Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Thailand Throwback.

"If only I could live by the sea, I could die by the sea".

There is a wanderer soul in each of us, hidden somewhere it lies in a corner of our heart and we keep suppressing it every day or we keep fooling it making excuses and promises for future. I am a wanderer too, my body and mind have a great coordinator when it comes to exploring the unknown. I wasn't a guy who was much into traveling, to be honest until I met my better half. The wanderer soul that was suppressed within me was waiting for help and it got free when I met her.

"The fifth anniversary in Thailand".
It was the time we went international, we had been traveling in India but never had a chance to visit some other country and then we decided why not Thailand for our fifth anniversary?

I personally love the sea and no one can keep me away from it. I have always heard people saying that Thailand has the most crystal clear sea water and there were so many places like Pattaya, Phuket, and Phi Phi Island to witness that. I was our 5th anniversary and we wanted it to be special. So we decided to visit Pattaya.

We got a travel package from a tours and travels company and within days we were ready to fly to Thailand. We boarded our plane at the Kolkata international airport and the journey to “The Land of Smiles” began. We were tired of the orthodox “to do” list on an anniversary and thus we had planned this trip to do something new, to witness something different. We had a very vivid idea of what this trip was going to be but we knew one thing for sure we were going to have fun. We landed at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok at noon where we were picked up by a lovely lady who was supposed to drop us at Pattaya. We got a warm welcome at the hotel and were escorted to our room. We rested for few hours and then met the guy who was supposed to design our anniversary itinerary. He informed us about all the sightseeing places and other things that we can do for our anniversary and after a head storm of half an hour we concluded that we would design our itinerary our self and pass it to the guy that evening so that he could verify it and make the needed arrangements too and that is what we did.

The 5th Anniversary Day.
We started our day with the morning breakfast buffet at the Novotel Pattaya Modus Beachfront Resort which was not very far from the Four Season Place. The Breakfast was delicious and was essential too because we needed that energy to keep us kicking the whole day. We were picked up from the hotel and we were up for our anniversary celebration. We were dropped to the Pattaya beach and there we were supposed to go for water sports. We did parasailing first and that was really amazing which was followed by deep sea walk. The deep sea walk was mesmerizing, it was a completely different experience to see the see from within. Things were going well according to what we had planned and we were having the time of our life. Soon after the deep sea walk we got back to the beach and went for lunch to our hotel. We had our lunch and rested for some good 30 minutes.

We were all set to continue our day and so we had Pattaya Park Tower the next thing on the list.
Pattaya Park Tower is a 240-meter tall tower just by the sea and the view from the tower and its lounge are just breath taking. We went to the lounge had coffee sitting facing the sea. The coffee and the view were just the starts of something g amazing that was to be followed, “The Pattaya tower jump”. Yes, you heard me right. Pattaya tower jump is an activity that attracts a lot of tourists and believe you me it is as thrilling as it sounds.  Jumping from the tower top with the help of a cable was just awesome. We did the tower jump clicked few picks and were on the way to the next amusement on our itinerary.

The next amusement on our itinerary was “The Alcazar Show”. I was not very sure of this show at first but my wife was in huge favor of going to this show so we did and it turned out the show was just fantastic. It was beautiful, elegant, well coordinated, funny and colorful. They never let you shut your eyes down they are awesome. We loved the show and I personally was happy that I came to the show. I also got a beautiful picture clicked with one of the artists performing that evening. We clicked few more pictures and were back from the shoe to the hotel. We had a candle light dinner at the restaurant and were all free of our itinerary.

My wife said that she didn’t want to spend the evening in the hotel room and so we took a Toto to the most happening place in Pattaya “The walking street”. We walked all the way to the walking street and had few delicacies and drink. We went to an open club where there was loud yet soothing live music. We had a great time at the walking street too. We walked back to our hotel shopping from the street market and that was fun too.

We were back to the hotel after midnight and to our surprise everything was open. We were all tired and fatigue and so the lady at the front desk suggested us to have a full body Thai Massage and so we did. That was the best massage of my life or should I say our lives. We were fresh, up and running after the message. I was so confused that where all the pain and fatigue vanished from our body. We were done with the message in a couple of hours, we took steam bath and shower and then went to the bed.

That definitely was the best anniversary celebrations ever and I would love to celebrate each and every moment of my life at Thailand.   

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