Friday, January 26, 2018

You, me and Bose Quietcomfort 35.

 Dear younger me, I won’t ask you how have you been doing because I have been there and done that. I know it’s pure cliché to write to you because I know this will never be delivered to you in time. I am writing this out of utter excitement because a techie like you can only understand the thrill I have been to. First Things First its 2018 and the world is still intact in one piece you still look ravishing and cool as always you may have gain some extra pound but yet you are the star but it's not about you I am writing this letter. It's about the latest gadget I have laid my hands upon you can say it is the gadget of the future and you won't believe how it's has changed my life I wish you were here. The gadget I am talking about is the “Quietcomfort 35 Wireless ll” by Bose.

Do you remember those days when we used to think of gadgets that can follow our instructions like a robot? Well think someone somewhere was hearing our ideas and have done quite justice to it or should I say have done very well beyond our imagination and expectation. Bose quietcomfort 35 is a uniquely designed gadget which connects to a device via Bluetooth which means no more wires to handle and to play with while talking to our sweetheart. Don’t be sad it is a good thing and you will agree to me once you come to know this technology. In today’s world hands free really means hands free. The QC 35 has been integrated with Google’s Virtual Private Assistance. Now just don’t bang your head to the wall thinking what is that supposed to mean. Google virtual private assistance is something say an application or artificial intelligence which helps you using a device just by your voice. Now ain’t it cool?

                  image source:- google

Bose QC 35 headphones integrated along with Google’s VPA can do wonders. If you want to make a call all you need to do is say, you want to send a text or a mail all you need to do is say. You can listen music, change track and control volume all by your voice. The QC 35 also has a very effective noise cancellation feature which helps you regulate the noise intensity. So it a very useful thing and really helps you when she is mad at you. The device is equipped with noise rejecting dual microphone system which helps you to take and make call while you are at a crowded place and the best part is that it can run up to 20 hours once fully charged. I know your heart would be pumping adrenaline right now just by reading this, imagine what thrills does it gives to have this freaky gadget in my hand. I really wish I could have showed you this in person but we know that’s not possible, so here is what you can do either try designing one for yourself or call BOSE guys and sell them this billion dollar idea before they come up with it by themselves.

So younger me it was a delight writing this to you see you when I see you.

Hey guys to know more about the device visit the site here.

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