Saturday, April 25, 2015

Celebrate Your Life every minute.

"When was the last time I celebrated?",  I asked my self. The answer was pretty obvious it was some occasion or a ceremony most probably. "Why do we need to have a special day to celebrate and why can't we celebrate everyday?",  was the very next question that him my mind. The truth of our life is that we are too busy with our own things that we always need a special day or time for celebration. We have segregated our lives into small pieces and each piece has its own schedule and timing of occurrence and thus we have also segregated a specific timing for celebration and we put our celebration mode on in that time interval only. 
Life is short and we should live it our own way. Why to wait for an occasion to celebrate the life in fact the every passing second of our life should be a celebration. We get a hell lot of opportunity in our life to celebrate it but we still wait for an occasion.

As for me every moment spent with my family is not less than a celebration. After all celebration means to be with you loved ones and to enjoy with them so my each and every day begins with my family and ends with them and thus every day is a celebration for me and I celebrate my life every moment. The love and the care of my family helps me and makes my day special. This is not a very unusual scenario actually because most of us have the opportunity to be with our family and our loved once and like I told our closer and loved ones are the real celebration of our life.

The love and the warmth of the family is all it takes to make your day. We have all heard the saying that to Love is something and to be loved is everything. That goes on well here because to celebrate every minute of your life you need to love others and nit only to love others but most importantly to be loved by others. So love others and be loved by others too to celebrate each and every moment of your life.

I celebrate my life every moment and my hobby helps me in doing that. Everyone has a hobby or two and hobbies are something that makes you happy and you enjoy your life. I too have a few of them and the first on the list is to listen music. Music thrills me and connects to my soul and thus it makes me happy and I love it when it is just me an my music. There are few other things too which makes me happy and I love to celebrate every minute of my life like my friends who are my partners in my crimes. My pet which waits for me the whole day and at the end of the day when I am back it jumps up to my shoulder to greet me.
Life is lovely if we try to live it playfully and try to live every small details of it. It is indeed beautiful and we should celebrate it every minute we live it.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I can't wait for the new ASUS Zenfone.

My phone my way is what I believe in and I was looking for a good phone that would fit my needs and expectations and then something happened and this something is ASUS Zenphone 2. The latest sensation in the smart phone market has been launched and is about to hit the market soon and my search has ended here. This phone has many booming features and it is going to create a mark in the market. This phone comes in multi colour and is one of its kinds in many aspects. The slick and curvy design gives the phone an elegant look and will tempt you to buy it.

There are few of the features which I would like to put forward about this phone which has the capacity to change the performance experience of a user and the users would be more than happy to buy the phone. The first thing which has drawn my attention to the phone is the 4 GB RAM that gives wings to the device. The more the RAM the better the performance of the phone is what I believe in and maybe I may have judged it wrong but it is the way I think my phone works and I have my own theories to prove that. This is the only phone on the planet which has been built with a 4 GB RAM and no other device has been built yet with a 4 GB RAM. The device comes with various inbuilt memory of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and the users are free to choose according to their requirements.

The second best thing about the phone is its camera the Pixel Master Camera has been designed for the perfect shot. And the 13 mega pixel rear camera has been built to capture the perfect moments of your life and bring them to life. It also has front 5 mega pixel camera for good selfie.

The third speciality of the phone is the quad core Intel processor which helps the phone run and perform better. One does not find a Intel processor in a phone everyday and this Intel processor gives an extra edge to the device.

The fourth thing which I would like to point out is the Parabola curvy and the ultra slick body of the phone. The phone is just 170 grams in weight and has a beautiful 5.5 inch Full HD display with a resolution of 1920x1080 IPS with corning Gorilla Glass of level 3 which keeps your screen away from fingerprints, scratches and rough edges so you can have a bright and clear display every time you look at the phone. The phone also has a very powerful and smooth running modem provided by Intel.

The last but not the least quality on my list is the 3000 mAh battery adds extra life to your work and entertainment which keeps the phone running for the long period of time so no more low battery connect your charger issue is to be witnessed any more on your new ASUS Zenfone 2 and along with these good features there are few small improvements in the cell phone like the phone runs on the latest Android operating system the Lollypop and has the facility of 2G, 3G and 4G too. It has a 4.0 Bluetooth and 5GB life time ASUS web storage too. The phone is available in multicolour and has a 18 Watt boost master adapter too.
This is a perfect machine for the modern time and has the capacity to get people’s attention toward itself. This definitely the next phone on my list, what does your list say don’t let the opportunity pass away and book you own ASUS Zenfone today.    

For more informations on details and performance or specification visit .

I just can’t wait for the phone anymore what about you. #CantWaitforZenfone2. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Help others and it will help you smile.

It sometimes feels really good when we help others it imparts us inner peace and a cool breeze of satisfaction runs down our mind. We human have the gift of thinking and decision making and we know exactly how, when and where to use it. We love socialising, meeting mew people and helping others and sometimes we really go all the way out side our limits to help someone and try every possible way to help them and bring happiness and a smile on their faces. That happiness is mutual and it brings implacable joy to the person helped and the person who helps.

It happens to everyone at some point of time in life and everyone goes through it knowingly or unknowingly. The same has been the case with me. I generally do not bother much about others businesses and try to keep my mind occupied with my own stuffs but then there are exceptions everywhere and it was same with me. The story goes five years back when I was an student. I was pursuing my BA in hospitality then and was a student of hospitality management. It was winter and I was on my way back home for my winter break. I have been a lazy lad and have missed my train hell lot of times but this time I was aware of my habit and was an hour early on the station.

I was hungry and so I made my way to the food court and ordered a plate of mutton biryani. It is my favorite and I always have a plate when I am near by the station. I was sitting on the second last table because the last table was occupied by a newly wedded couple and I can say so because of the girls attire. I started my meal and a bottle of coke was next on my mind. I was in the middle of my meal I heard the girl crying lightly it was so soft only I could hear. I didn't pay attention at first but she did not stop and I was in a big confusion whether or not to ask them what the matter was. My mind kept saying me no whereas my heart wanted me to ask them.

I stopped listening to my mind and followed my heart knowing that this could be an uninvited trouble. I turned back an asked the guy that was that lady her wife and he nodded in acceptance. I asked him that what was   the reason she was crying and he didn't care to listen. I got up from my seat and sat beside him and asked him to tell me everything so that I may be able to help. The guy told that they married each other a few hour ago and were supposed to get home but their parents turned their faces away due to some reason and now they were homeless.

I thought and thought and again thought and asked the guy that how could I help him. He hesitated at first but told me that he needed a roof and food for at least a week so that h can settle in his new life and then he could look for a solution or may be try to talk to his family but a shelter was the first priority. I wanted to help them but was confused but after a lot of brainstorming and checking on few things I handed him over my flat keys as I was leaving for my vacation I was not going to stay here. I told them that I was going to inform my landlord and he would allow them to stay.

It was almost time for the train and I asked to handover the keys to the landlord while leaving. I left and caught my train. I felt good so good. He still calls me and is always thankful for what I did but I was happier than him.

I was afraid to help them but then I understood that they were in need and I did go out of my way to help them I had to lie my landlord that they were my bhaiya and bhabhi and were in town for few days. Help others and it will help you because some deals are #dilkadeal.

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To be loved is wonderful.

Love is a beautiful feeling. It reciprocates from one heart to the other. It us a sensation which sparks in two different people's heart and this spark binds them together later. Love has no boundaries and it does not see and calculates for benefits and losses that are about to be witnessed all it understands is the mutual felling that binds these two heart together. It is a very powerful tool that can open so many of locked places and are successful in doing so most of the time. It compels us to take that extra weight on our shoulders and we take it willingly knowing that it is not going to do us any good in any ways and yet we carry it happily, that is the power of Love. It will make you go that extra mile which is completely out of our league and we travel that mire than happily.

We all have and we all will who has or will fall in love and by love I mean love for anyone be it your parents, friends, lover, family or even your pet. We go out of our regular schedule and we go out of our way to help people and that makes us happy. Snapdeal along with BlogAdda has gave us an opportunity to bring forward our stories. It has given us a platform so that lots and lots of people get aware of our stories and should be motivated by it. Here I go with my story.

It is good to love but wonderful to be loved and that is me. I love my princess a lot but her love for me is something I can't return the favor for. We have been together since last eight years. We loved, fought, played and matured together and today we are happily married. She never asked me for anything but love and a diamond ring and that was long ago but I was not in a financial state of gifting her that I tried a lot of times but my efforts fell short always. It is hard for q middle class man to buy a diamond and we all know that. I kept on trying and this festive season I got a wonderful opportunity. I had a great wedding season and had soon good deposits in my account. I had my other plans as usual but this time I was determined to do what ever it may take to gift her a Solitaire and after putting in my savings and earnings I bought her a Solitaire and kept it by her pillow and the very next morning I heard her scream and I understood that she got what was kept for her she approached me in my sleep and kissed my forehead and said thank you.

It good to love but wonderful to be loved an make them happy what ever it takes.

“I am participating in the#DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity atBlogAdda in association withSnapDeal.”