Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Disassembling Acer Aspire 5755G notebook and changing a faulty Keyboard.

Hello there,

     Today we are going to disassemble Acer Aspire 5755G Notebook and change a faulty keyboard.

  • A screw driver set. It contains several drivers and can open almost anything.
  • Laptop obviously.
  • A bit of your Grey matter.
PS:- It is not my responsibility if you screw up your gadgets while trying out anything shown here. It will void your warranty for sure if the product is still in warranty. Anything and everything shown here has been first done and tested and then it has been posted here. Do it at your own risk.  

Step 1- Unscrew all the screw on the back of the laptop (See pic 1 and 2) there are a total of 17 screw that keeps the panel intact. Every single of them should be unscrewed or else you may break your laptop cabinet. Keep the screws separate at one place try not to loose them.

Step 2- Remove the RAM and Hard disk panel. there is a small cut on the panel from where you can open the panel. Once you open you will see your RAM and the hard disk, please try not to play with them let them as they are. Unscrew the 4 screws that has been marked see pic 3. Keep them separated from the first lot of the screws. the size of screws can vary and can only fit in its receptive places. Try to remember where which screw goes. if you can't remember just click a picture before unscrewing for your reference.  

Step 3- Push the battery release button to the left and try to take the battery out. Once done here you will find a set of other 5 small screws see Pic 4. Unscrew them and keep separately.  Now your back cabinet is all free of screws. Flip the laptop and now lets move ahead. 

Step 4- Try to separate the front cabinet from the back. Use a hard object or may be your nail to open it see pic 5. The Whole panel won't be coming out it's just the Touch Pad Panel which comes out. open the panel and pull forward gently. Don't apply to much pressure it will break the touch pad jack.

Step 5- Remove the touch pad connection from the board. Try not to snatch it. remove the holder first and pull the white ribbon short of stuff and it will be out See pic 6.

Step 6- Unscrew the only one screw rounded in the pic 7 and you are ready to open the keyboard tray.

Step 7- Lift the keyboard tray up and there you can see two more jacks. Left one is the Power button Jack and the Right one is the Key board jack See Pic 8. Open both of them and remove them.

Step 8- If you have to replace the keyboard only then you need to follow this step else you can continue unscrewing the mother board if you have to. 

In order to remove the Keyboard to replace it or remove it you will have to unscrew the 5 screws marked, See pic 9. Once unscrewed you can unlock the keyboard panels from the both side. The metal tray is locked up to the plastic tray and in order to remove the keyboard completely you need to unlock the both trays i.e. the upper and the lower one gently and there lies your keyboard in the between. 

Follow the reciprocal process to screw the things together. Just try not to be so hard on the screws while tightening it up it may break the cabinet. Screw up to the required positions and you are done.


Any suggestions or queries?? Fell free to comment or to write me at rakesh.ranjankol151@gmail.com 

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