Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Sweetness Run by Wendys Donuts.

"Take a step forward, dip your toes in the pool of ridiculousness and come get your giggle on."

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The Sweetness Run by Wendys Donuts is an ecstasy for the mind and the soul. I wasn't expecting such a fantastic story line up when I started reading the novel but the writer has done a miracle with his extraordinary words. The story is something that every youth can relate to especially if you are diehard football and party animal. 

A good story from a good writer is something that you can feel and relate to. The starting of the novel was something that amused me you really need balls (chocolaty red) to write such things in a novel and describe it so vividly that you can picturize what the author has been talking about. The author is also packed up with strong vacabulary which also makes the novel intresting to read and informative. It was wholly an enchant to be the reader of this novel.

I won't disclose the story here. It's always good to be curious while reading a novel. A great novel from Mr. Donuts. Looking forward for the volume 2. 

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