Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shave Will you ???

Isn't it obvious that we all want to look perfect for our special occasions? We really do. With the world getting modernised every day the bars for grooming and being presentable keeps rising. Whether it's a date or an important career interview we need to be in perfect shape and size or in more simpler words we need to be perfectly groomed. And if we are talking about grooming we just can't skip on the part of being shaved. Shaving is an essential part of our daily grooming. Our professional as well as personal life demands us to be perfectly shaved. 

As for me I never cared to look good. Shaving was the thing i was least interested in. I had my own excuses and reasons not to shave. Actually I always looked for an  excuse so that I didn't had to shave. But someone somewhere was watching this and had  his plans for me all ready to teach me a lesson. 

So here is what actually happened. I was almost done with my graduation and just had to submit few of my assignment for my final semester. And we were to sit for our job interviews within a week. So on the day of submission of my final assignment of business development I reached my college in time but unshaven. And that Was the biggest mistake or one among the biggest mistakes that i have committed yet. I was always a punctual guy when it came to assignments. Well I never was the first guy to submit my assignment but yes I always submitted under ten. Anyway keeping these stories aside let me come to the main point. So I was there at my college not groomed or shaved. And I got a news that Leela was in the college and they were here for a campus interview. What the fish. I was not groomed not shaved and was counting on this property was waiting for its arrival since a long time. But the harm was done. There was no way that I could have gone back or could have gone out for a shave. And at the end of the day I was not able to sit for that interview and my dreams were shattered. 
That day I learned a lesson that wherever you go shaving is a must and believe me your looks and presentation really does matter. The more presentable you are better luck you have. 

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