Thursday, July 27, 2017

Opentalk..... Let's Talk.

Communication is the best skill that we humans have developed in the long time of our evolution. We communicate to love, share our feelings, to know each other, to learn and much more. Technology has been a great aid to our day to day life and so have they helped us in the field of communication. Gone are those days when we had to send a messenger on the back of a horse or an eagle or pigeon to deliver our message. Today we are just a click away from our loved ones and our messages today can be visual, audio or text and this miracle has only be possible because of the latest applications and programming.

Here I am today to review such an app that has become the latest sensation in the field of communication and this app is the “Opentalk app”. This app specializes in voice caling and you can connect to any one around the world using this app. The app is free and it is available on android and apple platform. You can download the app from the Play store or the App store. 
Opentalk on App Store.

Opentalk on Play store.

So now that we have downloaded the app from the play store we are good to go. Open the app and you can find the log in option. The app only supports Facebook log in now so just go ahead and click on login with Facebook.

Once you are inside the app it asks for your preferences on what would you like to talk about and the app will connect you to random people around the world who are looking for a companion to talk on the same preferences. 

Once you have set your preferences just select from the list (you can select more then one) and then click on talk now and it start searching for people from the same preference and connect you to then via a voice call.

I have used the app myself and I have really enjoyed it. You will too if you love making new friends or sharing cultures or if you are interested in different languages. You can also check your profile from the profile tab.

What I likes about the app
  • It is user friendly easy to sign in and use.
  • It can help you learn new things from your home
  • meet new people
  • free of cost

What I didn't like about the app and suggestions
  • The app can only be log in using Facebook and thus it should have portals to sign in using email or your google account. 
  • The app can also use a feature of video calling.
I thing other then this the app is perfect from each and every angle. Download today and see it for yourself. 

Download link for Android Play store or just click the link

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