Saturday, November 11, 2017

Celebrate your special day with Zippo’s eternal flame.

Celebrate your special day with Zippo’s eternal flame

Your wedding day is one of the biggest moments of your life. But with the stress of the big day getting to you, finding the perfect gift for your other half can seem a little challenging. You want to find something unique and symbolic of your everlasting love. To help you in this quest, we have put together a quick guide of Zippo windproof lighters, which can be a life-saver while you are out hunting for the perfect memento for your partner!

Stylish and elegant, the Zippo Windproof Lighter is the perfect accessory. Its lifetime guarantee makes it a wonderful symbol for your everlasting and unconditional love. Not only are the scratch resistant lighters available in playful designs and hues of chrome, you can also personalize them by engraving a thoughtful and loving message!

So, make this day even more memorable, by adding a collectible Zippo windproof lighter to their collection.

Choose from an array of new designs available on the William Penn Online Shop, and in 28 William Penn stores and 3 shop-in-shop operations across 10 cities.

Item # ALU Item Name Price Image
WP17929 28186-1 LIGHTER ZIPPO 28186 ARMOR EBONY INR 11,000.00

WP18055 28807-1 LIGHTER ZIPPO 28807 DRAGON EYE INR 9,300.00

WP18308 29280 LIGHTER ZIPPO 29280 HD SKULL INR 9,400.00

WP18786 28544 LIGHTER ZIPPO 28544 CROSS WAVE RIDGE INR 10,400.00

WP18824 29442 LIGHTER ZIPPO 29442 85TH YEAR ZIPPO ARMOUR LE INR 17,990.00

Zippo: more than a lighter
With over 80 years of history, Zippo has an influential and dedicated fan base. The brand has transcended its functional benefits to become a cultural icon and regularly features in films around the world.

The unique designs, date stamping, affordability and rich history of the Zippo lighters make them a great item to collect.  The number of collectors and lovers of Zippo lighters continues to increase daily. In the United States alone it is estimated that there are around 4 million Zippo windproof lighter collectors and there are 11 official collectors’ clubs worldwide.

About Zippo
One of the most recognized brands in the world, Zippo was founded in the fall of 1932 by George G. Blaisdell in Bradford, Pennsylvania, where it has manufactured over 550 million windproof lighters. With the exception of improvements to the flint wheel and modifications in case finishes, the product remains unchanged and is backed by the company’s famous lifetime guarantee – "It works, or we fix it free.™" Zippo’s diverse product line includes lighters and accessories; butane candle lighters; fragrance, and a robust line of heat and flame products for outdoor enthusiasts.  Zippo markets in nearly 200 countries and also owns W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Company, also based in Bradford, Pennsylvania.  For more information, visit

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