Saturday, January 28, 2017

When I found my #MagicOfWarmth moment with my Dad!!!

“He grabbed me by my arms pulled me near and hugged me too tight that I could hear his as well as my heart beating at a very rapid pace.”

A guy is not always close to his father and lucky are those who really are close to their fathers. For me dad was always a respectable figure and only a respectable figure. I never in my childhood got a chance to get close to him. The reason behind it was me being only child in the house full of elders and a lot of love was showered on me. I was pampered in any possible way. God I miss my childhood! My grandparents were no ordinary human being because I know that a normal person can’t love someone other than themselves so much. Being the only child I was a small atom bomb with big disastrous qualities. My dad was the only person on this earth whom I was afraid and the only one who was cable of handling this bomb and that was the main reason I never got a chance to get close to him. I got all the love and care from others and never realized that I was getting away from my dad and when I was old enough to realize it, it was too late by then.

My grandpa was a reputed police man and a man in power so ultimately he was like a JIO sim card for my life everything and anything free whenever and wherever I wanted. I was always a mischievous guy and a pure trouble magnet. I never got affected by those troubles though because of my grandpa and so things were getting out of control by every passing day.
I still remember an incident that changed me completely and that was also the day when I saw that my father really loved me and cared for me a lot. It was academic break from the school and for a kid in class 5 going to class 6 nothing could have been better. Freedom from school, tuitions, books and classes what else cloud I have possibly asked for? I was out playing cricket with my friends in an open field a bit away from my house. It was a friendly game with friends nothing serious until few guys from other locality arrived and asked for a friendly match between our teams. We were ready and exited because we knew no one had ever beat us here at our pitch and today it wasn’t going to be different.

We won the toss and elected to bowl first. We bowled the opposition out at a very low total and we were almost on the verge of winning. It went all wrong when I was purposely pushed while running between the wickets which resulted in some deep cuts on both my hand and on my knees. I was all adrenaline at that point of time. I picked up a wicket started hitting the guy who was responsible for my injuries. I gave him some solid blows on his back and bum. It was then my friend got hold of me and dragged me to a corner, my temper had calmed down by then and I was worried about my injuries because I was answerable for them to mumma.  

We all were so busy in ourselves that none of realized that the opposition team were up to something and we were going to be in some serious trouble. I saw few college students approaching us on 2 bikes and all of them looked dangerous. I recognized a few of them but rest were not from around. I asked one of my friends to run back to my house and tell everything that happened to my grandpa. One of the guy who was new to me came to me started abusing me I told him that it was not our fault and that they stated it. He was not willing to listen anything he came near me and started kicking me. I had the stumps in my hand I too defended myself but it was all in vain. I was too young to fight a grown up guy so I was there absorbing his blows. Suddenly I saw my dad running towards me, “He grabbed me by my arms pulled me near and hugged me too tight that I could hear his as well as my heart beating at a very rapid pace.” It all happened in a fraction of minute and I was so overwhelmed by that feeling that I didn’t realized what happened next. It was the #MagicOfWarmth moment for me. My dad slapped those guys and took out their bike keys and grabbed me again picked me up in his lap and walked back home. I really can’t describe that feeling in words. I was happy, sad, laughing and crying at the same time.

Later that evening those guys were caught by a police team and sent to lockup for a night until their parents took them home in the morning. I never understood what happened but something bonded between us. Today I still have my grandpa and he loves me the same way he did ages ago but I too have a father who loves me unconditionally and he is there for me always and forever. I have become a dad recently and today I find myself in my father’s shoes, I love my daughter but I am the only person she is scared of in the whole house.

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