Saturday, January 24, 2015

Asus EeeBook or Asus All in One Pc which one will you go for?

Electronics gadgets have been an essential part of our day to day life. Starting from the alarm clock which wakes you up in the morning to the coffee machine which brews fresh and strong coffee for you every step of our life is filled or fitted up with electronics equipment. The human race has been completely dependent on the electronics nowadays. And we can’t even thing a minute without them for example just remembers the moment when you are out and your phone battery dies. That feeling of being left out even when you are around hundreds of people is what these gadgets have leaded us to.

And when we are talking about electronics gadget we cannot just simply neglect the Computer, Pc and laptops which play a very important role in our day to day life. We have come so far since the first computer was developed. There has been a lot of big and small changes since then. Today these gadgets have been so advanced that they just can fit in the palm of our hands. Isn't that wonderful? So here I am today to talk about two of the latest launches by Asus.

The first one on the list is Asus EeeBook 205T. This beast is a slick looking device but mind you don’t be just fooled up by the looks. The Ultra slim note book is a masterpiece. It is quite affordable and weighs less than a kg. the note book has a 11.6 inch display and can run up to 12 hours continuously while you are surfing, listening music, watching movies or even playing your favourite knock out on it. Now if we have a glance at the specifications the gadget has an Intel Bay Trail T Quad core Z3735 1.33 GHz processor. It comes with 2 GB DDR3L RAM and 32 GB storage capacity which can be expanded. It also has built in Bluetooth and WiFi and also has an HD display.

The second one which is my favourite is the ASUS All in one PC ET2040. Well the name says all about it. It is a PC with all in one feature in it. So no need of extra space and burden at your home or even when you carry it. Now it is time to look for the specification of my master gadget. The PC runs on the latest and very much user friendly 8.1 Windows. It has a 19.5 inch Led display and Intel Pentium J2900 processor. The device is also compact with Nvidia 1GB graphics card and has a 4 GB ram in it. The storage capacity is of 500 GB which again helps you to store your important document and files all at one place. It has built in WiFi and LAN port in it. The device is also equipped with good powerful Speakers which make it more venerable.

Well that was not all about them because you only can judge a machine when you work with it. And as for me the All in one PC is my favourite but I would prefer to go for both of them. The PC is the master gadget which shall stay at home while the ultra slim notebook can accompany me very where. ASUS has been the most persistence brand when it comes to PC, Phones and Laptops. The all in one is all I need as for its storage capacity and its conflagration that is what will suit me the best. 

Dare to get closer with Close Up.

“When I saw you I fell in love, And you smiled because you knew.”
                                                                                                      Williams Shakespeare.

Every time I look at her I fall in love and her smile makes me go crazy. The cuteness that flows through her eyes makes me high every time I look at them and that pleasant voice can calm any anger strikes feels like strike of cool breeze on a hot summer to me. This girl I am talking about is my friends’ best friend. Not being from my stream of studies I didn’t meet her during my early college days but now that I have met her I can’t take my focus away from her, I have lost my complete consciousness and I have gone insane in her Love.  And today evening while checking for updates on the sports news I came across the latest advertisement by Close up the leading toothpaste brand where a girl gears up and boldly takes the dare to propose her crush in his office in front of his mates and successfully archives her goal. Well this advertisement motivated me and now I am all geared up too to make a bold appearance to my crush and ask her out for a date on this valentine’.  For more details on the advertisement and the wonderful game going on visit

Every successful event needs a strong planning so the very first think which I need to do is that I need to ask my friend about her likes and dislikes. Also I must know what amazes her the most. My friend has already given me a hint that she likes me too so all I need is to play my dices nicely and let them fall into the perfect places. The planning is followed by the execution of the task and for that I may need my friends’ help.
So according to my friend my crush is more of a open person and needs a little bit of more attention than the others. So what I have planned is that I will ask my friend to accompany my crush to the nearest CCD which is in the city center. And she will be clueless of what is coming her way because visiting CCD with a close friend is not a big deal. And in the city center I will be waiting for her with a group of my friends who will accompany me with their girls. A laptop will be ready with an USB sound system to play “Meri Asiquie ab tum hin ho” on my signal. So when she arrives at CCD we would be waiting behind the stairs hidden and as soon as she arrives I will signal for the song and the couples will start dancing and they will surround her in a circle and dance and won’t let her escape and then I will appear out of the crown and ask her hand for a dance. And when she gives her hand in my hand for the dance I will go down on my knee and ask her for a date. I will ask her to be my date for the valentines’ day and I am sure she won’t deny to that.

I know it is easier said than done but I am ready to take my chances. And if I fail I will fail trying and I know that if nothing it will be my effort that will impress her. So guys take up the Close up Dare check the link for more details and this valentines’ Day express your love to your crush boldly. This is the opportunity which doesn’t knock the door every day. I am up for the challenge, are you???

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Off to Bangalore with Quikr...

Aankhon mai sapne liye ghar se hum chal toh diye jane ye rahen le jayengi kahan…!!! This song completely goes well with my life. In a short term of five years of my job I have travelled three cities and this time it was Bangalore. This New Year the managing director and CEO of the company invited me to his personal party so that he could drop the big bomb of Bangalore transfer on me. Somewhere or other I was mentally ready for a transfer but not that far. It was like travelling to the other pole of the globe to meet new people, new language and new life.  These things may sound interesting but in reality they are real headache.

So the good news was that I was transferred again and this time to Bangalore and the bad news was that I had no friends around there to help me relocate and buy household stuffs with me. I was left all alone and was really worried what and how to do and the biggest problem was that where to start from. But it was too late to think about these things and I relocated to Bangalore in an apartment given by the company but it was a vacant one. No furniture, no bed and no arrangement of cooking and washing. They gave me a mattress so that I can sleep on it till I get my apartment furniturised. I shifted in with my luggage and started thinking what to do where to buy stuffs from and suddenly I thought that why not I should try the Quikr website and see if I can find anything of my use there.  
I opened the web browser and went to it directly landed me to Bangalore quikr site. I typed in single bed and to my surprise a list of around 10 to 12 single beds flashed on the screen. They were differently priced and were in different conditions. So I chose a few of them and called on the given contact number and got a meeting fixed in the evening. I just can’t explain how happy I was. I was finally going to get a bed for means no more sleeping on the floor. But it wasn’t the right time to celebrate because it was just the beginning and there were still a lot of items left to buy.

The next morning I woke up a bit early and made a list of items I was in urgent need of and then I browsed again and stated searching every item category by category. And started taking down numbers of the peoples selling them on a piece of paper so that I could call all of them one by one and ask about their products. So finally I made a list of items I was in need of and called the sellers on the given contact on Quikr. After 5 to 10 calls I got everything shorted out. All I had to do was meet the person bargain, negotiate and buy. At the end of the first week I was completed with everything of my needs.

Quikr doesn’t only save time but also a lot of money. I completed my shopping and spent very less money less than half if I would have bought them new. Quikr has a very well classified service. The site is user friendly and is very well catogriesed in different sections and sub sections making if hustle free.  It helped me setting up my bed room, kitchen and guest room. I bought a second hand LCD and got contacts of few mechanics who fixed my Dish Tv for me. Also got a contact of a plumber who ensured the smooth and clean flow of water it was rusty and leaking from few places. So finally I was done. Its generally said that a hose only turns home when you have a female with you to decorate and take care of it but here Quikr can help you turn your house into a home well it did for me. Why fikar just see Quikr.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pay less with

When holidays knock our door vacations are the first thing which strikes our mind. A Vacation is like a splash of cold wind on a scorching summer afternoon. We roam like a free spirit and enjoy the vacations to its maximum. But isn't it really tough to plan and execute a vacation when we are so tightly packed with a busy schedule? We certainly run out of time or end up planning a bad vacation. So to cut short the chase there are websites to help us in each and every step right from planning to execution of the vacation such as But sometimes these websites have packages which are beyond our reach. They just rest on our laptop screen and tempt us and all we could do is sit and flip the wonderful pictures provided by them. That's sad. 

But i know someone who can solve our problems and it has solved mine many a times. Someone who can save your pocket from being slashed brutally. I am talking about  A website completely designed to blow away your mind with all the waooow deals it can provide you. They have been the masters of bringing the best deals and offers to your screen and all you need to do is just browse, check and apply what you need. Why should one pay the full amount when the price can be slashed into smaller amount by the help of helped me recently with a great deal in Unlike every time this trip to Goa came unplanned. It wasn't on my to do list and God knows I wasn't at all prepared for this trip. But yet I had to pull this off for my family. Firstly I called up my travel agent and provided him every details and asked him to send me the full budget along with the itinerary. And so he did but man that trip was costing me a fortune. I was so confused what to do and what not to and suddenly I thought of checking these holiday packages and traveling offers online and thought of finding some good deals on them and while searching it on Google I mistakenly landed to And there I was. I could see deals and offers all around me on National and international trips as well. For a moment I felt like an educated stupid who was paying full price for these trips without knowing about these offers. Well there is always a first time for everything I thought and moved ahead with my search and offers. Staying in Goa was not my main concern as i was aware of places where i could find good accommodation but traveling to Goa for vacation on such short notice was the toughest thing to do. Almost each and every trains were over booked and plane tickets were too costly. So I opened and started browsing. 

They have everything very synchronized. The website has been designed so well. You can directly look for the ongoing deal or even browse according to brands or sites. Things are very well categorized and is easy to use.

All I wanted was safe, cheap and best means of travel to Goa so i clicked on Yatra from the brand list and searched for deals on flights.

And how lucky I was. I got the best deal they could have provided Rs. 1000 off on each flight ticket. That was a great relive. So finally booked the flight tickets on a discount if Rs. 2000 each on a round trip to Goa. worked like a charm for me and helped me saving a great amount of money. 27coupons doesn't only deals with ticket but they have a huge deals on electronics, home appliances, kitchen appliances and many more. It has become the best e portal to provide deals, offers and discount on over 300 brands and this number is still counting.

27coupons worked like a charm for me and could be your jackpot to save money too. So next when you are in mood of an online shopping whatever it would be don't forget to drop by the