and power button together.
5.) Once the phone boots you will find two options on the screen chose the recovery option by pressing up and down volume button.
6.) Once you are in recovery mode chose the option apply from sdcard. (you can navigate through the volume up and down button and press power button to select)
 chose the option install zip from sdcard and then chose either one of the downloaded file and then install.
7.) While its installing you will see a yellow line moving from left to the right at the bottom of the screen.
8.) Wait till the installation is done.
9.) Chose the reboot option
10.) Once rebooted to see the magic goto Settings<Storage and you will find that the external Sd card has taken the place of the internal sd card. Hurry you are done.

Insert a Sdcard of your choice  to your device and it will be the internal memory of your phone, so you are free to download as many Apps, Games and files for your phone. 

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Micromax Canvas HD A116 rooting

         Finally i got to move ahead and i am here before you to tell you "HOW To ROOT Your HD A116." People who are a bit more familiar to Android must be aware that Android doesn't gives you full control of your own phone in your hand. How ironical you buy a phone of Inr 20000 and yet you are not the one who have the full control on it, well not to worry every Android can be rooted and this can make you the Master of your phone. every thing mentioned here has been tested by me and hence am putting it forward here.
Ok so before we start lets have a look on the list of things we need :-

1 Micromax Canvas HD original data cable
2 A Laptop or PC
3 Your phone obviously
4 Download Motochopper download here and keep it on desktop

so here id the trick
if you are on android 4.1.2 Go to Settings> Developers Option> And tick on USB Debugging.
and if you are on Android 4.2.1 Go to Settings> About Phone and then go to Build Number option and touch on it 7 times. (Read again go to the build number and tap/touch it 7 times) then Go to Settings> Developers Option> And tick on USB Debugging. 
Now connect your HD through Data Cable (after doing the above step).
Open Motorchopper and double click on "run.bat" next you will see a program window open so press Enter.

 Now let it finish what ever it is doing and it will give a message "Exploit Complete" now hit enter again and you will see your phone reboots. Now when your phone restarts you will find "SUPER SU" in your app drawer. Holla Your have successfully rooted your phone.

P.S :- Rooting your phone will void your warranty and if you are not so smart you can brick your phone too.So do it on your own risk. Although the phone can be "UNROOTED" too, will tell you guys how to that later. 

Keep an eye on my next post will be up with an important feature of replacing your internal memory with the external memory. Keep tuned.    

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ipad Mini.... specifications, features ...

Hello Friends,
                    Well blogging isn't my cup of tea but yet it's the passion of the electronics gadgets and compulsion of ma better half (a fashion blogger herself)  which leads me here today.
And this blog post is all about my I pad mini 16GB. We all are aware of the beautiful Apple logo which is only available on your gadget if it belongs to the apple family.

I pad mini is a more portable version  of the i pad from Apple family, works similar to a normal i pad and comes in two categories the wifi only and wifi+3G and different memory capacity. Operates on 7.0 ios and above. 
Updates for the OS is easy no hustle, good camera, wide and clear screen and a preety apple logo at the back.
Once updated to 7.0.4 a special feature is added to the i pad once you turn down the screen it locks itself you don't need to lock it and it awakes as well too as soon as you turn the screen upward. i really like it.
But being from the apple family it has to be synced to the PC through I tune in order to add songs, videos, pictures and software unlike other pads and tablets also it should be synced to the same PC always in order to keep older data. You can't share and receive files using Bluetooth until and unless your partner belongs to Apple family too. But yet i love it. To know more about Apple i pad, i phone and i pod see here .
Pros:- luxury, good camera, Fast, sexy touch, easily updated and etc.
Cons:- expensive, needs i tune and PC to sync, Bluetooth only pairs with apple gadgets, must be synced from the same PC else  all data is lost. 
Finally i just want to say that its my view about this cool gadget and you are welcome to comment yours.