Monday, January 25, 2016

Life the Fantastic Gift of God.

Life is a special gift that has been granted to few living beings and I am talking about the human life here. In our Indian Hindu mythology, it is being said that this human life that we are living is so very rare and precious that it comes to us after going through a big cycle of 84 lakh lives. So in simpler terms you obtain this human body after going through a cycle which consists of 84 lakh other creatures. It also says that this fantastic gift is only the stage in the whole cycle where you have your wisdom and capability to thunk and act independently which means you can only and only think, analyse and act wisely or unwisely in the human body and that is why it is called the fantastic gift of The Almighty.

So what is the purpose of this fantastic life and why is it very special and different from other lives? Let me tell you. The main motive of this fantastic human life is to find eternity or what we would say "Moksha" in Hindi. The term Moksha or eternity means getting rid of the birth cycle and being consumed in the supreme almighty. It is being basically said that we have a small something in us which is a part of the Almighty some call it soul or aatma and the only spiritual aim of our life is to meet our creator. 

The fantastic life that we have been living ever since is one of its kind and we must cherries each and every moment we live. There may be some bad days in our life but it is always followed by the good once like after every dark night comes a bright morning. It is all the part of our life to face the goods and the bad and it actually helps us to balance our life too. The things we witness and we go through have its own purpose in our life and some of it is directly related to our doings or “karma”. We basically pay for what we do and get rewarded for our goods in this fantastic life itself. We should not worry of the result that we may get at the end instead we should concentrate on our doings and all the good doings are the one that makes this gift a fantastic one. Life is short and we have lot of things to do and it is quite natural that we forget the main motive of this fantastic gift. I don't agree to the point that if life is short spend it behind God, no not at all. I preferably say that we should take out some time of our busy schedule and try to focus on our motive too so that we can balance the fantastic gift easily.

Life is a FANTASTIC gift live it up to your own expectation and don't bother about others thoughts and thinking because in the end "Life is what YOU make of it".

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Friday, January 22, 2016

The Love Impact

"It took her a year just to say that she loves me too!"

Life maybe rude or harsh sometimes but it is always what you make out of it at the end. We come across hell lot of love stories in our life. We watch few of them in cinemas and read about few in books and it seems so common these days to know and to feel love but my dear friend someone has truly said, "There is something extraordinary in every love story". And my love story wasn't any different.

I personally never thought that I will fall in Love ever and the reason behind this thought was my abrupt behavior that I knew no one could stand with except my parents but I was completely wrong I was unaware of the power of the cupids and was totally unaware of the IMPACT of Love. It stills gives me goosebumps when I think of it how it happened and where it started. Well let me take you to the end of the story first because I don't want you guys to be in a state of dilemma. Today I am married to that pretty lady and we have a beautiful baby girl too.

Things were all normal and cool for me until one day I was introduced to this beautiful charming lady who had just turned 21 and there I was standing in front of my love not knowing that she was the one. I was an uninvited guest to her birthday party because of a common friend we had. I saw her for the first time and believe me or not bells rang in my heart, time stood still and I was killed twice or thrice by her stardom although she was so best at her simplicity. That 1st of April changed everything for me. I was not the same person anymore. That night I called her and said her everything and I promised her that I will love her till my last breath and will marry her one day which she didn't pay attention to. I proposed her, re proposed her and kept proposing her and every time I did she said "No" but I never gave up on her I kept my fingers crossed and waited for the Cupid to strike for her too and it took her a year just to say that she loves me too. This one year was both painful as well as joyful for me. I remember things so clearly that it was just yesterday they had happened. People bunk college and class, I used to bunk my training as I was a hospitality management trainee at The Park, Kolkata.

We used to sit and talk for hours and sometimes she used to study at Haldirams and I used to stare her. Those were some days I was deep in impact of love and that impact finally took her in its grasp too. We came across many up's and down's together but never gave up. I personally was so determined.

Guys but that wasn't it because we were just half way through as her parents were not yet aware of this love story and it was the time to finally break the ice. Things went bad, worse and worst for us and every way we took or thought of lead to a dead end. We were so confused and shattered but the impact of love kept us going. The days were tough and nights were dark but we had full faith in our love and finally one day our parents were taken by this impact of love too. The impact of love was so high that they were helpless and they agreed for our relation. Today it has been almost 5 years and we are married to each other and have a cute little baby girl too. Our love grows old and deep with every day passes by.

The impact of love is so deep that it can melt any heart and I am a living witness of it. We got married in spite of our different cast, race and tradition. It was the impact of love that bonded us together and we are happily married to each other. In the end I would quote a very popular song "Ishq hota nahi sabhi ke liye, ye bana hai, ye bana hai kisi kisi ke liye".

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a