Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Now I Can, with Micromax Tab P666.

“Don’t stop chasing your dreams because dreams do come true.”
                                                                             Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

We all live for our dreams. Some of us dream big and some make our dreams big with the help of small dreams that we succeed in achieving. But behind our dream lies an energy that helps us keep going what so ever. And this energy is known as PASSION. We live for our passion and we die for it. But our passion needs a good companionship. Yes it does. If we need to reach the moon we would certainly need a space shuttle and so likewise if we want to chase our passion we need to be up to date with the modern world. Here I am to introduce a Gadget which will give your passion wing to fly and you can reach the topmost point of it and all this would be possible by just a few clicks. Cutting the chase down allow me to bring forward my companionship to my success The Micromax Canvas Tab P666.

Micromax has completely changed the world of Cell phones and Tabs and it did it again and this time in style. Micromax Canvas Tab P666 is the best companion for my passion and this New Year it is my resolution to live or die for my passion and I think this Tab will do all justice to my passion because it has everything I need. My passion is to be the best Event Planner and Organizer in the state and being an Event Planner and organizer I am always out of home away from my loved ones and it is not possible for me to carry my laptop everywhere I go. But tabs available in market are not too good and have glitches in them. But as for Micromax being an old customer of the brand as I have been using micromax since last 2 years, I can certainly say that this was the gadget I was waiting for.

The light weight of the Gadget makes it portable and can fit in my blazer too. And it won’t feel like a burden to me. The device weighs only 310 grams so it will be like you are not carrying any additional weight with you. It also has 4400 mha battery in it so no worries about battery dying off to soon. The 8 inch display of the tab makes it more venerable and is best for my video calling. At least now I can see my wife and talk to her face to face close yet far from her. The device comes with Intel Atom core processor and let me tell you that this is the processor which is being used by laptops too. So just imagine the speed that we can have on this Tab. It will certainly be as quick as lightning. Also this tab has 3G facility with wifi and can play both Audi as well as video files. So small pocket big Dhamaka.

I think Micromax has its own resolution for the New Year and they oath to change the perspective of the people and the way they think about gadgets. Well way to go Micromax I am with you and would certainly love to follow your lead. No second thought I want this Tab for me and I know it will rock my New Year Resolution.

For more details specification of the device check their web site here

Also you can check out the Tab in the Demo video below.  

Monday, December 29, 2014

A Shave Can Save Your Day.

Life may present you with opportunities but you never know whether or not you are ready for it. Someday you may be stubborn and a lazy lad and maybe the fate had decided to knock your door on the very same day. And then you realize and regret if I would have done a few things differently the results would have been far better.
Sorry I am not here to give a lecture on life or opportunities. All I mean to say is that we should always be ready for any and all opportunity that maybe coming our way. Such an opportunity knocked at my door too but that day I wasn't at my best and I missed it. Although it was my fate that gave a second chance later on and I am still thank full to the Almighty for that.

1st of April is a special day for me, it wasn't that important before but yes on this date in 2008 I crashed a party uninvited. And ever since it became important forever. Well I will stop talking in riddled and come straight to the topic. 1st April is my wife's birthday and back in 2008 I went to her birthday party unshaven and not well groomed. I met my princess there at her party. I was so happy to be there but I had a big beard grow all over my face and she paid no attention to me. 

I took an oath that day that what so ever I will not be unshaven for a long time and will always be presentable and clean shaved where ever I am going. I did meet my princess the next morning well shaved and groomed and she was surprised to know that I was present in her birthday party last night. I knew that was quite obvious statement from her. And it wasn't her fault either. Even today she can’t resist rubbing my cheeks when I shave them and it is one among the reason why I shave.

We should be always be prepared and should be well groomed because we never know when and where we may get lucky. Fate has a habit to strike you when you are inattentive and loves to catch you off guard. Why should we give the fate an opportunity to knock us now when we can perfectly nail it down? So where ever you are going be it a party, office or an interview always reach well groomed and clean shaved. Opportunity knocks the door once and we can’t afford to lose them just because of a shave.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Truth is a dare.

“Mai jobhi bolunga sab sach bolunga aur sirf such ke siwa kuch aur nahi bolunga.”
Isn’t that the oath we swear with our hand on the holy book when we are in a court? Yes it is. Truth may be painful or sometimes too had to come out but yes in the end it is the truth which matters. We all lie. Sometimes small, sometimes big and sometimes just because we don’t have any other option left with us. But that lie keeps haunting up day and night until and unless we speak the truth and clear our conscience.

While going through this beautiful advertisement video by Kinley somewhere or other I found myself related to it check it out here Kinley 2014 TVC . There are always such moments in our life when we lie to save ourselves but later on we regret and we end up telling the truth. Here is a piece of my own life where I found myself in such situation and at the end I had to tell the truth.

I was in Standard 7 and was one among the good guys in the class. I had my own bonding with science. I wasn’t a brilliant student but I was more tending towards the curious one. And we all are aware of the metaphor that curiosity kills the cat and so it was. Science or to be very precise chemistry was the curiosity and I was the cat. So here is what actually happened.

On a very fine winter morning here we were in our classes the prayer bell was still to ring and I was in my class sitting on the first bench with my chemistry practical box in front of me. Like I said I had some special connections with chemistry, I had few test tubes, acids, lighter and few more compounds in my box. I don’t know what the hell was I thinking I took out one of the test tube pored a bit of Hydrochloric acid (it wasn’t so corrosive it was diluted one yet dangerous) and started adding different compounds in it. I bet I was putting up a good show with around half of the class gathering me. First I added salt to it well it didn’t react vigorously, next was a piece of copper wire yet no reaction copper lies below in the periodic table so it was immune and I knew it. I didn’t want to do something stupid and was about to throw the fluid out of the window but one of my friend suggested me to add chalk (calcium bi carbonate) to it. I knew that this was going to be interesting and so I added the chalk dust to it. And the very next second the fluid from the test tube stated irrupting. To be honest I got scared and everyone else too.

Aditya my besstie took the test tube and threw it away from the window but none of us noticed that our class teacher saw him doing that. The bell ran I cleared the mess and we went for the prayers. The class resumes and sir came in and before we could understand anything he grabbed Aditya by his ears and took him out of the class. So afraid I was, I hid the practical box and was just waiting that any second he would rush into the class and I would be the next one to be thrown out. But to my surprise he came back in after 10 minutes all red in anger and lectured the whole class. He took the attendance and was about to leave and turned back and shouted “I won’t tolerate this in my class, take it as an example ADITYA is going to the principal’s office and maybe terminated for few days ”. Everyone was silent and all eyes on me. Yet I kept quite I don’t know what the reason was maybe I was a coward to accept my fault or I didn’t want my good name to be spoiled. The teacher left the class and I saw him dragging my friend to the principal’s office. Few minutes passed by and I was so deep in guilt that I couldn’t face my friends too. I got up and ran towards the stairs. We had our class on the fourth floor. And I caught sir by the end of the second floor.

He looked up and asked me what the matter was. I felt he had calmed down a bit. I told him the truth. I told him that it was my fault and I didn’t had the courage to speak up but when he left I felt so ashamed and it was so heavy to carry that burden so here I was the main culprit to whose mistakes my best friend was just a victim. He slapped me, yes he did but I didn’t react. He shouted and turned towards the upstairs and started climbing and two of us followed like a sincere student. He came back to the class and asked us to come in too.  We stood there like a sinner and were ready to be executed. But to our surprise the teacher spoke in a clam voice, “students we have two of your friends here with me, I was going to take them to the principals’ office but then on a second thought I didn’t. Now if you are wondering why, let me tell you” he paused and the continued again, “Aditya accepted the punishment without uttering even a word that it wasn’t him who was trying to be scientist in the class because his best friend was on the other side and Rakesh came running to me to tell the truth that it was him knowing what the punishment was, I won’t encourage you for this what they did was outstanding and so the truth that Rakesh just told me spared both of them from my anger”. He left us with a warning not to do something stupid again.

It was too tough for me to tell the truth but to live with that lie was tougher. The truth I just said spared a good friend of mine from being punished and overall it gave me a great relive and I was not punished too. It’s true that “Sachai mai sukun hoti hai”

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What to Look for while buying an Android Phone.

image source :- Google

It's always a big question what should we look for while we are buying a phone and especially when we are looking for an android phone. Well the answer seems to be quite obvious and easy that we should buy a phone with a good camera, high internal memory, the phone should be 3G and last but not the list it should look good.

But here I am to tell you what one should really look for while you are out there looking for a perfect phone for yourself. Although many of you know this.

  • First get all the phones that fits in your budget and instead of looking at the phone just see the specification that has been given at the back of the phone box by the brand.

So you get to know every thing here and if you have all the phone in front to you all you need to do is just check the back.

  • I won't say that the processor doesn't matter or the number of cores in the processor won't make a difference but yes it completely depends on the amount you are paying.
  • Check the RAM statistics. the bigger the RAM the better the phone will perform. Never buy a phone with a RAM less then 512 mb and always try to get at least 1GB.
  • The version of the Android OS is also to be checked you may get Jelly bean or Kit Kat and if you ask me more or less they are similar except few changes that has been brought in The Kit Kat.  Lollipop is yet not available for all of the devices.
  • One can also look for the camera quality that is mentioned in terms of Mega pixels. Higher you pay better are the mega pixel and better are the mega pixel better is the quality of the picture. 
  • Battery uses is one of the most discomfort that we usually face with an android device. So try to buy a phone which has powerful battery.
With the rapid development in the terms of applications they get updated every other week and every update comes with a demand of bigger space on the device. Although apps can be moved to external storage but yet it has its roots in the RAM and thus occupies a part of it. So unwanted apps could be removed or the boot wares could be disabled and unwanted update could be be uninstalled.

So the basic point is that your phone performs more or less according to your RAM and followed by processor but RAM is the main component keep the space on your RAM empty as much as you can if you have a phone with low RAM or always buy one with high one.

Shave Will you ???

Isn't it obvious that we all want to look perfect for our special occasions? We really do. With the world getting modernised every day the bars for grooming and being presentable keeps rising. Whether it's a date or an important career interview we need to be in perfect shape and size or in more simpler words we need to be perfectly groomed. And if we are talking about grooming we just can't skip on the part of being shaved. Shaving is an essential part of our daily grooming. Our professional as well as personal life demands us to be perfectly shaved. 

As for me I never cared to look good. Shaving was the thing i was least interested in. I had my own excuses and reasons not to shave. Actually I always looked for an  excuse so that I didn't had to shave. But someone somewhere was watching this and had  his plans for me all ready to teach me a lesson. 

So here is what actually happened. I was almost done with my graduation and just had to submit few of my assignment for my final semester. And we were to sit for our job interviews within a week. So on the day of submission of my final assignment of business development I reached my college in time but unshaven. And that Was the biggest mistake or one among the biggest mistakes that i have committed yet. I was always a punctual guy when it came to assignments. Well I never was the first guy to submit my assignment but yes I always submitted under ten. Anyway keeping these stories aside let me come to the main point. So I was there at my college not groomed or shaved. And I got a news that Leela was in the college and they were here for a campus interview. What the fish. I was not groomed not shaved and was counting on this property was waiting for its arrival since a long time. But the harm was done. There was no way that I could have gone back or could have gone out for a shave. And at the end of the day I was not able to sit for that interview and my dreams were shattered. 
That day I learned a lesson that wherever you go shaving is a must and believe me your looks and presentation really does matter. The more presentable you are better luck you have. 

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

How to Disassemble Acer Aspire One Happy 2 Laptop.

Here I am today with a small post on how to disassemble Acer Aspire One Happy 2 laptop. 
 image source:-

This is a bit of tricky one to open. I got stuck on the first time when I wanted to update my RAM. First thing you would need to do is to open the keyboard. Try to slide something between the space of the keyboard and the panel and just press it upwards to remove it from the lock.

Now you just pull the rest of the locks too and be a bit gentle because there is a flex cable and it is attached to the motherboard. 

Now that you have detached the keyboard you will need to unscrew the screw. Please count and unscrew it and also keep the track of the size of the screw. There are basically 2 sizes.

Now you need to open the back panel for that there is a switch just besides the hard disk. Also remove the battery.

Now you can just pull the panel and it will come out but first you should unscrew all the screws.

So now you will need to remove the upper panel but yes before that open the touch pad flex cable.

So finally you are there your laptop is disassembled.


You can remove the hard disk if you want just put a liver at the rear and push up.

If you want to change the lcd you will need to unscrew two more screws. Also you will need to open the lock which is circled in brown.

Hope thisis useful to you guys. Thanks. 
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Melbourne, Definitely A Place to be.

With the cricketing season all heating up and every country saddling up for the greatest Cricket fiesta I would definitely love to find myself at the Melbourne Cricket Ground hooting, whistling and cheering up for India.

Melbourne is one among the most popular cities of Australia. It is also said to be the sporting centre and capital of Australia. Also being the capital of Victoria it is not only known for Cricket but it is also the home of few other famous sports like Tennis, Formula 1 Racing and Football. But the biggest fortune that the city is going to have is the upcoming ICC World Cup 2015 being held in Australia and New Zealand. And that tempts me more to be in Melbourne than any other place in this Universe. 
Let's check this video and see what Tammy and Rohan have to say about the Melbourne Cricket Ground .
For more such videos click "Come Alive in Melbourne"

Melbourne is not only famous for sports but it has a wide range of public attractions which are not meant to be missed if you are in Melbourne. Places like the Great Ocean Road will force you to fall in love with the city. The city is full of surprises and it has something for every kind and mood of the tourists. The more you explore the more you fall in love with the rich and divine culture of the city. It offers you new surprises every time you visit the city. Being the centre of all activities Melbourne is famous for its vineyards too. One can have a taste of world few best Vintage wines at Melbourne. The view of the grapes plantation is an attraction in itself and attracts a lot of tourist so it’s a worth a visit.

Melbourne is famous for its liveliness and to witness this one needs to visit the Federation Square a Home to major cultural attractions, world-class events, tourism, exceptional array of restaurants, bars, speciality stores and has become the city's meeting place. Other places such as Flinders Street Station a street which runs parallel to the Yarra River and is exactly a mile long and one and a half chains wide is a popular street in Melbourne and trams being the main mode of transportation in Melbourne it has its station here at the Flinders Street.

If one is not afraid of heights one should definitely try the hot air balloon ride. The view of the entire place through the balloon is just majestic. One can have the view of entire things at once and can locate the different places to visit too. Doesn't it sound exiting? Well it does to me. The concept of the Bathing Boxes was first started here in Melbourne and now is very well spread around the world. Mornington Peninsula, Victoria is the destination of these uniquely shaped Bathing Boxes.
 Melbourne has a very rich and diversified culture and has a lot to share with the world. And as for me I would really love to visit these places some day. 
"Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?".  

Answer this above question and the best answer will win a gift voucher of Rupees 500.

For all other informations visit  Tourism Victoria website.  

Vacations??? Let's be a child again!!!

Vacations have always been fun and especially if it is with your family. And it becomes magical if you have kids around. Actually in my opinion it is the kids that make a vacation worth going to. And as for me I always plan a vacation that has everything which the kids would like.

First and the for most thing I choose some places which would be a wonderland for them say Disney world or a water park. It should have a lot of amusement for them. The spot should be friendly for the kids and should be safe too. It should contain rides and swings; yes that is what makes them happy. The destination should not be chosen only keeping adults in mind always kids should be considered too. Family picnic can be planned and should be planned in advance so that everything gets executed nicely and on time.

Kids are more than happy to play small games with their parents thus few games should be decided too. Kids should be allowed to put forward their views about the vacation. Like what are the things they would like to do when they are on vacation or what games would they want to play. Their ideas should always be taken into consideration.  Also a vacation can be a more of learning experience for the kids. They can be taken to places where they can gain some knowledge along with fun. Places like botanical gardens, a zoo, planetarium and etc. these places are fun to visit and bestows knowledge to the kids.

To ensure a smooth and pleasurable vacation the vacation should be planned well. Every reservations and requirements should be addressed at right time so that they don’t make a fuss later on. Vacations are like gift of God for kids and they enjoy it to the maximum. It is the time when they leave all their worries of school, teachers, homework and tuitions and concentrate on enjoying the vacation. These vacations teach them a lot about life and overall refresh their minds. And a healthy mind is a productive mind as all we know.

Like I said kids add magic to a vacation and they make it come alive. Their love, passion and enthusiasm are something we should learn from them. They have the magic to live in the present and we should try and learn to do that from them. That happiness on the face of your child is just priceless when he or she comes to know that they are going for a vacation. And isn't it your child’s happiness which makes you happy too? For me a vacation without kids is in vain. Although you may ask me what if I wasn't married and had no kids? I think you only come to know the taste of a candy when you get a chance to chew it. So when people are alone and have no child life is different but once they have kids of their own they realize that the real magic of life relies in the happiness of their kids and their kids are the real magician who has spells to turn a vacation into a magical one.

Teddy Travelogues was an initiative taken by Club Mahindra which allowed around thousands of kids between age 4 to 12 to show their creativity about vacation. They came up with this contest where a child can submit anything such as painting or stories under eight different sections and win good hampers from the company. And they had an overwhelming response too. For more information visit the site  

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Darr ke Aage Jeet hai.

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."
    Nelson Mandela.

It is OK to be afraid, it is not something to be ashamed of because we all are afraid of something or the other. Few are afraid of heights, few of water and it could be anything. But that fear is not or should be not the main concern instead what we can do to win it should be our concern. And who fights back and takes risk to overcome the fear is victorious. We all come across such moments in our life where we stand face to face without biggest fear and yet we have to do something because it is either us or the fear we have been facing. I would like to share one of my real life situations where I had to risk not only my life but the lives of my whole family in order to get over the fear we were in and this incident is a recent one and true.

It was a sudden decision that we were going to Bodhgaya for a short vacation of a week. Bodhgaya is approximately 270 kilometers from Deoghar my current city. So we were supposed to leave the town by 7 in the morning because we didn’t want to be caught in the heat of the scorching sun. We packed our bags, food for the journey and fueled up our vehicle and were all set to leave for Bodhdaya the very next morning. I could hardly sleep that night because had to finish few of my pending works before I could leave for the vacation. It was around 1 in the morning that I decided to wind up my work and thought of taking a short nap as we were leaving at sharp 7 in the morning.
My alarm ticked at six and I was fully awake within no time. To my surprise everyone was ready and we stated our journey by 7:15 almost at the time we decided. Suddenly the car stopped nearby Kodarma and refused to start whatsoever we tried. We opened the front panel and found that the engine was fried and the reason was that the radiators coolant pipe leaked and the engine was on fire (not literally) and it needed to cool down and the coolant pipe needed to be replaced before we could have moved any further. It was so tough to find the required parts but we manage to get them anyhow but this all took around three of four hours of our precious time and we ran late from our schedule. But that wasn’t the only problem there but the biggest problem was the “Rajauli Ghati” which was in our way. This is a 21 km ghati consisting of twisted roads and sharp turns. This ghati is also feared due to illegal activity that is carried out somewhere between the forest and every night many vehicles are looted on this way. So we were about to be in some serious trouble. There was no going back and there were no hotels to stay too. Thus only way was to cross this ghati.
We were half way in the ghati and it was so dark and dense that it felt like 8 at night although it was just six in the evening. Suddenly we heard multiple gunshots and according to my assumption the shots were fired from the direction we were traveling towards. I pulled up the car and was so confused what to do next. Before I could think anything I heard few gunshots again and more clear this time. It suddenly felt that we were all going to die here today. I don’t know what got into me and I enchanted “Darr kea age hin jeet hai”. Join the Campaign at Facebook here

Within no time I was using all my skills and experience about driving and was playing need for speed in reality. Although it was too risky but had no other option anyway we were going to die so why not we die trying. Within no time we almost crossed the ghati and found few police vans at the ending of the ghati. We were asked to stop and so we did. After a few questions and answers the policeman said that he salutes my courage but it was a very risky thing that I did. All I said him taking sips of my mountain dew was “Sir kaleja sab ka sukhta hai aur darr sab ko lagta hai per darr kea age hin jeet hai”.

Although my words didn’t impress him too much but we were safe and sound and all because of the risk we took. And our safety was all it mattered. We rested that night in a motel and continued our journey the next morning. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

How to remove pre installed apps from your Android Phone.

 Isn't it too annoying to find useless applications piled up in your Android menu? Apps that is of no use to you and still they just lie their and you have to see them when ever you open your menu. Well their is not much one can do about it or is their something we can really do? 

Well you can not get permanently rid of those apps until and unless you are ready to root your phone. And rooting means voiding of the warranty that the company gives to you an you may brick your phone and may be loose it permanently. Yet the world belong to them who have the guts to conquer. Ok that's other story all in itself so lets focus to what we have here. You dont want an app seen because it's of no use to you and you and you want to get rid of it. Here is what you can do.

Suppose there is this app called jelly (see the pic below) you are frustrated of watching of again and again and want to get rid of it. So press the soft key (usually on the left side) or the option button and click on the settings

Now that you are in the setting menu migrate to Apps. Once you are in apps slide left and come to the option All which is mentioned at the top of the screen.Also take a look at the space you are left with because once you disable the app it may release some space too. 

Scroll down and look for the application you want to remove like I did. I don't want to see Jelly any more so I clicked on Jelly. On the next screen you will find every information about the app. On the top of the screen on the right side you can see a disable button. All you need to do is click on it. A dialogue box will appear just ignore what it has to say and click on OK. Walllaaahh the app has been disabled and you won't find it in your app drawer any more.

Now that you may ask what if you change you mind and you miss the app you have disabled and want it back where it was? No an issue just repeat the process and this time click on the Enable button and press OK. 

Wasn't that too easy? These useless apps just sit there in the menu and build cache and fill space. Although you can't get rid of it or you can't extract all the space it has occupied but yes you can stop it from occupying any more space.

Any questions just e-mail me @ Your valuable comments are welcome. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Let's eliminate Classroom hunger...

Who our real enemies are? Men with guns and bombs walking on the roads or on the borders? May be they threaten us and can harm us in many ways. But our real enemies lies within us. An enemy we can't  see but is haunting and killing us from within. I am talking about "hunger" the biggest problem we are facing today. And poverty is the main reason of this problem and to solve the issue of poverty we need to be literate. A large amount of Indian population sleeps without food at night and we don't do nothing about it. Children are forced to work at very small age to feed themselves and they have to chose between education and hunger. Thus it's either one education or hunger they have to choose from. And one don't need to be an expert to tell what they choose.

To get over these problems our government is fighting hard and have pledged to get rid of the hunger and educate the children too. And then came the concept of establishing schools which wouldn't only provide education to the children but would also provide them meal for the day. Thus it became a classroom to eliminate hunger and educate them. But being 70 percent of Indian population living in rural and urban areas this concept has been a heck lot trouble to launch and monitor. Problems like funding, unavailability of teachers and etc. has always stood in the way thus the help that should be provided doesn't reach them. 

So what could we do to eliminate the classroom hunger? Is there any way where we the citizens of India can help? Actually there is. According to my thinkings the best way to eliminate the classroom hunger is by the development of the rural India. More developed are the places more are the chances of money rotation and that means education for every child and elimination of classroom hunger.

We should also come up with new ideas to fight this problems. And we should think big so that we can eliminate the classroom hunger in a larger pack. For example we as an society can choose to provide meals for a particular day of the week and every same day of the week. So that the hunger is eliminated too and also the good work is shared between a larger number of people. 

We can also launch a concept like pay a rupee extra in your bill at a shopping complex and feed a child. Also to make this work interesting we can install a digitized monitor where people can see their every penny being accounted off to feed a child and to eliminate the classroom hunger. These big shopping grids can be a hub to raise good amount of funds but needs to be monitored so that the fund lands to the right place. And if this starts in every single Indian city it's just a matter of time that we can eliminate not only the classroom hunger but hunger as a whole from India.  I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Yes or No to Pre-Marital Sex!!!

“SEX” is a very hot and unspoken topic in India. People generally don’t like to share their thoughts in public about sex and somewhere or other I too belong to the same group. But being provided with such a platform it would be an honor to share my thought on the given topic that “Yes or no to pre-marital sex”.

India is a land of culture and traditions. And we Indians have our roots penetrated deep in our motherland. And if we are talking about our culture let me be very honest it doesn’t give us a ticket for pre-marital sex. And in my views I would completely agree with our culture. Well you may think that I still follow the old believes and traditions in the matter of Sex even today where people have mapped the moon and are ready to set foot on Mars. Yes I am an orthodox person and I still follow the old traditions in this matter but these are purely my own thoughts.
Being asked for the reason that why do I stand against the topic I have several reasons to justify myself.  

·         The first and for most reason that I think of is that we people are praised all around the world for our culture and tradition and if we start practicing pre-marital sex directly or indirectly we would be putting down our motherland in the eyes of other countries. We may be westernizing quickly but we should not forget where do we come from and what our ethnic values are.·         I may try to see the bigger picture and give a second thought about pre-marital sex but what about the people we live with? Do they share the same views like I do? May or may not be. Pre-marital sex is considered to be an act of taboo.·         It really doesn’t matters a lot for the guys involved in the pre-marital sex but what about the girl? Our society doesn’t treat them well. The feminine genders always have to pay for it. They are not treated well if people come to know about their act of pre-marital sex. They are abused and sometimes even killed for their doings and if they are not killed they have to live their lives with that tag they have been given.·         Now being very calculative if we don’t care what people have to say about us because it is our own lives. There are other reasons too that gives us a strong point to say no to pre-marital sex. We Indians are very well aware about the economy of our country. According to the last survey 70% of Indian population still lived in rural areas. These rural areas have very few resources and facilities like sex education and supply of anti pregnancy medicines and thus a pre-marital sex would lead to pre-marital pregnancies and abortions. And this is quite dangerous for the girls too. Not only this, Indian government has set an age parameter for the marriage, which is 18 years for the girls and 21 for the boys. This has been done because scientifically  feminine body is not ready either mentally or physically for sex and child until they turn 18.

Well these were my own views and maybe I am wrong about it. But if you like to know more about it don’t forget to read the best suitable book for this topic “A passionate gospel of true love” written by Poonaam Uppal. In this book she has shared her thoughts about pre-marital sex too and stands against the motion supporting the fact that Pre-marital sex should not be a part of our Indian culture. To know more read the book and you can buy the book here (Poonaam Uppal's True Love - A Mystical True Love Story on Flipkart). 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Drive safe with Nissan

“It was too tough for me to open my eyes, was I dead or in coma or just had a long sleep? I asked myself. And suddenly I remembered being hit by a speeding car which lost it balance just to hit me and regained it to run away.”

According to the last report submitted by WHO around 13 people die every hour in a road mishaps in India. And not to be proud India leads the chart by being the number one on the list when it comes about total number of people dying due to road accidents.  And much small causality has been never accounted before. We are so careful and reasonable while we are driving or crossing the road. But it is not just us who we should think about. Yes responsibility on the road should not just be towards our selves but also towards the fellow drivers and pedestrians. The biggest question is that why should we care about others? Isn't it? When we can be safe by taking all the measures while we are out on the road why should we bother about others? Let me tell you a small story, a personal experience a scar I still deal with.

It was a fine morning and things were going on as usual. My Mom and Dad were out of town and were on a long vacation. I was left with my Daddu, my younger bro and my cousin bro. So that made four of us at home. Daddu gave me a call that his car tire has gone flat and the extra tire was at home as it was sent for puncture repairing this morning. And we were supposed to fetch the tire for him. So my younger bro Rajesh and me took out our bike and headed to the destination that was fed in our brain GPS. Daddu was somewhere 5 kilometres away from home and my cousin was driving the car.Suddenly a red Waganar came out of nowhere and rest I don’t remember. It was too tough for me to open my eyes, was I dead or in coma or just had a long sleep? I asked myself. And suddenly I remembered being hit by a speeding car which lost it balance just to hit me and regained it to run away. At the end of the day I ended up with 8 broken bones and 22 stitches on my body. I went through a physical and mental trauma for several months and yet today I can feel the same chills in my bones and my skin tissues.

Well was I responsible for that accident? Was I the person who was not following the traffic rules and speeding my vehicle in a crowded place. No not at all. I was so careful and consciously riding my bike out there but yet I became a victim. My dad once told me while I was learning how to ride a bike, “Beta iska dar nahihai kit um kisiko thok doge, dar ish baat ka hai ki kahin koi aur tumko nahi thok de”.  And he was 100% right.

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Nissan a very popular and well known car brand has stated a forum a campaign Nissan Safety Driving Forum. And this forum has taken the initiative to make people aware of their duties and responsibilities while they are out on the road not only for their own safety but for the safety of others out there too. This forum was started in 2012 with a motive of promoting safety driving activity. In its initial phase it covered three main Indian cities – New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai – and since then it has gradually expanded to several additional cities across India And the campaign is going to reach Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Vadodara, Nagpur, Chennai, Mangalore and Kochi this year. This campaign has motivated people for wearing seatbelts while driving and has succeed too. The campaign also conducts live session with real simulation to show the use of air bags and also usefulness of seatbelts when a car crashes. Under its Blue Citizenship CSR umbrella, NSDF by Nissan works to build awareness of safe driving in India and teaches driving safety and etiquette to people. For more details visit The Nissan Safety Driving Forum  (

Like NSDF we should also come up with new ideas to raise the awareness among the people like conducting live sessions about road safety and uses of seatbelts. The government should also be ready to deal with people who don't want to follow the rules. Every Vehicles  should be monitored for seatbelts and driving safety and the culprits should be fined so that others can take a lesson from it. The issuing of the driving license should also be monitored, only capable candidates should be given a driving license. Roads should have speed limit boards and check posts should be equipped with cameras and speed meter to monitor the rash drivers who are not only a threat to themselves but to others too. Traffic police should be very alert and should have a working communication system to communicate quick in times of emergencies. And at the end of the day it's our nation we should all be responsible to keep it safe from road accidents. 

"Life is precious weather ours or others and we all should preserve this gift of the God".