Thursday, December 4, 2014

Yes or No to Pre-Marital Sex!!!

“SEX” is a very hot and unspoken topic in India. People generally don’t like to share their thoughts in public about sex and somewhere or other I too belong to the same group. But being provided with such a platform it would be an honor to share my thought on the given topic that “Yes or no to pre-marital sex”.

India is a land of culture and traditions. And we Indians have our roots penetrated deep in our motherland. And if we are talking about our culture let me be very honest it doesn’t give us a ticket for pre-marital sex. And in my views I would completely agree with our culture. Well you may think that I still follow the old believes and traditions in the matter of Sex even today where people have mapped the moon and are ready to set foot on Mars. Yes I am an orthodox person and I still follow the old traditions in this matter but these are purely my own thoughts.
Being asked for the reason that why do I stand against the topic I have several reasons to justify myself.  

·         The first and for most reason that I think of is that we people are praised all around the world for our culture and tradition and if we start practicing pre-marital sex directly or indirectly we would be putting down our motherland in the eyes of other countries. We may be westernizing quickly but we should not forget where do we come from and what our ethnic values are.·         I may try to see the bigger picture and give a second thought about pre-marital sex but what about the people we live with? Do they share the same views like I do? May or may not be. Pre-marital sex is considered to be an act of taboo.·         It really doesn’t matters a lot for the guys involved in the pre-marital sex but what about the girl? Our society doesn’t treat them well. The feminine genders always have to pay for it. They are not treated well if people come to know about their act of pre-marital sex. They are abused and sometimes even killed for their doings and if they are not killed they have to live their lives with that tag they have been given.·         Now being very calculative if we don’t care what people have to say about us because it is our own lives. There are other reasons too that gives us a strong point to say no to pre-marital sex. We Indians are very well aware about the economy of our country. According to the last survey 70% of Indian population still lived in rural areas. These rural areas have very few resources and facilities like sex education and supply of anti pregnancy medicines and thus a pre-marital sex would lead to pre-marital pregnancies and abortions. And this is quite dangerous for the girls too. Not only this, Indian government has set an age parameter for the marriage, which is 18 years for the girls and 21 for the boys. This has been done because scientifically  feminine body is not ready either mentally or physically for sex and child until they turn 18.

Well these were my own views and maybe I am wrong about it. But if you like to know more about it don’t forget to read the best suitable book for this topic “A passionate gospel of true love” written by Poonaam Uppal. In this book she has shared her thoughts about pre-marital sex too and stands against the motion supporting the fact that Pre-marital sex should not be a part of our Indian culture. To know more read the book and you can buy the book here (Poonaam Uppal's True Love - A Mystical True Love Story on Flipkart). 

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