Friday, September 15, 2017

Apne tarike se think healthy and be healthy.

There are two categories of people in the world, the first category consists of people who “live to eat” and the second category consists of “people who eat to live”. Well I consider myself lucky because I know I fall under the first category. Yes, you heard me right I live to eat. Being a hotelier I have a thing with the food. Along with cooking it in the kitchen I have learned well to consume it on the table. Jokes apart yes I am a foodie person and I live to eat. That’s that but the main problem that I encounter is my health. It’s a damn tough job to eat and to be healthy at once. In this fast moving world people don’t have time  eat healthy and to maintain their metabolism. We eat whenever we get time or whatever gets served on the platter and we don’t have the time to regulate our calories. These habits leafs to an unhealthy life full of disease. Diabetes, obesity, blood pressure are the common among them and these diseases are literally incurable. If you get hit by anyone of these life turns upside down. 

My life is no different in this matter. Although leaving the hotel industry has but a ban on my over eating but irregular eating habits and unhealthy eating habits has not changed. I run my own show now and being in the business I hardly get time to eat and sleep well and the worst part is that I don’t even get time to think and worry about it. It was my body that started giving me signs and showing me my limitations which forced me to think and re think on what should be done. I had a few discussions about it with my better half and she came up with some brilliant ideas that I think can be incorporated in my life style and for the first time I think that it can work. It was then I realized that why we men call our wives our better halves. She came up with few tips and I agreed to follow few of them, just few of them. 

First tip was to walk our baby girl to the play school every morning. Well this was a bit tough at first because her play school starts  7:30 am sharp and I wake up at 9 am sharp. You see the irony of my life? I have been told to wake up early since I left my job and got into business but I never bothered and here I am today. I walk my kid at 7:15 every morning Monday to Friday for a distance of half a kilometer from one side. So I walk 1 km every morning and believe me it feels good to be on my feet every morning. It helps me burn few calories for sure and I track my footsteps and calories burned everyday on my cellphone. 

The second tip was to walk  run should I say on the treadmill for half an hour every day whenever I get time be it morning, noon, evening or night. And to my surprise I am doing that too more or less.  This helps me to burn a lot of calories and my muscles loos fats too. 

Third tip was to try eating healthy and this was the tip I didn’t sign in for. I can increase my workout time but  can’t change the food I love. One can not just start liking slivers juice all a sudden instead of apple juice. So I started including roughage  my diet. I eat less because the salads fill up my tummy a bit which helps me consume less food. 

Along whit these my wife also switched to a light oil which gets absorbed less in the food and thus I eat healthy. I paly with my three year daughter and that is a big exercise in itself. You can't beat these children when it comes to energy they have a hidden power bank of energy. Health is the biggest wealth that I know now and maybe it’s hard to join a gym or workout every morning but there could be a few small things that can be incorporated to our daily life and that makes a huge difference. Try it to believe it. This was my   This was my #ApneTarikeSeHealthy rehne ka mantra. Get one of your own today. 

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthyinitiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

I found this beautiful loving video by sandila on YouTube. It's a must watch. 

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