Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tips ans Tricks for beautiful skin.

It is not a girls thing to look beautiful or charming anymore but in this modern era guys have also grown sensible about their looks. The developing IT industry and the Hotel industry has changed the perspective completely that only girls should be presentable and good looking. They have brought a revolution and this revolution has compelled the guys and girls to change and look attractive and now it has become a kind of mandatory thing for the people out there. This revolution has brought a huge number of practices into action and people try and do many things to look good and attractive.
Today we are here to talk about few of the natural and simple things which can help people in caring out for their skins and to look attractive. There are so many naturally occurring things which can work as a charm for us. They are easily available, cost efficient, easy to use and the best part they can have remarkable results on the skin.

Multani mitti is one among natural agent which is commonly used in our day to day life for skin brightening and skin softening. This mitti is easily available and could be purchased anywhere. A concentrated paste is made of it and is applied to the neck, face and hands to make it feel wonderful. The paste is left to dry up on the skin and finally it is washed with water and finally you get soft and glowing skin.

Coconut is the other natural element which can be used for the caring of our skin. Fresh coconut is grated and this grated mixture contains the coconut milk which can be separated by pressing the grated coconut. The milk of the coconut is so nourishing and rehydrates the skin leaving a soft and glowing look on the skin.

Fruits like Peach, Strawberry and papaya are also natural skin care product. These fruits either together or alone can be applied on the skin after making a paste out of the. The natural elements present in the fruits gives the skin a very smooth and fresh feel. It gives best result when washed or removed with cold water.

Lemon and yogurt   has a very good whitening power and can be used or applied to the skin after mixing it well. The mixture lightens the color tone of the body making it lock awesome. These products are cost efficient and are easily available anywhere in the market and it also easy to prepare the paste and apply it on the skin.

Clay and Egg are the next on the list. Clay and the egg is mixed well and then it is applied to the skin. This mixture is usually used for the deep cleansing of the skin. It uplifts the skin well and is good for the skin. It is also put on like the rest and later is being washed by the water to remove it finally leaving the skin clear and smooth.

Almond oil is used for the skin too but it is a bit costly yet it is one among the naturally occurring element that helps us in taking care of the skin nourishing it inside out. It makes you feel energetic and fresh.    

Green tea would be the final item on my list. Green tea is considered as one of the best anti oxidant which naturally occurs. The anti oxidant present in the tea helps the skin to look younger and smooth. It d oxidizes the skin and make it appear fresh and vibrant. This green tea is not to be applied instead it is to be consumed like a normal tea.   

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