Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cricket k liye kuch bhi karega

Hi Friends,
It has been ages since I posted last. Was a bit busy with my hectic life. But today I am not here to blog bout any gadget or electronic stuff instead I am here to tell you something about the so very sensational IPL that is going on. Well to start of Cricket is my love too. And this post is only because my wife Mrs. Prerana Ranjan from has insisted me to blog about it.
And," what if I don't?" I asked her. "No more IPL matches for you jaanu." Calmly she said. So now you know IPL dekhne k liye kya kya kerna parta hai. And the heights is that she so bravely switched the channel to Jodha Akbar to make sure I do what she wants. So this post is for you swthrt and Plz mereko IPL dekhne do.
Many Many happy returns of the day a very very very happy 3rd anniversary. Love you.(15th may is our anniversary).