Friday, August 21, 2015

The Era of 4G starts here by Airtel.

“3 Weeks 4 Days more”. 

No. No I am not telling you guys since how long I have not eaten a rosogulla instead that is my torrent download standard estimated time for a movie I am dyeing to watch. I crave for all the Hollywood movies and my tight schedule does not allow me to indulge the lavishness of a multiplex or even a movie theatre. I don’t even remember when and which was the last movie that I saw in a multiplex so to fulfil my cravings for Hollywood movies I download them from the torrent sites and watch them at night before I sleep. They are short of my bed time movies some me time that I spare for myself but there comes the trouble, I think I maybe the biggest victim of slow internet connection in this universe. I like HD quality 1080p movies as they are loud, vibrant and clear and 1080p HD means large file and large file means I need a damn good and strong internet connection with a lightning speed downloading capacity but unfortunately it never happened and I had to spend days or even weeks behind a movie.

I was finally more than happy when I saw the very first Airtel 4G advertisement on the internet. I felt that God heard me and heard me good this time. Talking about 4G, oh I am quite aware of the rattling speed that the internet connection possesses and delivers. I have witnessed 4G in USA and Malaysia while I used to work there and they were just awesome. I have downloaded a movie of 1.9 GB in just 10 to 15 minutes so just imagine the speed I am talking about. These guys at Airtel have been working hard and day and night to provide us with the best possible service and here they serve. 4G is being launched by Airtel in our country.
If I get my hands on Airtel 4G services I would be more than happy that ever a king could have. Internet speed means freedom, freedom to download, freedom to upload and freedom to surf. I would download all the best movies available in HD or super HD quality and stack them up for my further needs. Along with movies I happen to be a graphic game freak too. I love playing game with good virtual graphics and to be honest these games are hard to find and impossible to download as they have huge files ranging between 8 to 40 GB. These games are impossible if you don’t have a fast internet connection and thus Airtel 4G will serve my purpose very well. Also making long distance video calls would be on my priority list. It has been so long that I have talked to my friend around the world with their video not hanging and voice not stammering. This 4G internet will definitely indulge me with a delight of clear voice and video calls. There are so many such thing that I would do if I get my hands on the Airtel 4G services which I certainly will. I am eagerly waiting to have my very own Airtel 4G connection in my hands.

Airtel has been generous always and so they have been again. They are offering the 4G services at the price of 3G. If someone needs a 4G Airtel sim all they need to do is just tweet #GetAirtel4G and the sim will be delivered to your address with no delivery fee charged. So finally the wait and the problems of a bad internet connection are over tweet today and get your very own Airtel 4G sim. You can also visit the site for more and detailed information

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Del Monte with my White Sauce recipe.

I have always been fascinated by food and culture of different places. I love eating and cooking as well and have tried my hands on different cuisines from different parts of the world like continental, Chinese, Italian and etc. This passion of mine compelled me to join the hospitality industry and took me to different places where i learned to cook and tasted different types of food and if asked for a favorite I would say that I can go for an Italian dish any time. The lightness of the food and its richness can make anyone drool and so am I.

Pizza, Pasta and Spaghetti are few of the worldly known dishes that are in demand. We have lots of Pizza joints in India where one can find and witness the creamy, cheesy and exotic delight which ate quite capable of please all human sense. It is the latest favorite of the people although people also like pasta and spaghetti and these foods are often served at well established food outlets and as a street food as well.

I personally love eating Pizza but I love cooking pasta and I have a recipe of my own for it. This recipe of mine was an accident. I was working in USA and though I have my specialization in food and beverage I always had a chance to be near the kitchen. I used to cook my own food at my apartment and one evening we few of Indian friends planned a get together at my place. I was supposed to cook and I had white sauce pasta on my mind. I was out of cream so asked one of my friend to bring cream from the city mart but instead he brought sour cream and I had to use it. That mistake of my friend helped me actually preparing a yummy recipe. So here is my recipe.


1. Del Monte Pasta

For Sauce

1. Finally chopped onion 3-4 piece.
2. Spring onions 1/2 bowl.
3. Button Mushrooms.
4. Green Olives.
5. Chicken Shredded or finally chopped.
6. Sour Cream.
7. Cumin powder.
8. Pepper powder.
9. Cumin.
10. Salt.
11. Basil.
12. Parsley.

Heat olive oil in a non stick pan and let it heat up. When the oil is heated add the cumin seeds and let it crackle. The crackling sound is the indication that its time to add up the chopped onions and the spring onions. Saute it for few minutes and than add the cumin and pepper powder and saute it again for few more minutes on a low flame. Add the mushrooms and the chicken in it and let it cook for few minutes. Add the sour cream to it after 5-10 minutes and cook it on a low flame.  Season it with salt and pepper.

Boil the pasta and drain it and add it to the above mixture garnish it with olives, basils and chopped parsley serve it hot with a glass of moscato.

Do try this recipe and let me know how did it go.

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