Friday, June 3, 2016

The new fun Datsun Redi-Go crossover car.

We always want more out of life and whatsoever we never settle for the less. We go chicky and choosy in every field be it our home, clothing, food, gadgets or our car. We wish for the best and try to get the very best we can. That is why I choose The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO by Nissan. Now that is indeed a name one can trust on and so do me. I was planning to buy a car on my birthday but was very confused and wasn't able to pick a car for me until I can across this advertisement of this sexy beauty. It was love in first sight. The car amazed me so many ways and here I am going to talk about few of its features I like the most.

Starting from the exterior I would say that the car has been given a classy finish and it perfectly suits its sleek and curvy design. The metallic colour of the car makes it sexier. The car looks muscular and carries a great weight in itself. The curves are fantastic which looks more attractive with the led linings on either side of the car. The head lights are well elongated and have the power of the sun. The car has been manufactured keeping the Indian streets in the mind. The beauty has got a well and safe ground clearance which makes it perfect for the Indian roads. The front look of the car gives you a glimpse of a sport car with a very well designed D shaped grill and very wide front viewing glass.

You may be wondering that if the car has got a very beautiful exterior what it would have in the interiors. Well I understand your concern and dilemma. The car has a very beautiful interior too. The front deck is modernized and has a very compact and well organized look. The seats are built to the best comfort of the rider. The interior looks very well organized, neat and clean. The company cares about their customers a lot and has worked so well on the comfort of the customer. The car is spacious indeed and run smooth. The interior to has sporty look with well finished look, it is spacious like I said and has the capacity to accommodate five person and they can all be accommodated well with no trouble. It has its own music system and can play any files.

It would be not fare if I don't talk about the performance of the car. The car runs smooth and hassle less. It comes with five gear system and with a super smart engine system which has the capability to regulate the engine timing according to the power required and the fuel used. The car has been built with safety facilities too. Things like air bags in case of accident are available in the car. The seat has been well designed so as to provide the maximum comfort to the driver. It is going to be the best car in every terms be it safety, looks or performance. The beauty is so cool to drive. It is comfortable, easy and handy to handle the car. The air conditioning is superb and one can always feel the freshness in the air. I would like to go anywhere on this car with my family. It doesn't matter which part of the world it would be. I love long drives on wide open roads and that is my idea where I want to be with this car. For me the car is all in one super package of surprise which can thrill you and make you happy in many ways. I will definitely drive it in my own town and that would be my first purpose of buying this car. 

This car has been designed to beat the hectic Indian roadways condition like I said. It will overcome all the huddles and will be a safe and comfortable car to drive. The unique design and structure has been built to beat the urban condition. It consumes less fuel and gives a safe and comfortable ride all the way long. Datsun Redi-GO is the car that I have been waiting for and believe me it has been the car you have always wanted to drive. 


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