Monday, September 21, 2015

Ios 9? A definite yes.

Ios 9 is now available and is the latest sensation. I always thought why do we call them a smart phone and today we have more than a ton reason to say so. These machines are getting smarter day by day.

For example apple when launched Ios 8 it was felt that these OS are not going to perform better becaus of their size and other changes. Few problems were witnessed too but it wasn't too long that apple released new update to rectify their Ios 8 problems and frankly speaking they did it pretty well.

The updates released by them started being less bulky and occupying less space gave the phones a new life. There was a time when people on 8GB were not able to update because they had less space but apple smartly tackled the problem too.

Last night I received a notifications saying that Ios 9 was available. I Was so confused whether or not to update to 9. The reason of the confusion was my space. I had my space filled up to the neck and had only 328 mb left. The update itself was of 890 mb or so. And to my surprise after updating now I have 2.5 gb space.

Special features of Ios 9 for:

  • The Ios turns your phone into a more intelligent machine like it can learn your using habits and helps you to use it with a lots of tips to maximize the productivity. 
  • Proactive suggestion has been added too and thus the phone suggests you apps that you must need or use at that point of time.
  • Siri is smarter then before and can do better then ever. 
  • The inbuilt apps has been enhanced and will now work for efficiently. 
  • The Ios has been designed to increase the battery efficiency.  
  • iPads can now be used with a split screen facility. In other words you can use it for multitasking with two windows open and running simultaneously. 
  • Device performs faster and the security has been enhanced too. 

These are the some of the features that I have found out and I am dead sure that there are going to be more. If you are using an apple device don't waste your time thinking just download and update the device to Ios 9 and feel the change for yourself. 

Xender a faster file sharing app.

Hey There.
       Sharing is Loving and we all know it. We love to share with our loved once and we strengthen the bond between us. Don't worry I am not here to teach a lesson on sharing instead I am here to tell you guys about an application Xender which can help you share almost everything between your phones, pc and iPhone of course which is the latest trend of young India after Android.

Now there must be few question in your mind like why to use an software when you can share using Whatsapp, hike or other applications like them? The answers ate simple.

  • Sharing a picture or video using this applications reduces the pixel and quality of the file.
  • You can not send a large file using these apps.
  • You need an internet connection to send and receive files.
On the other hand if you use Xender you will not face the above problems. 

Xender uses your Mobile's hot spot to transfer files and thus provides a high speed transfer. The speed always lies in mbps using this app. Also you can transfer files between your phone and pc or phone and iPhone. 

It is too easy to use the app. Install the app after downloading and then open it.

Click on the connect phone

Click on CREATE GROUP if you want other phone to be connected to you or Click on JOIN GROUP if the other phone has already created the group and Click on CONNECT I PHONE if you want to connect to an I phone. 

Once the phones are connected select anything you want to send to the other phone or receive whatever you want from the other phone. 

You can see the progress of the apps being received or sent by just clicking the watch icon on the top right corner of the app. 

Just click on the app and install it directly from here of you can go to the file manager and install them later too. Just be sure that you have enabled the installation of apps from the unknown sources in your app settings. 

Try this app it works fantastic and you can save time and you don't need to carry a flash disk with you all the time.

Download Xender for ANDROID here

Download Xender for I phone here.

Any queries Drop a mail at

Saturday, September 19, 2015

How to change file extension in Windows.

Hi friends,

Last week I was with few of my friends and we were talking about directories and path. Suddenly one among us asked that what does it takes to change the file extension? The answers I heard were hilarious. One said we need to have a software to do so the other said we need to go to command prompt to do so. I was listening to them and as laughing and after a long wait of 10 minutes finally I had to break the ice and I told them that it just takes a few steps and you are done. I switched on my lappy and I gave them a demonstration too and they were amazed.

Here I am today to show you guys how simple it is and I am pretty sure many of you must be knowing it.

Step 1

Go to my computer and click on Organize and you will get a drop down menu. See the pic below

Step 2

Go to the Folder and Search option and it will open a dialogue box. Click on the View option the middle one. There are thee options below the hidden file and folder option, we need to see the second one.the one which says "Hide extension for known file types" Check the pic below

Step 3

Click on the box in front of the Hide extension for known file types. Click Apply and then Ok. The box will close now. see the pic below

 Step 4

Now you can change the extension of any file to anything you want but it should be meaningful and if you change it to a wrong extension it may lead to not opening of that file. Check the pic below.

Wasn't that easy?

For quires mail me at

Friday, September 18, 2015

Deals Cahiye 27 Coupons hai na!!!

"A little reading is all the Therapy a person needs sometimes."
Reading is an art that is conveyed to the reader by the author. I love reading and novels are the best thing that God has gifted the humanity with. It does not really matters what is the genre one is interested in but all it matters is the art he or she comes across. It takes a lots of determination to write a novel and it takes even more effort to read one but once you are used to it, it can take you to a new world of imagination and fantasy. I have been to that world or should I say that it has been my daily routine to be there. My genres are thriller, romantic maybe a bit and mostly fiction or adventures you may say. I usually don't judge a book by its name or by the author instead I judge the author or the name by the story that has been put forward. I have read so many novels and frankly speaking my favourite keeps changing time to time or on my mood of genre. I have a few all time favourite author though like Chetan Bhagat who has a tremendous word power and can write awesomely fantastic and the other is Amish Tripathi. Tripathi saheb has a very unique and peculiar imagination which help him create great fictions and nevertheless one can enjoy reading his writing.
My all time best and favourite books comes from these authors too. These books are The Immortal of Miluah, The Secret of Nagas, The Oath of Vayu Putras, Three Mistakes of my Life and The Half girlfriend.

Chetan Bhagat's books has been my favourite because I have been reading his books since I was in college and his writings seems to be very much close to the heart. I have related a lot to his stories. I have read all his books and these two are my favourite among them. The half girlfriend is a sweet and fantastic love story by him and those who have not read it yet please read it once.

Flipkart has always been my reading partner and has help me to get these books as soon as they launch. In fact I have pre booked books like Shiva Trilogy from them. They have been fantastic and they are always there to save your time and save you from extra hustle. I never had time or opportunity to go to a book stall and buy a book for me. If it wasn't this cyber portal I would have never read these books. Flipkart is the best they notify you and help you book a novel even before it is released. The book reaches your door step the very next day it is released and even if you miss booking it they have plenty in stock and one can order it at any time.

I bought "The Immortal of Meluha" from and read the novel in just two days and was eager to lay my hands on the next book that was The Secret of Nagas and I pre ordered that book from Flipkart and the book was delivered to me the very next day of release. I also bought the third and the final book The Oath of Vayuputra from the Flipkart store.

Well that's not all let me introduce you one more internet portal which can help you save on these sites like flipkart, eBay, Amazon and etc. I am talking about

This site has been developed to help the online shoppers to save extra money and time while they are shopping online. have picked and categories the coupons according to stores or segment that you are shopping for. As for me while I wanted to books online I straight forward went to 27coupons and searched the flipkart coupons for book and lucky I was they had a 55% off coupons on books and novels. That helped me get the book for less and in short time without looking here and there for products and coupons. They have deals and coupons for each category and sites all you need to do is look. I usually prefer using because of its prompt and satisfactory service.

I read these novels and enjoyed them a lot and the enjoyment was doubled because I didn't pay the full amount to the flipkart because of the coupon that I got at You can be lucky too, so when next you are in mood of buying something visit 27coupons. com first and save some money and time as well. It worked for me and I bet it will work for you too.