Thursday, April 12, 2018

Planning to work or study abroad PTE Academy is here to help.

We all have started our English somewhere from “Ram Aam Khata hai.Ram eats mango” to where we stand today. English being the universally excepted language has its own tantrums, a slippery fish to catch a wild horse to tame. I still remember my school days when I was shifted to an English medium school in standard two and believe you me everything was Greek for me and not to mention that I flunked the very first year in my new school. I had to put all the effort and hard work to catch all that I had missed. English has been an essential element of our lives and we need it and use it at every walk of our life. Schools, colleges, job interviews and jobs everything today requires a good skill in English and at no stage of life you can say that you have mastered the language and there is nothing left for you to learn.
Each one of us dreams of studying or working abroad and English plays the most crucial role there too. Many countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and UK requires a good score in English to clear your Visa. People have to sit for some English tests and score well to become eligible to apply for a Visa. These English tests are too tough to go through and many a time’s people don’t even know what they are going to go through in the test.

A friend of mine was applying for a visa for New Zealand and he had no clue what were the requirements for the visa. When he went through the list of requirements he has so tensed to see that he need to sit for an English test and score well in order to be eligible for the visa. Schools and colleges generally don’t teach what students generally what to expect and how to prepare for these kinds of exams. I know from my experience that if someone is planning to work or study abroad there are lots of things that they need to take care of before flying to their dream destination and this English score is the biggest headache among them. It is something which can make a difference with a yeas or no on the visa and thus it can’t be taken lightly. It is directly related to acceptance or denial of the visa.

There are lots of universities and online academies that have been established with a single aim to help students and migrants to improve and demonstrate their English language skills for university, professional and migration applications. PTE (Pearson Test of English Academy) is the best among them. PTE is a computer based language test system which offers the candidates the best way to prove their English language proficiency for the visa. The academy helps to evaluate and improve on the score that one requires to obtain for the visa.

PTE is computer base assessment program which conducts a three-hour single test which consists of introduction, speaking and writing, reading and listening.  The PTE is accepted and recognized by thousands of institutions worldwide. The recognition list is so huge that it would take me few hundreds of thousand words to mention them all. PTE Academy is accepted in Australian universities such as Academies Australasia, Academy of English, ACN, ARC, and etc. Few of the universities from Caof the universities from UK are 360 GSP College, 4N Academy, Academy De London, and etc. Like nada are Albert College of Art and Design, Lakeland College, Mount Royal University, and etc. Few I said the list is so huge and it’s not possible to mention them all here.

PTE Academic Excellence in English Language test and has its own benefits like the test can be scheduled up to 24 hours in advance, it is completed in a single 3-hour span and the results are out within 5 working days. It is computer based test system and thus the results are prompt and not biased of clouded by a person’s judgment. The test is available all around the year that is around 360 days a year and is conducted at 200 centers all around the world. The PTE also has Preparation courses available that help to get through the exams well. The fee could be paid online or through the phone hassle-free.  

If you or any of your friend is planning to fly abroad PTE Academy is the solution for the English Language test and its tantrums so do recommend and make people aware about if and have a safe flight abroad.

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